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  1. What goes around..comes around. Those who dish it out should be prepared to receive plenty in return.
  2. So what? This "civilization" transports bodies and body parts as a routine matter. We cremate remains, perform autopsies, medical dissections....hell, one outfit is freezing severed heads with cryogenics. We have enough problems with the live ones without worrying about the integrity of the dead ones put on display. Human remains are just that...remains.
  3. Maybe...it was comforting to know that Canadians paid for Margaret Trudeau's drugs in full.
  4. This is why: "Obama's "Yes We Can" slogan speaks volumes about how simple-minded Americans and American politics has become. We shall reap what what we sow.
  5. Oh, things like Environics polls in Canada for election primaries in another country....so much for dull. Dull will be what may happen (or not) if Dion grows some balls and forces an election in Canada. Oh, Canada: Our neighbors have election envy: http://www.phillyburbs.com/pb-dyn/news/325...08-1485604.html It's OK...some people just like to watch.
  6. Yes, so simple minded that many Canadians gave up McCain for dead back in July and assumed that Clinton would be nominated without any serious challengers, just like many Americans.
  7. Nonsensical...so it was better to have an ailing FDR remain in office? So what's the problem with McCain, even if he has medical issues ?
  8. Why is he too old now? FDR was an ailing paraplegic for krissakes!
  9. The Republicans do not need saving....having enjoyed great success over the past 25 years (red states). Hell, the party was founded on significant "social change" (abolition of slavery). Supply side economics with budget deficits, Contract with America, belligerent foreign policy...all quite acceptable. I suspect hard core conservatives would even find fault with William F. Buckley. Let them mutter to themselves while political processes pass them by, just like it does the radical left.
  10. What? Wait for the US response? No....Dion says that Canada must lead! I noticed lots of US flags in the crowd.
  11. Nope....Clinton left in January 2001...technically the recession was from March - November 2001. Balanced budgets are not the main priority. Debt ceilings were raised for Clinton too. JFK was famous for tax cuts as well. Moderates and independents are engaging in wishful thinking if not outright revisionist history. Conservative does not equal Republican. True conservatives wouldn't even want to be POTUS.
  12. It's all good...we hear the same rhetoric from Canada come election time or latest softwood lumber crisis. Canada had no problem taking American autoworker and call center jobs. Onlt six months notice is required to leave NAFTA, but that isn't going to happen. There is one less Canadian terrorist to worry about....he is in a US federal prison (Ahmed Ressam).
  13. I guess you never visited the circus back when such "oddities" packed them in. Not just the freak shows either. I remember seeing a full term baby in a large pickle jar back in the early 1960's. Before my time, there was all manner of interesting, crowd pleasing freakdom to be had by the working class. Such things were not exclusively American, despite your efforts to paint it as such. For instance, the Carnival Diablo in Calgary is hardly American. Canada had numerous other freak shows and side shows.
  14. Looks like you have not learned enough (yet). The "rules of an election" have everything to do with who will be elected, from names appearing on each state ballot, to absentee balloting, ballot types, provisional ballots, electors, etc. If you have only been watching from afar for only 7 years, perhaps you missed the lessons of election year 2000. It's OK that you don't know all the details...you're not expected to know. Hell, many Americans know less than you do. Your prediction has been noted. But only Americans will decide if you are right or wrong.
  15. Then be angry... the USA is not Canada. I would never pretend to know the workings or experience of your election system. Several posters (including you) have demonstrated an unfamiliarity with such things in America(closed vs. open primaries, Veep selection, etc.) regardless of what "stuff" you read.
  16. Nobody is forcing you to go to any such exhibition. Some of those who go may not give a damn where the bodies and parts come from. Hell, for $25 a ticket, they had better be real! http://www.nytimes.com/2006/08/08/business...agewanted=print
  17. Nonsense....since when did the US government need an excuse....annual military budgets are routinely $400 billion plus. Canada of all places should look at the contracting circus and cronyism, up to and including paying $500 million for no rotary wing aircraft.
  18. It's not about "re-election"....neither nominated candidate will have been president. Bob Dole ran againt an incumbent president. Just watching from across the border can lead to a false understanding of what is yet to come. Most Canadians have never experienced the direct democracy of voting for the head of state. It is not a forgone conclusion until the dealing is done.
  19. I agree 100%.....having been a licensed "biker" since the 1960's. Biker boneheads can't afford to be just as stupid.
  20. This is standard anti "cager" ranting and has nothing to do with the actual topic. Do you know what we call stupid bikers regardless of what they wear?.....Organ Donors. I haven't seen a motorcycle on the road for two months....I wonder how they get around in winter?
  21. Yes, they do. Fonda apologized for her self admitted "bad judgement". McCain and other POWs experienced far worse than waterboarding while Fonda slept with the enemy.
  22. This is closer to the real answer, but for reasons not apparent. Canada is poorer because it has lower productivity per worker, far less domestic capital, and far less tolerance for government budget deficits. However, Canada is not "poor", and comparisons to the richest nation on earth are not warranted, even if habitual.
  23. Another feeble attempt to slur the US and Americans, even as you watch their media daily to learn of such things in the first place...how ironic. Shall we also question the origins of donated cadavers for medical schools and mummies? I think there may even be some of both in Canada. Oh my!
  24. Reality check: each year there are 18,000+ homicides and even more suicides in the USA, many involving guns. So what's so special about this week..would you feel better if they were on alternate Wednesdays?
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