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  1. Nonsense.....I can buy a baby today in Guatemala for about $15,000 USD. Parents can and do sell their babies. The "law" is another matter entirely.
  2. Yes they can....the renumeration is simply labeled as "expenses". Hell, parents can even kill their babies.
  3. Of course it makes a difference. Enen a crackhead knows they can steal a car's GPS receiver before they must sell a vital organ. No, I think the supply chain for the entire organ harvesting and transplant life cycle should be the same as any other commodity, to the extent that lives are "saved" or "prolonged". More organs would mean more access to organs. If socialism be the goal, then a far better use for the resources would be potable water facilities in so called third world nations.
  4. This is circular reasoning.....the standards for "poor" are in fact derived from comparisons to the fruits of capitalism. Natural resources in and of themselves do not eliminate poverty, unless one changes the definition itself.
  5. OK....I think you are correct from a market sense, but there are some shelf-life and regional distribution issues to work out, depending on the organ(s) in question. I am of the opinion that organ tranplants probably rank as one of the highest investments for the least return possible. Let those who donate at least get a piece of the action.
  6. But they don't "have to", any more than people in your "own country" choose occupations that lead to outright death, not just the loss of an organ or part of an organ. When I was in China, I marveled at the inherent logic of eating cats and dogs too.
  7. What good is organ donation without transplant services, anti-rejection drugs, etc. (and associated profiteering )? Why do you make this distinction for donors only? If donation cannot be mandated, it follows that organ "owners" can be paid donors.
  8. Liver regrowth is common for non-diseased living donors. Kidney donors only need one healthy kidney. Bone marrow also regenerates. Why should medical professionals profit from donation if not the donor?
  9. Tisk..a pity...but it will give them something to do. The parents and grandparents left far more to be thankful for.
  10. Hey, it's a Canadian forum. What did you expect...Tonga? And of course there was this: "....But more Americans are whining about the Bush administration than Canadians" Cheers
  11. The relevance that escapes you is the meaningless purpose of opinion polls while not a single member of the US government is affected, while your government teeters on the whim of confidence measures.
  12. They don't like the US Congress either...more than they don't like Bush. Yet it is your government that can fall on a moments notice confidence measure.....right or wrong track, whatever that means.
  13. No I wouldn't....polls don't mean anything, except for the one on election day. But if it makes you feel better, a McCain win in November will not be as satisfying as President Bush's win in 2004. Some Canucks are still whining about that one.....while I still gloat.
  14. Not according to the follow-up comments to the story at CBC. I think there is a lot more going on here, from the perceived impotence and "poodle factor" because of PM Harper's Tories coincident with a Bush administration, to outright disgust with US voters for not making the "right choices". Giving up one's own domestic ballot in favor of another in the USA probably echoes several other wannabe desires. The question probably doesn't work for the chance to vote in Mexico or Camaroon.
  15. Wrong....the Bill of Rights doesn't apply to just anyone. So sue 'em.....
  16. Hmmmm.....seems to me you haven't smelled the rest of the world. "Turds" would smell like roses.
  17. You are equating Senator Obama to a "turd" ??? ..and this Dem's "turd" is the world's best hope? Then the world deserves to be doomed.
  18. Yes they did....anyone who has followed the Democrats very closely since the Clinton years would know how much bitter rivalry and resentment remains from the old school Democrats. It is not unlike the internecine warfare between Grits for Martin and Chretien. No, that was Madeline Albright....Hillary couldn't even keep track of her husband. A losing ticket either way.
  19. ...been in Germany for 60 years too! Why would McCain want to screw that up? On top of that, Obama couldn't change it even if he wanted to.
  20. Some of the Democrats still think they are running against George Bush! If they don't snap out of it, McCain is not only looking at victory, but a Reaganesque landslide.
  21. True...all Senator McCain has to do is keep his temper in check and watch the Democrats shred each other.
  22. Does anybody else see the irony in this post? "God willing" indeed...and nothing to do with the public at all. No matter....the Americans will choose their next president regardless of "God" or "luck".
  23. President Carter was never a sub skipper....or nuclear physicist. He was a nuclear power trained naval officer and engineer from Rickover's program (this I know something about). He had no track record for national political purposes. Obama is a viable candidate for his party's nomination and general election. Governors win..and governors lose. Yea...she voted for Iraq. Let's see how that works for her.
  24. Significant track record? That would not be Bill Clinton in 1992, as he was a virtual unknown nationally. Ditto Jimmy Carter. Obama's "lack of experience" may be his greatest asset to supporters. No matter....how much experience does Ms. Clinton have besides a lifetime of "whiteness"? Yes and No....Senators are not absent from presidential victories. Americans prefer a lot of different things. Eisenhower had none of these domestic political experiences.
  25. Well, at least you admit to being crude. Let's translate your thinking to a Bill Clinton in 1992....he was a governor and attorney general (lesser feats than US Senator and State Senator). Oh, and he was very qualified at being "white" (and sexual harrassment). I think we have a winner!
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