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  1. Boeing has already partnered with China for aviation manufacturing...the Comac efforts to date have come up way short, even for the Chinese domestic market. Airbus has competed with Boeing for many decades on product and cost. Boeing needs the China market now...not just ten years from now.
  2. Indeed....Pierre Trudeau purposely sought to counterbalance American power and influence by kanoodling with Cuba and China (among others) for perceived distancing from Washington and the favourable domestic politics that could provide, especially during the Vietnam War, despite the war making billions for the Canadian economy.
  3. State owned enterprises even in China are estimated to be 30 - 40% government control, on top of all land ownership (90+% of land is Crown owned in Canada). American private interests / capital have far greater ownership and impact on Canada than anything China has done. If you want to make a distinction between government and private ownership, one can have that discussion (i.e. state owned Crown Corporations in Canada), but plenty of American and Canadian corporations own foreign enterprises in many sectors, not just manufacturing. Example: Canadian firms are major players around the world for mining. Cirrus Aircraft (based in my state) sought additional capital from several domestic and foreign sources before the Chinese acquisition (e.g. Bahrain) to remain solvent. GM has 50% ownership of SAIC (Shanghai) and now manufactures more vehicles in China than in North America. Boeing has been in China for more than 40 years, delivering more than 2000 airliners to the Chinese market. 20% of Apple revenue comes from China. China is not going away and competition is not going away either. Canada has been coming up short in this area for several reasons regardless of China, and continued over-dependence on raw materials exports, commodities, U.S. market/capital investment, etc. will leave it more vulnerable to foreign owned policies and actions in the future. Just add China to the list until Canada (or USA) decide to do things differently.
  4. Trudeau the poodle hopes to get a head pat from Joe Biden today.

    1. DogOnPorch


      Two dictators meet. I wonder if they'll divide Poland.

  5. American manufacturing job losses started long before that (early 1980's), and no, China is not why "tens of millions" of Americans lost their jobs....more like 4,000,000 give or take. U.S. exports to China have also created jobs (e.g. Boeing, Caterpillar, etc.). https://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2020/01/us-loses-nearly-4-million-jobs-to-china-since-wto-entry.html I can't find any numbers for Canada (as usual), but I doubt it was "millions" of job losses because of China as well. Domestic decisions and labour costs also played a direct role in exported jobs across many industries to many countries, regardless of China.
  6. Trudeau and ministers refuse to vote for China genocide resolution...too weak and scared.


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    2. bcsapper


      They would know too.  What do they think of it all?

    3. DogOnPorch


      They say Hitler wants to kill them all. I say we play wait and see...like with the Red Chinese.

    4. bcsapper


      The only reference I could find to Israel in that article was the one where they were worried about Uighur fighters joining ISIS.  You remember ISIS.  You must be a fan, right?


  7. Trudeau's vaccine failure is now about equity and long wait times....very Canadian !


  8. No, it cannot be stopped, for several reasons. Just file this into another chapter for "climate change". It is this kind of alarmist rhetoric that invites even more distrust and "denier" backlash. 99% of all species that have ever existed went extinct long before "anthropogenic warming".
  9. Well, this government was already conditioned for such a response because of the previous PPE procurement circus that happened early in the pandemic. They did not put a full court press on concurrent, domestic capabilities until later in the game. This MacLean's piece details how the goverment approached the task at hand...doubling down on an external force...China. Until that blew up in their face. This cost valuable time and opportunity. Trudeau was already weakened in 2019, but he remains in power mostly because he is propped up by a like minded left leaning party and the inability of Conservatives to provide an acceptable alternative. The virus will not kill Trudeau's loyal base, but severe economic and spending calamity could.
  10. No doubt, but there seems to be some reluctance to hold the Trudeau government accountable for these (and other) decisions, for fear of what a ruling party change would bring overall. Essentially the argument goes that yes, Trudeau screwed up royally on covid vaccines, but there is nothing Canadians can do about it so don't rock the boat for the sake of "unity" (compared to "south of the border".... as usual). Apparently, "unity" is more important than policy and actions accountability (e.g. Covid spending spree, lack of a budget, WE scandal, GG fiasco, China, etc., etc.). Just add vaccine failure to a long list. One province (Manitoba) has struck out on its own to procure vaccine doses from a Canadian producer after Health Canada approval, but it remains to be seen if this will amount to anything more than a political stunt. The Michael Taube op-ed in the WSJ is interesting (who is the intended audience ?), and he uses a common Canadian approach...only in reverse. but a full disclaimer is warranted:
  11. Unclaimed Canadian mail and parcels pile up in U.S. post offices...oh what to do.


    1. betsy


      Would that include orders from amazon.com?  Got something that's supposed to arrive around March 5.

  12. Yes...many Canadian workers too, despite years of warnings from anti FTA/NAFTA authors like Maude Barlow. Clearly enough Canadians supported the ruling government's choices then, and even more support the continuation of such policies now (NAFTA 2.0). The Liberals hated NAFTA...now they LOVE it. The main reason that U.S. manufacturing companies had subsidiaries in Canada was because of Canada's barriers and tariffs for non Commonwealth enterprises. As an example, EMD London was never a Canadian owned company, just a cross border dodge to beat tariffs on locomotives. NAFTA actually helped more than the Auto Pact of 1965, but decisions made in Ontario did just as much to drive 100,000 jobs away and close plants as did anything about jobs going to China or Mexico. Now American concerns own or control 50% of Canada's manufacturing base and a good portion of petroleum/bitumen production, along with other foreign ownership. And now China wants to eat Canada's lunch too. Joe Biden is a product of that time, and there is little reason to believe he will not resume the protectionism and union vote posturing of the past. Either way, Canada is too dependent on the U.S. economy and should diversify much more, invest more in R&D, keep educated skill base at home, and tear down barriers between provincial trade.
  13. Canadian governments raid military budgets these days instead...allocated funds are not spent.
  14. Seems that way...there is a political allergy to whatever America is doing for military procurement. Still, Canada use to have a competence and capacity that has eroded badly, being unable to sustain forward operations without significant allied help these days. ...and this has become an acceptable level of misery for all concerned.
  15. Looks like both HMCS Protecteur and Preserver were built in St. John Dry Dock Company, NB back in 1967....completed in just two-three years. The Janes Fighting Ships section for Canada is....ummm...small.
  16. So it was worse than I thought....let me check my Janes....
  17. The whole area (Straits/Puget Sound) is very nice. I worked on the Nanoose Range out of Keyport in the later 1980's developing the Mk 50 lightweight torpedo. Canada partners with the U.S. to use the range...perfect bathtub for instrumented acoustics, countermeasures, etc.
  18. Seriously ? Towed down the west coast...through the Canal...Gulf transit...up east coast to Halifax ?
  19. The Yankees towed her back to CFB Esquimalt as far as I know...decommissioned soon thereafter. I had a port visit to Esquimalt back in the early 1980's....damn seals and sea lions would not stay off the sub. Maybe they hated 'muricans too !
  20. This is why I always liked diesel-electrics...damn nukes had to go to sea..often ! "Harder, Darter, Trigger, Trout...always in and never out."
  21. The "funny" thing is that more Canadians were embarrassed by the inability to move DART to disaster areas like Indonesia and Haiti than anything military. Harper got the heavy airlift for that and the chronic leasing of resources from Ukraine and others for A-stan.
  22. USNS Sioux (T-ATF 171) completed the successful tow of the Canadian oiler HMCS Protecteur into port in Hawaii. HMCS Protecteur would never deploy again....engine spaces were toast.
  23. Won't work...Canada has old radios and data links !
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