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  1. That's even funnier...your own brother stayed too. Can't make this stuff up.
  2. That's fine, but we are not debating American patriots going to Canada (e.g. Vietnam draft dodgers). At issue is criticism of only "right wing" Canadian wannabes supporting and desiring American liberties, when clearly Canadian "progressives" have acted accordingly as well.
  3. You don't know that they ALL came back. But we do know they left Canada by the many thousands over many years....some still do. "Progressives" not only wishing for, but acting on their desire for freedom in Yankee Land.
  4. Leaving Canada for America is exactly what they did. Box.
  5. ??? Please cite one case where a patient received the death penalty from a court. (besides the unborn fetus). Canadian women still sought abortions in America.
  6. You have only confirmed the obvious, as "progressives" in Canada sought "social justice" and relief in the United States. You label mere American wannabe weenies as whiner Yankee patriots while your own ilk marched right across the border for their abortions....by the thousands. Box.
  7. I have demonstrated not only the rhetoric of "progressives", but their actions to pine away and obtain abortions in America by the many thousands. You are labeling the mere thought of American freedom by Canadians as displaced patriotism. Box.
  8. This is exactly what President Trump needs to be doing for the crisis at hand and politics to follow. America cannot sit on its ass for another year feeling sorry for itself and cowering at home. Those who want to stay in their basements can still do so....like Joe Biden.
  9. Doesn't matter if they came back or not...many followed...for years. "Progressives" going to Yankee Land to get their abortions...because Canada would not provide such freedom. Voting with their feet and lives for America....their babies died in America....and never came back.
  10. Yes it does, because it went far beyond a mere tax revolt. These "progressives" protested with their bodies and unborn babies. They would not be denied abortions by Canada, and sought freedom in the United States.
  11. Yes, because they hate taxes and could not legally receive abortions procedures in provinces under the CHA and 1988 court rulings....that they had paid for. They not only wished it, they traveled to America to physically undergo abortions and exercise the "Right To Choose" freedom, far more demonstrative than barking Yankee chants at home. How PROGRESSIVE !
  12. Pandemics expose a lot of things...good and bad:
  13. Pandemics expose a lot of things...and a deeper FEAR of Trump in Canada:
  14. Like you stated...it's relative. Some U.S. business and globalism was more harm than good long before Trump, whose presidency is just a symptom of much larger and pre-existing issues. Doing the same thing and expecting different results is the definition of insanity.
  15. Pretty easy to find....just count all the "progressive" women who sought and obtained abortions in the United States over decades.
  16. U.S. stimulus and low interest rates started long before Trump....the Fed was using quantitative easing for years. Trump is also not the first U.S. president to lower taxes for economic development. The public and private debt....the income inequality....the leveraging was all in place long before Trump became president, but suddenly he is the bad guy ? This just reflects a personal animus, not objective reality. And for the very same historical reasons, President Donald Trump will reap what any U.S. president would after an economic collapse, regardless of the cause. Then why did Canada bitch so much about it ? Trump's decision did spur more steel and aluminum production in the U.S., and stopped some other trade games that were going on (dumping & transshipments), which was the goal. It is not all about Canada...which was just part of the problem. It is both, and Trump will take credit no matter how large or small, same as any U.S. president. The main point was to change the status quo.
  17. Doesn't matter....all U.S. presidents will take credit and receive blame...deserved or not. Trump is just another U.S. president, and it is election season. The U.S. has pulled back from a leadership role, even before Trump, resulting in such words as a "vacuum" needing to be filled by others. Chrystia Freeland begged Trump to reconsider his stance....guess she believed him. Goes back farther than that (e.g. Saudi Arabia). Israel is now a strong U.S. ally. Several other ME nations are aligned with the U.S. vs. Iran, which is not laughing at the "comedy". Leaving the Iran nuclear deal was "pulling back" from a previous U.S. position. The U.S. system is a design feature, not a bug, and most certainly can't be blamed on Trump...he just exploits it like many U.S. presidents. The impact of Canada's flip-flops may not be very consequential to the world, but they still happen, as they do in many nations. The numbers are what they are and happened as reported. Highest U.S. employment across all demographics in over 50 years. Trump's rhetoric is secondary and purposely self-serving, same as any U.S. president. He will succeed or fail for re-election based on "numbers", and then the history books will be written. Canada's bitching about steel and aluminum tariffs points to a dependency that is Canada's problem....not Trump's.
  18. Virus came to Canada too....killing thousands.....why did Trudeau "ignore it" ?
  19. Coronavirus.....firearms and ammo sales spike in Canada:
  20. Trump offers condolences after Canada's deadliest mass shooting

  21. Wrong again....many "progressives" believe it too. They believe their own gods same as the conservatives.
  22. Canada simply recognizes the obvious went it is spoon fed by American media. I have socks that are older than Canada's Charter of Rights and Freedoms (1982).
  23. Wrong....U.S. nationals, resident aliens, etc. cannot be banned.
  24. They become ideological no matter which "side" does it. And Canada imports a lot of it from United States' media, universities, activist groups, and other rights agendas.
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