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  1. Of course....that is exactly how it should work....nation state self interest. There is no "standard" and certainly no relevance for "fairness" consideration for circumstances that are neither standard or typical in such matters. Even Turkey has recognized Kosovo....and we certainly know why. Canada is paralyzed on this matter even though it has little skin in the game. The Clarity Act formalized the process for Quebec (does it apply to other provinces?). Kosovo doesn't have that luxury with Serbia.
  2. Still, this flawed construct serves a good purpose....both left and right "wingers" continue to smoke, given more than 50 years of research. In climate change parlance, they have chosen to do nothing. And that's OK.
  3. Not sure what you mean here...Canada has chosen complete silence on this specific issue, being paralyzed by domestic considerations. France, UK, USA, Germany, etc. have made a decision. PM Chretien, who helped bomb the Serbs in 1999, should know better: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...?hub=TopStories
  4. Yes....the logic is the same kind used to bomb the crap out of Serbia in 1999...and the world cheered!
  5. No..."liberalism" pre-dated the "founding fathers" by many years, in the form of people like John Locke. The Americans executed such ideas in the form of a new republic (rebelling from the throne).
  6. There is a legal purpose.....exhibition and ticket sales. Even government gets a cut (taxes). Everybody wins!
  7. Of course you have the right to state your opinion. As do I. Just change the channel. Choice is good. To make up for the ten-fold number of Canadians going south (legally and illegally).
  8. No, it is far simpler than that. Your post about arrogance was ironic given that you have no vote at all, yet you would tell an American to change his name. I think Canadians will always discuss American politics, even if it is irrelevant. Some Canadians cannot define themselves without Americans as a foil.
  9. Saddam is dead. His middle name might be a problem if it was "Hitler". See Oprah (Hebrew origin).....she is worth more than $1 billion. His daughters are named Malia and Sasha He can't get your vote no matter what his name is, unless you are an American citizen.
  10. Obama does make it look easy.....but people need to remember, Nixon-Kennedy was a very close race (just ask Chicago). Nixon actually won the debate except for his 5 o'clock shadow on B/W TV.
  11. The water cooler exchange is spot on...his choice is absolutley critical, balancing electoral college strategy with concerns about the party base. Colin Powell probably still has dust on his fingers from the UN speech (Bush legacy), so not a likely choice. "T-Pah" (Pawlenty) is only good for a slight bump in the Midwest. Playing the "black card" would be counter-productive. McCain is a bit of a legend with us old Navy military types (and the anti-Kerry), but we also know he has a real bad temper that can explode at the slightest provocation.
  12. A agree with you...his speech was much better than last week. McCain will never be able to compete with Obama's oratory, but he does have substance backed up by experience. The federal campaign funding limit is putting pressure on Obama's campaign of "change". Unbelievably, his stubborn stance on Iraq may be an asset in the general. I also heard a pundit bring up NAFTA tonight wrt Bill Clinton and Hillary's support as jobs go global. This brings Canada into the mix if protectionism rears its head. Saw my first McCain bumper sticker today.......
  13. I'd buy that...Clinton never really connected because of all that baggage (she "wasn't some little woman 'standing by my man' like Tammy Wynette." The irony of this statement became apparent during Clinton's impeachment. - Wiki)...and this election cycle! Yep, the choice, if it comes to be, will be stark. And as you have described in detail, America usually rejects the left turn, no matter how smooth it is.
  14. I have to give Senator Obama props for beating the Clinton machine at their own game, and he has better stand-up timing than comic Jerry Seinfeld. But I don't think the rock star status and cult of personality will last through November. Yes, he gave a taste of substance, but not as much as monotone senior citizen McCain.
  15. For Senator Clinton, it is slowly slipping away. She is melting....melting.....melting...Obama has killed her (politically), and will take her broom to the Wizard. Several US cable news networks cut Hillary off mid speech in Ohio to feed Obama instead from Texas. He delivered another perfectly cadenced example of the political equivalent to ruby slippers.
  16. Agreed....it would be more of the same...only different! This is where Obama outsmarts Clinton, who didn't learn her lesson in the 1990's. Forcing all Americans to accept universal healthcare coverage is political suicide.
  17. Humans are not an endangered species...especially in China. If you have proof that the exhibits contain specimens obtained illegally, please notify the RCMP at once. Inventing law based on a personal belief system will not fly.
  18. Whereas Canada's importance is far less than its enforcement reach?
  19. That's what they said in November 2004 too.....LOL!
  20. So what? Do you think this is a new phenom in American politics? The Democrats can choose to go with a socialist and take a beating in November. Only fools will say it was because Obama wasn't "white".
  21. Then take your own advice and post there instead. I shall be remain here like Barnacle Bill until banned. Deal with it (perhaps the ignore option would be to your liking?) Was Margaret gay too? OK by me!
  22. Don't bet on it.....the USA has been in Korea, Germany, and Japan for over 50 years. Iraq is just another Yankee franchise for America's interests. Obama supporters will have to kill all the OLD PEOPLE (who actually vote).
  23. They always do....giving up one to three points each election just by peeing in each others cornflakes. Can't wait for the cat fight in Denver.
  24. Yes..she is a "basket case" past and present, suffering from bipolar disorder. If another poster decides to go there, I shall respond in spades. All is fair.....hiding behind the "current topic" won't work at this game.
  25. Omigod...is this the same guy who preached global leadership on climate change! Canada does not follow...Canada leads!
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