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  1. Hmmm...America has more Sikhs and Hindus than Canada too.....imagine that. Ever wonder why?
  2. The funny part is that the real numbers for US population and oil consumption are even more lopsided..... about 5% of the world's population and 23% oil consumption.
  3. Both claims are patently false. Don't forget pogo sticks and donkeys.
  4. No, it is not always self defeating. Interrogations conducted according to the "field manual" can and do yield actionable information, yet many would consider some of the methods to be "torture". US military personnel and other high value intel folk subject to capture and interrogation by "the enemy" are trained to resist and obfuscate because torture can be effective. Good interrogators abhor the amateurish methods of outright abuse, but these days even the forced wearing of panties on your head brings on Amnesty International.
  5. Yep....somewhere in North American landfills rest perfectly good Advents just in need of a $10 piece of foam and some glue. I like to dub those harsh CDs over to a like new Otari MX-5050 MKIII that I got from from eBay...$200 for a $3000 analog deck. The phat sound is restored! (Wonder if that violates US copyright law?....may have to move to Canada!)
  6. Agreed...PM Chretien deftly played his hand, making a commitment to Iraq only if the UNSC approved. He never stated what that commitment would be / could be. He also knew that CF-18s were not interoperable for communications and strike packages having fallen too far behind. Even CENTCOM acknowledged that Canada was making more of a needed contribution in Afghanistan.
  7. The point is largely moot save for politics, as Canada couldn't have contributed much in the way to force levels that were already in theatre or committed to Afghanistan. It would have been another nation among the much maligned list of nations who did join Britain and America. From a practical point of view, Canada contributed more with continued Gulf operations, overflight rights, and cargo hops. Not quite the staunch opposition seen from France and Germany....PM Chretien sat on the fence very well. Even looking back to Gulf War I, Canada's contribution was more political than militarily significant.
  8. Hmmm...you don't strike me as anything at all. I don't have time for groupies.
  9. I think Polynewbie had better NWO material. It's a hard standard to match...carry on.
  10. Agreed.....the struggle is over profits for a distribution medium that is very portable crap. I just laugh and buy the resulting analog bargains on eBay. With an iPod or Zune, we are back to the future with a pocket transistor radio form factor and similar (or worse) audio fidelity. Yep...I'm on my third woofer surround repair kit for a pair of JBL L96's and Marantz 2275. This has always been the case...most people can't tell the listening difference.
  11. Resources can't vote.....neither can melting ice.
  12. Why do you believe it will happen? Why do you care? What are you going to do about it? Canada's population would only be 8% of the "NAU".
  13. "Interracial dating" is a lot older than MTV, which wouldn't touch "Gangsta culture" with a ten foot pole until it was co-opted by mainstream media.
  14. Well, fortunately blood banks and organ donors/recipients don't care about being terribly wrong.
  15. There are no unique aspects....race is a social construct. A myth for those who obsess on such things.
  16. Go back and study the history of petroleum production and refining in Canada. It wouldn't exist without foreign investment and a large market to the south. Canada lacks not only sufficient refining capacity for distillates, but also lacks sufficient west to east distribution. Eastern Canada actually imports about 950,000 bpd, along with finished product from the United States. Crude oil prices are not set by anybody.....they are set by everybody.
  17. No...the term's origin is the play -- "The Melting Pot" -- written by Israel Zangwill in 1908.
  18. Yes, Americans know exactly why they are in Iraq. It's even a matter of public law. Not all agree with such a policy for one stop shopping for a host of Mideast issues, and if it includes oil, so what? Blood is a renewable resource....sweet crude oil is not. You may not agree with this, but please don't confuse the American purpose with any form of muddled thinking about why Canada is in Afghanistan. See NATO membership....privileges and responsibilities.
  19. This is a very unlikely hypothetical situation, as the US has no intention of leaving Afghanistan, since it is a beachhead in the WoT. Either way, Canada is responsible for any past, present, and future commitments, including the reasons for being there. Lead, follow, or get out of the way.
  20. It may be a lousy yardstick, but it is measurable. The privilege of citizenship also has responsibilities. For instance, and assuming you are able bodied, you could be subject to conscription. You also are subject to jury duty. Ditto many forms of taxes. Somebody has even enumerated a list of formal responsibilities with a bit more puffery: -to obey Canada's laws -to vote in the federal, provincial and municipal elections -to eliminate discrimination and injustice -to respect the rights of others -to respect public and private property -to support Canada's ideals, building the country we all share.
  21. Noted...but I am reminded of a scene from the film "Behind Enemy Lines" wherein disgust is expressed at the realization of NATO missions not being as exciting and definitive as killing Nazis during WW2. Indeed, Afghanistan has all the pitfalls you identified, but these were common to other Canadian "peacekeeping" missions as well. There is not going to be any V-A Day parade (victory in Afghanistan).
  22. OK....my bad. Viewing citizenship as a privilege instead of a birthright, we can certainly identify negative and positive "contributions". On balance, and unless you are a convicted felon, you have likely made a positive contribution on balance through various metrics. An immigrant can make such contributions over time, but not on day one.
  23. The answer lies within the origin of the disparaging term "pogey". The standard had long been utter disdain for government welfare for all but the true needy. To enter the country as an immigrant expecting "pogey" from the git 'go rubs many Canadians the wrong way.
  24. Wondered same thing...apparently "Pogey" is equivalent to "the dole", as in government assistance (specifically, employment insurance payments...renamed from unemployment insurance to help fragile egos?). http://home.comcast.net/~russ1980/stuff/Pogey.pdf
  25. "Drawn in" is an interesting choice of words.....says a lot. Perhaps Canada should ask Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand?
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