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  1. Canada even watches America "north of the 49th"...it is just what Canada does....keep watching.
  2. History is repeating itself....1960's social unrest, protests, rioting, even assassinations peaked in 1968 after two Democrat presidents (JFK & LBJ). Nixon promised more "law and order".... and won the '68 election.
  3. Trudeau is your problem, not mine....but you choose to make Trump your problem as well for reasons only you understand. I have seen plenty of President Trump....he was at the Cape to watch the Space X Crew Dragon launch with many other Americans...and spoke directly to the current "crisis". Canada can only watch...as usual.
  4. Telling of what ? So called "progressives" are so much better at race baiting from across the border. Obama cop killings riots good...Trump riots bad ?
  5. Yes they can...by going to the United States...like Amy Cooper.
  6. Except in Vancouver, where all it takes to get a large riot is losing a Stanley Cup hockey game 7.
  7. Yes, the COVID-19 pandemic has cost far more lives and economic impact than all of the George Floyd protests or riots in several U.S. cities over many years. Nevertheless, social unrest and rioting remains a very American experience going back to the Boston Tea Party. Race riots, 1960's riots, Rodney King in L.A., labour conflicts, anti-war protests, civil rights marches, etc. didn't have the relatively recent factor of dedicated anarchists hell bent on wanton destruction and chaos. Curfews mean nothing without enforcement and citizen support. Local and state government underestimated the threat and necessary deployment of overwhelming police forces in a timely manner. The "progressive" politics/leadership of Minneapolis and St. Paul vs. the governor and Trump helped to set the stage for an inadequate response. Minority owned and other businesses have been sacrificed for police and public safety...the cops even abandoned one precinct building which quickly went up in flames. The governor has admitted that he doesn't have enough police resources even with the state patrol and national guard. He may have to take Trump's offer of assistance from U.S. Army military police units to get enough boots on the ground. This is something that no "blue state" governor wants to do in an election year, but he has little choice as the pressure mounts to "do something" to restore civil order.
  8. So what's Canada's excuse, #12 in the world for deaths per million, even after worshiping the WHO ? I guess the WHO wasn't much help for long term care facilities, eh ?
  9. Amy Cooper investigated by NY human rights commission...same as Canada!

  10. Agreed...both Cooper's were old enough to know better. So called "social justice warriors" play this game because there is a ready made audience to join the "cause" and blow it up on the Interwebs. George Floyd was killed by a Minneapolis police officer with "extreme prejudice", but the same Interwebs are revealing that he was no gentle giant, having served multiple sentences for aggravated robbery, assault, drug possession, etc. George Floyd left Texas prison to start new life in Minneapolis
  11. Amy Marie Cooper....no relation to Christian Cooper...and her Cocker Spaniel ("Henry"). Has her life gone from highly paid, resident "green card" alien to Hated Karen, Witch of the Internet ? ...they even took her dog away.
  12. There is also evidence that violent protesters started some of the fires...there is lots of video.
  13. Hey, look at the bright side....it is good to see America getting back to normal after all the COVID-19 shutdown nonsense. ...it's going to be a long, hot summer...like 1968. President Trump just picked up a lot more votes !
  14. Yep...media is reporting her as attending school in Canada. Others are demanding that her ass be deported !
  15. Central Park "Karen" is Canadian...can't make this stuff up !

  16. There is also a difference in national narratives....many Canadians, especially those on the left, loath any direct or indirect attacks on universal health care systems, and have pivoted to attacking right leaning premiers in Ontario and Quebec instead, because "provinces are responsible". Same is happening because of the horror stories coming out of long term care facilities. So no matter what the actual facts on the ground, the pre-existing political biases will lean the usual way, especially during a crisis. Trudeau is even trying to force changes without Parliament ("never waste a serious crisis").
  17. Sure...it's just more of the same, regardless of COVID-19. Canada has almost 7,000 deaths and is #12 in the world for deaths per million population, but Trudeau was already an impotent side show before the pandemic. So blame Trump...he matters more in this "game".
  18. Big surprise...bank fraud is a crime in Canada after all...sorry Meng.


    1. scribblet


      Any Canadians in China should leave now...

    2. bcsapper


      They probably won't be allowed to...

  19. Murikans will fight for their constitutional rights more than Kanadians.
  20. The Minneapolis police incident has a larger context and history going back years, and not just for black victims. A police officer was convicted of manslaughter in the death of an Australian women who called 911 for help. That incident cost the mayor and police chief their jobs, which is one reason these cops were fired so quickly despite any police union/federation objections.
  21. Not sure what you mean by "the first story was the good intention"....the suspect died while in police restraint/custody despite numerous pleas for help and obvious respiratory distress. Criminal charges are usually not filed against police for on duty actions until an investigation is completed, grand jury convened, etc. Civil liability and a large settlement from the city/insurance are presumed. The police chief and mayor should also be held accountable for the actions of these officers. The female perp in Central Park didn't commit any crime unless the police cite her for a false 911 report and/or animal abuse because of the way she was handling her dog on and off leash. Two crazy events...one much more serious than the other.
  22. It's an interesting question, but I would point out that war deaths (and other casualties) should be judged in the context of total population base at the time and associated impact on national resources. Abraham Lincoln, the USA's consensus greatest president because he preserved the Union, cost the most American war time lives per-capita by far. Lincoln also changed generals/flag officers far more often than Trump. President Trump doesn't really make the KIA list, and he is on a steadily declining trend for presidents since the Vietnam War, for various reasons.
  23. Indeed...just look at all these "Trumpers" in Toronto parks:
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