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  1. William F. Buckley Jr. has passed away, no doubt sent into arrest by the present dearth of talent in the present election. I watched Buckley's "Firing Line" as a teen, marveling at the diction lesson and tortured arguments. A precocious controversialist, William was but 8 years old when he wrote to the king of England, demanding payment of the British war debt. http://www.breitbart.com/article.php?id=D8...;show_article=1
  2. It is certainly a step forward compared to doing nothing (a step backwards). A-stan was the good war, but the peacekeeping pretenders forgot that it was still a "war". Hint: It's not all about what Afghanistan needs.
  3. Krikey...you should see what happened in the way of lossed (sic) soldiers during both world wars!
  4. I sure hope so....the "Taxpayers" already bail out the stiffs who contribute far less to economic development. Thank you for worshipping our bastion.
  5. Actually, Canada has exceeded my wildest expectations in Afghanistan, particularly since PM Harper took the watch. General Hillier has disabused any silly "peackeeping" notions from the minds of the pretenders. CENTCOM gave Canada credit early on for playing way above the rim given stripped down investment over the years. Canadian Forces have engaged and killed the enemy. The other night, I was watching the excellent Australian military court martial drama "Breaker Morant" (Boer War). Seems tha Aussies resented being shoved into the meat grinder for the throne while the British had the gall to question how they got things done. The point being, I do not want Canada feeling the same way about the United States efforts in the so called WoT. Stay in Afghanistan because it is in Canada's interest to do so....or leave for the same reason. As you correctly describe, the political problem is that A-stan was held up as the right mission and noble cause compared to reckless cowboys in Iraq searching for non-existent WMD.
  6. Too late to ask....Canada's military ignored the PMO and went on alert anyway during the Cuban Missile Crisis. And the NDP is a long way from the PMO!
  7. Senator McCain can hardly be objective on such matters. He remembers our "tiger cages" in 'Nam.
  8. I voted with your parents in 1980...John Anderson. Senator McCain will prevail if he avoids blowing a gasket on national television.
  9. Then, at its core, the Charter is fundamentally different and impotent compared to the US Bill of Rights. IMO, the language provisions are discriminatory, not racist. The limitation and notwithstanding clauses hobble things further. But this is by design. It is difficult to change the foundation after a building is constructed. The Americans waited about 14 years....Canada waited a lot longer.
  10. Good...we agree that they are in fact different, and in some areas, fundamentally different. Hate speech laws come to mind, where provisions of the Charter (and Charter politics) were used to silence free speech. Do you understand that such a thing would be/is very problematic under the US Bill of Rights?
  11. Contrary to your earlier assertion, there are more differences than just the age of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. If you shall accuse another of not providing specifics, then please provide some of your own to prove there are no differences with the US Bill of Rights. One need only read this Wiki description to identify many differences, particulary the excruciation pains taken for language rights, limitations and nitwithstanding clause, which you have already admitted to earlier. Indeed, the Charter (as part of a repatriated Canadian constitution), was a second try at the very weak Bill of Rights from 1960, which provinces could ignore. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canadian_Char...ts_and_Freedoms
  12. Hardly....I have been preaching the reality of America past, present, and future ever since joining this forum. Anybody who wants to believe otherwise wrt lofty ideals is on their own.
  13. No, it doesn't make any difference at all. The world is not going to remain frozen in time on such matters just because Canada and Quebec have not resolved domestic issues. Kosovo didn't even need a sponsorship scandal.
  14. Then find another nation and citizenry to have faith in....America does not exist to realize your bloated expectations.
  15. Very well....I and my entire family wish to emmigrate to China at once. How many people are accepted each year for work visas and residency?
  16. Quebec already has a legal mechanism to become an idependent, sovereign state (Clarity Act). Are the "feds" treading lightly because such a process would not be honoured? Margolis (whose mother was born in Albania) suffers from selective amnesia when he writes this: It certainly is a tonic seeing people abroad joyously waving American flags and blessing the U.S. This is what my America used to be about.
  17. Viva la Revolucion !! I think you have it backwards....Canada went crying to them for support (Afghanistan) An interesting domestic pickle, but irrelevant to the new Republic of Kosovo.
  18. And they are even more inadequate today. The United States of America is arguably the most successful "little rebellion" in modern history. As with Kosovo....no balls...no blue chips. How is that Quebec thing going? No boast...just fact. Deal with it. Violence to stop violence.....music to American foreign policy ears. Does anybody even care if Canada recognizes Kosovo, besides the Serbs?
  19. They were not "on the other side of the ocean"....see History of Canada. The United States of America has recognized the Republic of Kosovo, along with SIXTEEN other nations. If you don't like that, tough noogies. PM Chretien bombed Serbia in 1999.....was that "terrorism" too? Serbia says it was a crime. Shame, shame, shame......
  20. "Hypocrisy" is weak ammunition for this argument. Russia won't do dick about this, same as it did back in 1999.
  21. Correct...it's just more of the same political posturing. We even got Ralphie back into the mix today. The more things change, the more things stay the same.
  22. My second post in this thread consisted of my using an analogy (re Obama) to support my theory that personality and likability seems to outweigh platform. Please get off your defensive soapbox. Your theory? You must be joking! I'm not a woman, but will he seduce me as well? LOL!
  23. It already happened....Americans (US Army) hacked out the ALCAN Highway from Dawson Creek to Alaska. Canada paid over $100,000,000 USD and survived after all.
  24. PM Harper looks nothing like Senator Obama....besides, they live in different countries.
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