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  1. Well, when you are not ranting about Canada's governments mismanaging fisheries compared to those same other nations, you might want to consider just how much more dependent the provinces are on exports compared to them as well. More than China, and certainly more than the U.S. The Martians prefer U.S. dollars over Canadian pesos....same as NHL hockey players.
  2. Why are so worried about it ? Do you think this is your ticket to finally getting Trump ? MUST...GET...TRUMP !!!
  3. It will be like long term care facilities in Canada...oh my !!!
  4. Drinking and driving is perfectly legal in the U.S. for adults up to a defined BAC. ...and we love it. The real fun is watching all the Trump haters flip out...even when they are in a completely different country !
  5. I don't think you get it....millions of Americans just don't give a damn about your FEAR.
  6. People don't have to drive...but they do have to breathe.
  7. ...and that's because they do infringe on their freedom(s).
  8. Not as much as they hurt Canada's economy, which is far more dependent on exports. The closed border also impacts Canada more than the U.S.
  9. Catastrophe had far more impact on Canada's economy....oil prices...rail stoppages...capital flight. ...and that was before the COVID pandemic hit hard. President Trump pushed for NAFTA 2.0 to start on July 1.....and so it did.
  10. The U.S. economy is rebounding faster than Canada's, which was already in trouble even before COVID.
  11. See...you really don't understand deficits, debt, or economic growth...regardless of political ideology. Then stop bragging about GDP to debt ratios that you do not even understand.
  12. You don't understand the difference between deficits, debt, or economic growth. Canada's economy had two months of negative economic growth because of factors completely unrelated to the pandemic.
  13. Not likely...Canada's economy was crashing even before the pandemic and crushing debt because of low commodity prices, rail protests, and capital flight.
  14. Supreme Court gives Trump two more wins...buy your own birth control.

  15. No, just enough for home care. Canada is the worst in the "developed world" for COVID deaths in LTCs....by far.
  16. Pointing at the U.S. does not lessen the impact on Canada, which has far less capacity to carry the debt. Canada is the only G7 nation to have its credit rating lowered for COVID impact.
  17. Yeah...cramming old people four to a room in LTC facilities makes for lots of COVID "density".
  18. Meh...Alberta has done better than Quebec or Ontario but is still getting crapped on by the east and BC.
  19. Wow ! Canada to have eye popping debt increase due to Coronavirus impact and government decisions. Highest unemployemnt spike....
  20. That's a big percentage COVID-19 outbreak for PEI...but you never mention those. Florida !!!!!!!
  21. Right....for many of them...winter climate sucks so they want to escape from their country. The Canadians are even organized into a formal snowbird organization, so important is the annual journey, like birds. Canada needs the money now more than America does. But remember Home Depot and Rona are American owned too !
  22. Specific to border crossing....one example:
  23. None of the outbreaks in Canada are ever significant to you. Canada's border is closed like a piece of Swiss cheese. So many sob story exceptions. I really don't care...same as many Canadians who wish the snowbirds would spend their money in Canada instead. Seasonal (winter) cross border and extended (six months ?) travel is more of a Canadian mindset and expectation...most Americans don't have to cross an international border to get to warmer climes in winter.
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