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  1. This is the problem / challenge...bleeding hearts demanding that police officers take all the risks while interacting with criminals or the mentally ill. What part of shooting at cops do you not understand ?
  2. ??? People being shot happened long before 3 weeks ago. George Floyd was not shot by the police.
  3. Cite instances of what ? The assault on the police officer happened just hours ago, instead of the gun wielding criminal being shot. Unarmed people are murdered every day in the U.S.
  4. So they can keep killing perps as long as there are "consequences" ? A police officer was shot this morning by a teenager resisting arrest in St. Cloud, MN. The officers on scene chose not to fire their weapons....got shot instead....YAY !
  5. I don't care why they come to Canada (or America), but they keep coming regardless of the "racism". They are obviously fleeing or seeking something that is missing in their own nations. Then some will claim they are uber patriots compared to the native born who dare criticize the government. No, you have no such right. You have the privilege of doing so.
  6. Until they change their mind and allegiance to another house ? How convenient. The Canadian oath pledges to the racist/colonial queen and laws in Canada, not patriotism. As for Trump, far more Canadians saluted Obama and wished they could vote for him in 2008 and 2012. So what ?
  7. My point is obvious....I think those who so easily shift houses and "patriotism" should not question the allegiance of others who have not. The federal government requires this oath from immigrants seeking citizenship (despite the racist/colonial concepts), not natural born citizens:
  8. They are also enforcers of the law, with employment risks and liabilities for their own safety and the safety of others. Cops who use excessive force should be fired and prosecuted. Criminals who assault police officers (and others) may not be so fortunate. Edited to add: Foreigners see that they come the U.S. as legal and illegal immigrants more than any other country in the world. It's crazy....
  9. Perhaps the irony here is lost on you....where is the love and respect for the country that they leave for good ? If many immigrants leave for Canada, what will be left to improve their abandoned country ?
  10. No, it was just another guess. There will be many more guesses about the American election before November....take a number and get in line like all the rest.
  11. In other words, you were mistaken about the importance of Sanders, or just don't know what is going on with another country's politics. Keep guessing....
  12. Which is exactly why I do it....to demonstrate your own cross border obsessions. Some Canadians don't like getting it back in spades.
  13. I don't have to fool anyone, but you have to worry about it anyway. Because Trump matters more...even in Canada.
  14. Why stop at tasers ? Why not knives, or rocks, or nunchuks ? Make the police play fair, dammit !
  15. How many jobs require wearing ballistic body armour ? They are trained to stop the threat immediately with escalating force. Deadly force means shooting at center mass, not arms or legs or buttocks like in a Hollywood movie or TV show. British police do not patrol in the openly armed United States, where 89 police officers were killed in 2019, 48 as felonious assaults. Maybe the criminals are just too violent as well.
  16. This one is not having such a good time anymore....
  17. Negative attention is always good attention...for Trump. Polarization existed long before Trump came along...but some people are just obsessed with his impact.
  18. Funny or not...it drives media attention, even in Canada. Trump wants to get back to dominating media bandwidth, because that is how he rolls. The Trump haters learned nothing from the COVID-19 shutdown and its impact on Trump's volume knob. Canada and several other nations will still slobber all over themselves about Trump and the presidential election, regardless of preordained state outcomes.
  19. This has always been Trump's strategy...from the very beginning. I am amazed that some people, especially those in other nations, keep falling for the same gag over and over again, giving Trump a continuous supply of media oxygen, the thing he craves the most. Demanding a signed waiver would be expected even if masks were required, and I expect such waivers to become commonplace, just as they are in many other venues as ticket fine print.
  20. That's fine, but that means being challenged with opposing views noting the obvious inconsistencies presented, as is other members' "right" (but this is a private forum subject to forum rules). Trump is just another American president, and hardly the first to start and exploit political rancor and divisiveness. I am satisfied that you have no need to explain the Trump hater hypocrisy, but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist. ...all part of the game.
  21. No it's not....and you are avoiding the direct Trump comparison because you don't like it. I don't care what Trump does....but you sure do. Why ?
  22. OK, then why expect anything different from Trump voters ? Why the double standard ?
  23. They are very informed....and reject opinions just like the liberals. Speaking of hypocrisy, why do many Canadians hate Trump more than their own blackface white supremacist prime minister ?
  24. They are very informed....differently. Diversity is good, right ? You mean places like protests and riots ?
  25. If they are so amused, why are they always so upset about Trump and his "base" ? Even in Canada ? Wearing masks is a choice....
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