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  1. American politics is just fine...same as it ever was. Frankly, whatever Canadians feel about how we run this circus is irrelevant. "Christian ideals" don't mean squat except as the cover story.....see History of the United States of America.
  2. While Canada has known what this feels like...ummmm....since day one! Those American autoworker and call center jobs that moved to Canada are just figments of the UAW's imagination. But what goes around comes around, and Ontario is feeling the pinch.
  3. No, the stage was set long before that with Gulf War I, UN sanctions, no-fly zones, and Operation Desert Fox. Canada even helped put the screws to the poor Iraqis! Nope...America was built on wars and has thrived on wars, even ones to save your dying empire. God Save the Queen. Lots of threads here on that already.....5th anniversary is coming up!
  4. That's fine....I'm just busting your balls while I wait for an eBay auction to end. Cheers
  5. Right...Americans subsidize all the R&D costs so you can have cheap pharms. Such a deal! America already has a single payer system (Medicare) that makes your's look puny by comparison. And seniors can legally buy insurance.....imagine that. We don't want/need mandatory CommieCare.
  6. Yea...Cuba is great! That's why they die trying to escape to the USA. Hillary couldn't even keep a condom on her husband...she won't do much better on 16% of US GDP. No, because your system is about #35, with far less choice. Where do you think your pharms come from? Are you joking? Help your own countrymen first.....the CHA doesn't cover pharms!
  7. Hmmm.....Why do Canadians support such "wars"? "Taken in".....but what about Iraq? How convenient.
  8. I am always right. Yes...right next to the 1,000,000 bpd that Canada imports in the east. Oil is good...the Americans and others invested in Canada even after your own government hosed it up (NEP).
  9. Except for those Canadians who buy there own insurance and/or pay for American health care services out of pocket. Chreatien cut health care budget for provinces. When your ass is on the line, we know where to find you.
  10. No..it's true...Canada deserved SARS because of the onerous head tax. Payback is a bitch!
  11. No problem...Canada is famous around the world for unchecked cruelty to animals. Even the Vancouver Zoo abuses animals on a regular basis: Vancouver - A commercial zoo was charged on Wednesday with animal cruelty for keeping a baby hippopotamus alone for 19 months in a small, dark shed on a concrete floor. "Even inmates in prison don't spend their lives alone," said Eileen Drever, the animal protection constable who investigated the zoo. It is shocking that Canada refuses to protect poor defenseless animals with adequate legislation. Good thing the animals don't need passports at the border to escape torture.
  12. Yawn.....in 1996, you own nation's budget and debt were far worse off....yet the Americans did not predict a depression in Canada. Instead, the Liberals slashed your health care.
  13. Methinks you have answered your own question....there isn't going to be any "depression". Sorry. Cell phones are popular throughout the world...even in Canada.
  14. AirBus is a better idea...Boeing's 767 platform is 20 years old and at the end of it's production cycle, which is important for maintenance and parts supply chain. Sorry...President Bush will never be impeached.
  15. Watch the seal hunt cruelty...without Americanski YouTube! The glorious Hunt: http://boss.streamos.com/wmedia/ifaw/seals...ary04-13-06.wvx Kill those damn seal (puppies)! http://www.stopthesealhunt.co.uk/site/pp.a...G&b=1496817
  16. No, it's because Canadians need faster access to health care procedures. Any depression "coming" will not stop at the border.
  17. Of course....that why Canadian provinces send their citizens to the USA for health care.
  18. Works for me.....Iraq and Afghanistan are also "revenge" attacks.
  19. Harper is too late for that....PET beat him to it years ago. October crisis....repatriated constitution.....oh...so....AMERICAN!
  20. Granny also liked to can her own fruit and veggies.....that's what killed her (botulism).
  21. Indeed...the "dinosaurs" lived a very, very, very, long time. I'll take that deal with wide screen plasma TV anyday! Granny lived hard and died young, and she wasn't even in a commune. She used wax paper instead of tin-foil.
  22. How can this be in Canada? It is beyond the pale that such a circumstance could exist in modern day Canada, where laws on animal cruelty have not been updated sincr the 19th century. The International Fund for Animal Welfare issued a report comparing Canada's animal cruelty laws to the following countries': Austria, Canada, Croatia, Great Britain, Germany, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, the Philippines, Poland, Portugal, South Africa, Switzerland and the Ukraine. It placed last. Even behind Portugal and the Ukraine. That's bad. Canada is alone in offering virtually no protection for wild and stray animals - Canada's legislation does not include a clear definition of 'animal' while other countries are explicit - Canada is the only country that does not provide protection for animals being trained to fight each other - Canada is the only country that makes is virtually impossible to prosecute cases of neglect. http://www.marketwire.com/mw/release.do?id=817203 Please Canada, join the current century and Animal Planet hype today! What are you waiting for?
  23. For ye of limited perspective....yes. The only difference between this cruel end to a living organism is loathing for the US Military and a YouTube video. Time will tell....I suspect he (and his family) will face far harsher treatment at home from puppy huggers. Nope....see your own post above. Hmmm...still squirming about bleeding seal pups....I guess my strategy worked. Let's be clear about this...thousands of dead seals in Canada are an established fact, while nothing has been proven vis-a-vis the "truth" of one dead puppy. It it a source of "embarrassment" for Canadian animal rights groups. Oh the SHAME! Wrong....puppies and kittens are killed every day in the US and Canada...quite legally. As are many other organisms.
  24. I think you mean the US Constitution....now back to the beatings!
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