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  1. 6 minutes ago, taxme said:

    I wonder if your Canadian neighbor would like to move back to Canada, and live there, and give up her American citizenship? I doubt very much that she would do that. Obtaining an American citizenship is not easy to get. I am pretty sure that a Canadian citizenship is quite easy to get these days in Canada. Just cross the border into Canada from America illegally, and viola, you have a very good chance of staying in Canada. Just saying. ;)


    No, she never got U.S. citizenship.  She has permanent residency.    Her Yankee husband works for the state department so that might be a complication for him.

    But on the matter of more refugees and immigrants for Canada, that also runs up the debt, directly and indirectly.   Trudeau may have to reduce the numbers.

  2. 11 minutes ago, Zeitgeist said:

    I'd like to think that we can all get back at it without seeing a rise in cases, and we'll do what we can, but we may have to accept the Swedish model.  Good public health hygiene and good physical health has allowed Sweden to keep its schools and economy open while having a lower death rate than some jurisdictions that shut everything down, such as Quebec and the UK.  We can reopen schools, emphasize fitness, enforce public hygiene, get most people back to full-time work, and wrap up the CERB and wage subsidies if we get tough about the right things. That would end the debt hemorrhaging.  


    The Swedish model has not worked out so well economically.   Canada needs to do what works for Canada specifically given the different regions and economic dependencies.  The mostly closed border is an opportunity to get more spending in Canada from within the country instead of wishing and hoping for a return of previous patterns that may never happen.    More manufacturing in Canada would also provide growth and better readiness for future disruptions.

    Make Canada Great Again !

  3. 6 minutes ago, taxme said:

    Indeed, it would appear as though patriotism and nationalism are frowned upon here in Canada. The reason for that is that the majority of Canadians are not patriotic or nationalist enough but appear to be more like a bunch of leftist liberals and socialists, and some communists thrown in the mix. All they believe in is more government, more taxes, and less freedom. They all are full blown globalists. It's funny how both our governments love big and rising debts. :unsure:


    My neighbour is a Canadian woman who moved to the "states" to live with her Yankee husband years ago.  She proudly flies the mapleleaf flag on Canada Day and during the Olympics, no doubt because this is expected and respected behaviour in most parts of the U.S.   She feels "free" to do so in her adopted country (U.S.).

    The last time Canada went hog wild on debt, Chretien and Martin slashed federal funding for healthcare to the provinces.   That won't go over well this time around.


  4. 3 minutes ago, Zeitgeist said:

    I can only speak for Ontario, but I have to say our provincial government has been very focused and effective on the COVID front, but as I expected, there's incredible constipation on the reopening front.  We've reopened so far in a quite responsible way, but the most important economic factor will be the return to school.  If we can't get students back to school on a daily basis, I don't think we can return the economy to capacity.  If people can't work and young people can't learn in a serious way, our economies will limp on and our debt will skyrocket.


    All true, but all the more reason that people just have to get on with it respecting as much mitigation as possible.   Quebec criticized the federal government for not providing guidance on returning to school, and is using the American CDC's instead.

    If the increased dole and pogey goes on for the rest of the year, it will be harder to wean workers off of it as many earn more by not returning to the labour force.

    Debt is going to increase either way, but it is a matter of choice for how much.



    ... The virus won't disappear any time soon, but much else could if we're not careful.  


    That's the reality that more and more people are beginning to embrace.   The only way out is to go right through it.

  5. 2 minutes ago, Zeitgeist said:

    These are perhaps other topics, but they relate to our debt because we have a PM who doesn't know how to make hard choices and spend hard earned tax dollars responsibly.  Billions to infrastructure and no projects to show for it. 


    Well, I am no fan of your present PM, but he is hardly the first to go down the path of massive debt.   And other parties support this government.

    Lots to work on at the federal level and between provinces....too much time spent on what Trump and the Americans are doing or are not doing instead.



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  6. 1 minute ago, taxme said:

    You appear to know a lot about Canada. Most Canadians don't even care about Canada. To most of them it is just a place to live and work, and make some money. At least in America, I see a hell of a lot more American patriotism and nationalism than I have ever see in Canada.


    True, but they can't be like Americans because the Canadian identity is defined as NOT American.   So overt patriotism is frowned upon.

    Funny part is that massive deficits and rising debt is very, very American !!


