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  1. The Americans can afford refrigeration. Cheese and dry milk store more easily. ...other products could be sent over for "storage" too. It would just be for "storage"...wink...wink.
  2. That's right...it always is....for a very, very long time....COVID or no COVID. This is Canada's chance to break that trend....good luck !
  3. Then surely Canada would not mind if U.S. dairy producers "stored" thousands of tonnes in Canada, right ?
  4. Note that Canada's unemployment rate remains higher than in the United States, before the COVID pandemic and right now.
  5. That's great...because the United States government did 100% the right thing in response to new Canadian dumping...errr..."storage" across the border.
  6. Wrong....the U.S. and many other nations have recovered from multiple recessions with public and private borrowing, long before Trump.
  7. US manufacturing jobs are gained and lost for many reasons. And there was nothing special about the aluminum and steel tariffs among many other trade measures that Trump invoked except that Canada got so butt hurt because of the way he did it (Section 232). Trump also went after Canada to stop the dumping, transshipments, IP theft, and existing protectionist tarrifs on American products (e.g. dairy).
  8. Because Canada is obsessed with the United States. And yet U.S. manufacturing jobs increased...so stupid !
  9. We get it...you hate Trump. No matter what happens, you will always blame Trump for anything negative and deny him credit for anything positive. Economic growth is most certainly an accomplishment, just as you would certainly blame Trump for the opposite. You can't have it both ways.
  10. You keep moving the goal posts just because you hate Trump so much....the employment statistics don't care how much you hate Trump. U.S. unemployment numbers are still better than Canada's today even with so many COVID infections and deaths.
  11. Why are you so obsessed with Russia, even as Canada is a NATO deadbeat...a Trump refrain. What is so special about Canada in this regard ? Trump's policies did increase manufacturing jobs.... https://thumbor.forbes.com/thumbor/960x0/https%3A%2F%2Fblogs-images.forbes.com%2Fchuckdevore%2Ffiles%2F2019%2F07%2FManufacturing-Job-State-Level-1200x675.jpg
  12. You can believe whatever you want....The U.S. gained about 7,000,000 jobs during Trump's term and a significant portion were created in manufacturing, something that Obama said was not possible. I get it that you really, really hate Trump, but millions of Americans do not agree with you. America's choices and decisions...not yours.
  13. Trump's original steel and aluminum tariffs on Canada were net positive for U.S. production capacity, the stated goal back then. Since when does Canada care about what is good or bad for America...more like Canadian self interest. Oh, so scary. Putin is coming ! The U.S. import and export economy is far more diversified than Canada's....there's your trouble...long before Trump.
  14. No, you are freaking out because of a measly 10% tariff for dumping aluminum in the U.S....again.
  15. I don't deal in the very simplistic "good or bad"....clearly Trump has made his mark on U.S. political history. ...and he has freaked out Canada because they let him do it.
  16. So what ? The US has lost millions of jobs due to the pandemic already. Do you really think Americans go to retail outlets worried about the impact of aluminum tariffs on Canada ? Get real.... Trump is not a true Republican, and I have never been a Republican. Canadians use Russia as a bogeyman to try and influence U.S. policy...even before Trump. ...that's what NATO deadbeats do.
  17. Actually, he imposed the tariff to please some voters in Ohio and other swing states. If pleasing Russia also drives Canada nuts, then that is just a side benefit. I hope Freeland doesn't cry again....
  18. Either way, your initial response has been proven wrong...by yourself. Trump's presidency has made a significant impact on the American body politic, and political history will reflect this. Just really, really, really hating Trump from Canada doesn't count for much.
  19. Canada busted for dumping aluminum again...Trump imposes tariff.

    1. bush_cheney2004


      Canada increased exports above levels as a "surge"...and Trump needs votes in swing states.

      But under the agreement to lift the tariffs, the U.S. said it could raise duties again after it conducts consultations with Canada and “in the event that imports of aluminum or steel products surge meaningfully beyond historic volumes of trade over a period of time.”

      ...Trump said that Canadian aluminum producers had broken their commitment under the deal and that Lighthizer "has advised me that this step to reimpose tariffs is absolutely necessary to defend our aluminum industry."

      ...The push to reimpose tariffs stems from two U.S. primary aluminum producers, Century Aluminum and Magnitude 7 Metals, who argue that an increase in aluminum coming from Canada has led to aluminum prices plummeting.


    2. Argus


      Other headline would be "Trump imposes big new tax on American manufacturers! Jobs flee to China!"

      The agreement was that they wouldn't increase exports above historical norms and they haven't. Most of the US aluminum industry opposes tariffs. As does the US board of trade. As does the US manufacturers association.

    3. bush_cheney2004


      Too bad....Canada dumped aluminum as "storage" across the border, violating the agreement.

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  20. Trump imposes 10% tariff on Canadian aluminum because of dumping. Canada claims is was just cross border "storage" because of the pandemic. Freeland scrambles...again. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/freeland-aluminum-imports-tariffs-trump-1.5677757
  21. First and foremost, Donald Trump made U.S. political history by defeating Hillary Clinton in the 2016 U.S. presidential election. He did this without ever holding elected or military office previously. President Trump's numerous executive orders are summarized here: https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/white-house/here-s-full-list-donald-trump-s-executive-orders-n720796 Not one, but two conservative Supreme Court Justices were appointed by Trump and confirmed despite extreme political opposition. The U.S. economy reached record levels of employment for all demographic groups, often blamed or credited to sitting administrations. NAFTA 2.0 happened because of Trump. Tax reform and repatriation of U.S. capital were Trump initiatives. Trump has confronted China and NATO deadbeats, moved the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem, bombed ISIS to pieces, prosecuted illegal immigration, reversed many Obama era policies, engaged North Korea, etc. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Trump haters may not like his methods or motivation, but Donald Trump has been a consequential president (in just four years). His successes and failures will be judged on Nov. 3 when he faces election as the incumbent, just like any other U.S. president.
  22. Look...we can play with this all you want. Many people don't even wear the mask properly when they do. The socialists and fascists can't get as much control as they think/want.
  23. No, they will just ask you to put it back on. Store staff are not police officers.
  24. In other words, compliance enforcement is hit and miss at best. Walk in with mask...take it off.
  25. Ergo...there most certainly is a sliding scale for misery and death. Nothing special about COVID in that regard....but it is a great opportunity for the socialists and fascists.
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