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  1. This aspect of the discussion seems very important to you. I shall never "blame you", even as you live and prosper in the very system that you rail against. I am not interested in the passion of your arguments, your feelings, or your hunger for peace and justice. Ponytail protests from those with progressive "vision" are the most self serving of all. "Owning it" is precisely the objective.
  2. The dataset supporting the "L Curve" contention only applies to the United States, which is not representative of income distribution throughout the world.
  3. The FAIR figures do not jibe with Dept. of Justice or California experience: As Investors Business Daily reported in March 2005: "The U.S. Justice Department estimated that 270,000 illegal immigrants served jail time nationally in 2003. Of those, 108,000 were in California. Some estimates show illegals now make up half of California's prison population, creating a massive criminal subculture that strains state budgets and creates a nightmare for local police forces." http://archive.newsmax.com/archives/ic/200...27/114208.shtml A claim of "4.54%" is not credible. Furthermore, that any portion of the American prison population is inflated by illegals has become taboo by those championing the cause of "undocumented workers". Mexican and Canadian illegals are a fact, and when they are arrested, detained, or convicted for crimes, the count goes up if they are not deported.
  4. Why yes, that would be very progressive. Quite irrelevant....drug dealers do the same. Hmmmm...this is problematic in a constitutional democarcy. Progressives can only achieve the same goal under socialism/communism. Correct...winning the "war" means never having to say you're sorry. The commies lost, and the progressives are just parasites on the back of what defeated them. Blame and apologies are meaningless...except to the progressive mind seeking to fix all that is wrong in the world, a world that mocks and confounds progressive objectives with human nature and choices both "good" and "bad". Yes....it's a fair trade....tolerating smug and superior feeling progressives spouting off about peace and justice in exchange for getting most of the bananas.
  5. OK...I'll play along. Please explain why "authoritarians" still prevail over "progressives" in the face of such obvious "compound" mistakes? Don't the progressives have to apologize too? Meanwhile, back in Afghanistan, the Taliban "progressives" don't give a rip about apologies from either one. Do progressives thrive on others' guilt?
  6. Why would Conservatives apologize for the obvious and continuing mistakes of Progressives? Progressives think they have the luxury of social experiments conducted under the protective socio-economic umbrella provided by others. I can'r speak for First Nations in Canada, but the least thing American natives want is an "apology" for the obvious. But Progressives swoon over such things, as if it means anything at all. They really get excited about "truth commissions". Canada is in Afghanistan, put there by the "authoritarians" elected by the citizenry. Until the Progressives can do at least as well, I guess growing ponytails and protesting will just have to do.
  7. Going unmentioned seems to be the 25% illegal immigrants in US prisons/jails. That includes illegals from Canada and Mexico.
  8. The record shows that it was the "left" who actually "rounded up" visible minorities, and, for instance, fully supported residential schools. It's one thing to abhor any such policies, but to only indict the "right-wing" (whatever that means), only underminds your position. OK...but I guess such a "typical" Canadian didn't vote in the last election, wherein the "left" was turfed for corruption. The far left has never held a majority, and probably never will. They shall remain marginalized by the very economic system they gobble in while burping protests.
  9. No, according to your position, the "West" has NEVER "gotten it right" if pissing off the locals be the measure of success. The "West" cannot be conveniently parsed into "right-wing" and "left-wing" if the true issue is unacceptable expeditions beyond a nation's borders. Hell, it doesn't even work for analysis of detrimental domestic policies for so called "visible minorities". No, the concept was cultivated (particularly in Canada) to specifically distance such policies from the larger issue of fighting commies. Politically, Canada just needed a different, more righteous reason to kill the enemy. The Americans are not such high maintenance (that way).
  10. No doubt, as your post exemplifies a belief that only the "right-wing" is to be blamed for Canada's, indeed the entire "West's", foreign adventures. In fact, it was an honor for the same people to die for "left-wing" causes, in the name of human rights and the "responsibility to protect". So the good news is you are only half right...and half wrong.
  11. The price is set by market demand (Alberta learned this the hard way back in the 1980's).....even the history of tarsands development has foreign fingerprints all over it. Pretending that the Alberta oil patch exists as only domestic development and production is a wonderful exercise in nationalism (as much as it can be in Canada). It is unclear to me how the crude would get to any other market economically. Canada actually imports about 1,000,000 bpd of far sweeter crude and distillates. The Saudis, Russians, and Americans each produce far more oil than Canada. Most of it does not have to be squeezed out of bituminous sand, which also exists in many other places.
  12. It was intended to be...twas the best I could do in short order texting on a cell phone in response to equally "stupid" assertions. Some Canadians have no other way to define themselves. Nope....not any more...too late for that. Yes and no....North America was not so bad before NAFTA either. Not really important given world markets and Canada's disadvantages for product refining and distribution. Shipping hydro, lumber, and tarsands oil to China wsn't in the cards.
  13. Yep...another good reason to vote for Senator McCain.....don't worry, I'll do it for you!
  14. No, Westinghouse's CMT purchased a minority interest as part of a negotiated settlement in the face of Canadian protectionism enshrined in NAFTA. Nevertheless, American content dominates your market.
  15. Nope...check you local cable TV listings: http://www.tvtimes.com/cable/canada.htm Even CMT got their way back in the 90's when the big bad CRTC said no.
  16. Indeed....I'm sure this consideration weighs heavily on the minds of would be criminals. Incarceration is a growth industry.
  17. Not really, the Canadians and Mexicans are too busy breaking the old laws.
  18. It's OK...we have plenty of room for all the Canadian criminals too. Mr. Black will report to a Florida prison next week. The Millennium Bomber is already doing time in a federal pen. We're saving a cell for Mr. Emery. Crime rates are lowest since 1970's.
  19. Whether I do or not, you get to watch plenty of American reruns....and new production. NAFTA vs. CRTC...guess who wins?
  20. No, I would mean the single state of California then or now, easily producing more (GDP) than the entire nation of Canada. Good luck with that. Why yes...Canada buys plenty of both. Then weep....Chavez can weep with you.
  21. Nonsense....NAFTA was negotiated in the early 90's as a follow-up to the FTA. Canada's economy was a basket case headed for oblivion. You want access to the world's biggest market...then dance to the music. How the hell do you think economic "world domination" came about in the first place? If the Democrats want to whip some rhetorical NAFTA ass for political gain, then they shall do so, just like the politicians in Canada do come election time.
  22. I think the whole matter is hilarious....first we have some Canadians who torture PM Mulroney regularly for negotiating FTA/NAFTA in the first place, and now they are staunch defenders of the status quo. Opting out was an oft repeated threat for Canada during 20 years of the softwood lumber conflict, but when two American politicians attack NAFTA for domestic political gain, the economic switchboard lights up in Canada. More fun opinions from Canada here: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...80227?hub=World
  23. Agreed, but the request and associated Manley Report comes off as pure domestic politics to the outside world. PM Harper gets to have his cake and eat it too. Canada really isn't going anywhere soon despite all the posturing. The PMO has made no qualms about invigorating Canada's role as a "middle power" for a respected "place at the table". As odd as it may seem, Canada will remain on point in A-stan just to prove it can.
  24. Thanks for the links....prime stuff. Buckley spent some time in Europe, and had that wonderful "British/2" accent. He could express total disdain for the opposing view just in manner and inflection, without harsh words. I'm surprised he suffered Chumpsky as long as he did.
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