  7. 3 minutes ago, Zeitgeist said:

    True.  Did you see this?  Singh says Trump is better than Trudeau on systemic racism.  Be careful what you wish for, Singh.



    Trudeau is badly damaged, and Singh hates the idea that he has to keep the Liberals in power because there is no viable alternative right now.

    Such a debt bomb would have sunk previous governments absent a war.


  8. 1 minute ago, taxme said:

    So, are you trying to say here that all of the taxes that I have been paying to the thieves in Ottawa for all these years has just been one big gigantic ripoff then?  Shocking. 


    Pretty much...but all you have to do is wake up each morning and thank your indigenous hosts for letting you occupy the land.

    The tribes are not responsible for Canada's federal debt.

  9. 4 minutes ago, taxme said:

    Although those three seem to have been put aside these days. No Canadian seems to give a crap anymore about them now. But all that will take is for the leftist liberal Canadian media to start talking about them again, and there they will go again and offering up their useless Canadian opinions. 


    This is the best time to drop the debt bomb on Canadians because of the COVID panic and continuing obsession with Trump and the USA.   It will get worse as the U.S. federal election gets closer in November and Canadian news media bites real hard.   Perfect distraction for the fiscal bleeding, and the Conservatives are still flailing like fish out of water.

    The other leftist parties will not bring this government down.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Argus said:

    The biggest drags on our economy are interprovincial trade barriers and environmental regulations which hamstring our resource industries.

    Not you guys.


    Fine....just add those to the list of many things that make most Canadians wince at the reality of TRILLION+ debt loads for several more years.   

    More bad news is coming next year on top of this week's "snapshot".

    Personal debt loads are also near historical maximums.


  11. 5 minutes ago, Argus said:

    Not as much debt as the US, but yes, quite a bit of it.


    Canada will never has as much debt as the U.S., but it will also not have the ability to sustain bigger drags on its economy, like low commodity prices and U.S. export market dependency.

    Chretien and Martin had to act in the 1990's to save Canada's dollar and credit rating...the Americans just raised the debt ceiling.

  12. On 5/22/2020 at 8:48 PM, Rue said:

    ...Next,  can you share a thought other than you don't like the US and want Canadians to dislike the US too. Your comments incite people to find ways to share  dislike of the US using Trump as the buzz word to do it.


    I know...right ?    It doesn't take much to expose the Canadian hatred for the Americans and their "government"....long before Trump.

    Here is just another example of how much energy some Canadians expend to get their hate on, while a minority bucks the trend.



    Who are the Trump-loving Canadians?

    Philippe J. Fournier: Thirty per cent of Conservative supporters would prefer Trump to Trudeau as a leader. That's a problem for a party needing to widen its base.



  13. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    In an earlier post I mentioned how Trump has contributed to the issues the US is facing now. 

    He has done the opposite of leading by example. 

    I also think that the absence of a National strategy on COVID is contributing to the problem. 


    That's just your bias....Trump has been leading by example for his base and supporters for a very long time....since 2016.

    Many nations lack a "national strategy on COVID"....so what ?

    The U.S. Constitution doesn't just disappear because of a pandemic.

  14. 5 hours ago, Boges said:

    I'm sure a counties like Spain, Italy and the US have more deaths from LTC homes, it's just that there percentage is lower because more people died from community spread. 



    The stat remains...Canada is the worst in the entire "developed world"....by a large margin.

    ...and now some "experts" in Canada are admitting the obvious and moving for a more balanced approach:



    Eliminating COVID-19 cases in Canada will exact too heavy a toll on society, health experts say

    Some public health and infectious disease experts are pressing for governments in Canada to shift to minimizing, not eradicating, COVID-19 while allowing society to resume functioning.

    The open letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and all premiers, dated July 6, says aiming to prevent or contain every case is not sustainable at this stage in the pandemic.

    "We need to accept that COVID-19 will be with us for some time and to find ways to deal with it," the 18 experts wrote.



  15. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    You don't think it's as much fun watching you sweep in to Defend your nation to a bunch of Canadians just commenting on objective truths? 

    The US is in Deep Shit.  


    OK, but here's the thing.

    You worry a lot about the U.S. being in "deep shit"....Americans don't worry about Canada being in "deep shit".

    Do you understand the difference ?

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