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  1. Actually, the Discovery Channel demonstrated that one truck bomb can and did generate assymetric blast forces at the pressure levels estimated by FEMA (about 5500 psi). Government - 1 Conspiracy Theory Losers - 0
  2. This is false....no bees does not mean no food. It means more expensive food. Bee husbandry is part of agribusiness. Bzzzzzzzzzzz...
  3. And in case you missed it, this ended with me blowing it right back into the faces of sanctimonious posers. There is no moral high ground...get over it.
  4. Huh? Are you mad? I don't believe in your "god" or anybody elses! I don't care about your burps of moral judgement uttered as you suck from the very "evil" teats you condemn. Americans kill people. Canadians kill people. In far off places...with government support. Deal with it.
  5. Oh, you mean like Canada does with documented human rights abuses (e.g. First Nations prisoners, women, child abuse in residential schools, etc., etc.)? “The Committee is also seriously concerned about Canada’s treatment of women prisoners,” said Kim Pate of the Canadian Association of Elizabeth Fry Societies. “They direct Canada to fully implement the recommendations of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and report back to them in one year. They stress the need to remove male staff from direct contact with women prisoners, to limit the use of segregation, and to establish immediately an independent external redress and adjudication body for federally sentenced prisoners. The implementation of these recommendations is key to remedying the current discriminatory treatment of women prisoners. Canada must act now.” http://www.fafia-afai.org/en/node/64 Residential Schools Abuse in Canada: In the 1990s, it was revealed that many students at residential schools were subjected to severe physical, psychological, and sexual abuse by teachers and school officials. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Residential_school Moral High Ground my ass.
  6. There is no moral high ground....Canada tortured and murdered Somalis and the "punishment" for the criminals was laughable. Same deal in Haiti. Same deal in Serbia (NATO strike packages, including CF-18's, killed civilians). Same deal in Afghanistan. Morality begins at home....LOL!
  7. As it did in Somalia....GO Airborne Regiment!!! Oh, and why would it make any difference if it's men, women or children being murdered? Is it OK to slaughter male civilians and (unborn babies)?
  8. Correct...the exact same PNAC embraced by Clinton/Gore: http://www.newamericancentury.org/iraq-20040623.htm Iraq was attacked at over 100 sites in December 1998 after Congress passed the Iraq Liberation Act. Ergo, a President Gore would not have escaped conspiracy kooks after 9/11. Indeed, it wouldn't matter who was president. (The OKC Bombing Conspiracy still has legs after more than 10 years. I'm watching Discovery Channel's "Conspiracy Test" on this very topic as I type.)
  9. "If you're not a liberal when you're 25, you have no heart. If you're not a conservative by the time you're 35, you have no brain." - questionably attributed to W. Churchill
  10. Theories about FDR's complicity in the Pearl Harbor attack continue to this day...FDR has been dead since 1945. The US supported war against Iraq long before #43 was ever elected. See Gulf War I, Iraq Liberation Act, and Desert Fox. 9/11 conspiracy kooks were going full tilt long before Congress voted for war in October 2002 or invasion the following March.
  11. You have answered your own question. Plenty of middle class and rich people commit "crime". I grew up poor and "black" (but not a victim) in Philadelphia and have enjoyed tremendous opportunities...this obsession with health care must be a Canadian thing, as it was never an issue for us. Mama paid in cash for services rendered, just like the sign said. Very simple.
  12. Being poor does not always equate to "poverty" or crime, except in liberal elitist minds. Sometimes it just means being poor.
  13. It wants to go overboard....the very definition of America is excess. Walking softly happens at the UN where diplomats may engage in vigorous foreplay.
  14. Logical fallacy.....welfare was changed to encourage employment, with state programs picking up the slack and enforcement. The key factor in poverty reduction is economic growth and jobs, as it has always been. Hence tax breaks....even by JFK. Poverty rates in Canada are also nothing to brag about. I'm sure there are a few "racial" groups for you to target for poverty reduction back home, eh?
  15. See "abolition" and the "birth of the Republican Party". Early enough for ya? Yes, as this is exactly what happened in the USA after welfare reform and a booming economy: As it was, the critics predicted that the reform would increase poverty. When he was in the Clinton administration, Primus commissioned an Urban Institute study that projected that the welfare-reform bill would push the families of 1 million children into poverty. For this reason, Ted Kennedy called the bill "legislative child abuse." Daniel Patrick Moynihan called reform "the most brutal act of social policy since Reconstruction" and predicted that there would be "a third of a million children in the streets." Instead, poverty rates have fallen. The Census reports that the black child-poverty rate has dropped a third, from 43.8 percent in the mid '90s to 33.1 percent in 1999. That's the lowest rate in history. During the same period, the percentage of children of single mothers living in poverty has fallen from 44 to 35.7-also an all-time low. The Department of Agriculture reports that the number of children who are chronically hungry has dropped by nearly half. http://www.findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_..._53/ai_77674950
  16. Agreed.....such paternalism is precisely what has led to current circumstances, including the cycle of dependency and victimhood. Bill Cosby rants like a madman about such things when he remembers what was at stake during the US Civil Rights Movement. Even Bill Clinton supported the dismantling of the welfare state, much to the chagrin of "liberals" who only wanted to help the poor poverty stricken "black" people stay poor and poverty stricken for the voter base.
  17. A large proportion? Let's see...in the USA it's about 9% for "whites", 11% for "Asians", 22% for "Hispanics", and 23% for blacks, depending on which study is chosen and how poverty is defined. It would appear that a far larger "proportion" do not live in poverty, eh? (BTW, child poverty rates around 23% can also be found in Newfoundland or British Columbia.) I don't know how your slurs help anybody, poor or rich. Now you want to talk percentages after being held accountable for imprecise, sweeping racist rantings. Fine....we can play that game too...."whites" don't fair much better and in many cases are "worse" when compared to "Asians"....in the USA or Canada. Why do "Asians" tolerate such high crime and ignorance from "whites"? Simple minded analysis based only on race doesn't cut it any more, unless that is all that matters to you.
  18. sunsettommy already gave us the insight on Hansen...but thanks anyway.
  19. I left nothing out....the link is for the complete citation. Give Hansen a phone call...I'm sure he remembers your little "talk". LOL!
  20. Actually, I did serve with President Jimmy Carter....he was my Commander-in-Chief. But we didn't like how he handled the hostage crisis...no suh.
  21. And the beat goes on.....from just last month....tsk...tsk: Scientists have inconvenient news for Gore Even a top adviser to Mr Gore, the environmental scientist James Hansen, admits the former vice-president's work may hold "imperfections" and "technical flaws". http://www.smh.com.au/articles/2007/03/13/1173722471286.html
  22. You only talked to him in your dreams...you are a fraud, now proven to be demonstrably wrong (even in your dreams).
  23. Ummm...yea...just like those Iraqi Nazis. LOL! Since you like to give others English lessons, that would be "You're a fraud", fraud.
  24. And the beat goes on.....sunsettommy is correct: ...At this point Hansen criticised Al Gore's presentation in An Inconvenient Truth of current greenhouse gas concentrations in comparison to paleo concentrations. Saying Gore was wrong to suggest the temperature change we are likely to experience from current concentrations is proportional to that seen in the paleoclimate. Those paleoclimate changes were predominately driven by ice cover, which as long as Greenland and Antarctica stay roughly the same size isn’t a major factor now and also aerosols which had scope to reduce their cooling contribution as climate changed from cold/dry=dusty to warm wet. http://www.energybulletin.net/22996.html
  25. The only fraud has been committed by you. My service, even for fools like you, cannot be erased by your ignorance.
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