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  1. I guess you would have plenty of company. The actual mechanism is loosely explained here: Americans living outside the United States can vote in the Democratic race through Democrats Abroad as long as they hold valid passports. This year, for the first time, expatriates were able to cast primary ballots online, as well as by mail and in person at voting centres in 35 countries (there are 13 centres in Canada). http://www.nationalpost.com/news/world/use....html?id=288044
  2. Now this is interesting.....not a new idea...but the numbers are higher than I thought. Perhaps this is because "nationalism" and "patriotism" don't run as deep? Can't dual citizens vote in BOTH federal elections? Fifteen per cent of Canadians would give up their ballot in Canada's next federal election to vote in the U.S. election, a new poll co-sponsored by the CBC has found. http://www.cbc.ca/news/yourview/2008/02/15...d_rather_v.html Would you give up your vote in exchange for a chance at American dimpled chads?
  3. Correct...it is entirely an internal matter. The USA's primary foreign policy issue is plain to see. No matter what, it will still be American foreign policy, with continuity. Don't expect any big changes. Canada's needs are irrelevant to winning a party nomination and general election. In Canada, the parties go out of their way to distance themselves from anything American just to win support. True, but many Canadians come on down for employment, healthcare, and services anyway. America is the same as it ever was. You just get to watch more of it than ever because of satellite and cable TV.
  4. Agreed..but his fate was sealed based on geography and politics. Alleging "hate crime" in Canada is like dangling red meat for the haters of haters.
  5. Now that is a nice bit of writing....announcing a credibility that cannot be assailed. You know because you bleed and die with them too. There is no substitute.
  6. It's not November...it doesn't matter except for party nomination. The real game starts this fall, and any Democrat with a pulse would carry those states. Obama has demonstrated cross-over appeal.
  7. Take a look at Utah....what does the "blacks" yardstick say about Utah...Obama has won it as well. Just in case it is not clear, and others have already said it, a Democratic candidate cannot win party nomination and certainly not a general election based on only the so called "black" vote, but they certainly can lose because of it.
  8. Could be, but Senator Obama is getting a lot more than "blacks". (Is Hillary getting "whites"?) Obama is getting a more complicated mix of demographics than just "race".
  9. Really? How often? Maybe you mean Dewey in "48"? Election results are not wrong...it is projections that can be in error. They can make the claim based on statistics and precinct profiles from the past.
  10. Why? Which "triggers" do you approve of (if any)? Was toppling "democratically elected" President Aristide of Haiti OK? Canadian Armed Forces secured the Toussaint Louverture Airport !
  11. Indeed, they will have to be careful about demonizing McCain. He is the un-Kerry when it comes to 'Nam, loyal through thick and thin. President McCain has a nice "Tom Clancy novel" ring to it.
  12. Saying "yes it is" still does not make it so. One cannot demand a triple organ transplant as a state sponsored right. In Canada (or the USA), it is logistically impossible to provide such a right to all who would qualify. Health care is not a right because it would also violate the rights of others.
  13. The difference is that I champion more such choices over your legislated limitations to market based access, insurance, and procedures. Yes...you just did. Hmmm...then I suppose the mandated provincial wait-time web sites are a figment of my imagination! PM Harper wants all provinces to offer one stop shopping for wait time performance reporting.....who will win the waiting game? Do tell....they have other choices not available in Canada's official medical gulag. Run for the border! No, it's called supply and demand. Health care is not a right, not even your bypass surgery. But don't get me wrong, it is always good sport to bust balls over CanAm health care systems. I hear that Hillary is going to make another run at it...tally ho!
  14. Because it works....you can site any American-goes-to-TO story you want, but it pales against the reality of Canadians and provinces spending far more time and money in the American health care system. The irony is delicious...a single payer universal system being bailed out by the excess services capacity of the EVIL for-profit system. My cat sends his best regards while you wait in a much longer line than either of us. But at least the wait time is shared equally, right? (Except for your fellow citizens voting with their feet.) Ding ding! Two tier is a reality in Canada, but it is blasphemy to admit it.
  15. Your reasons for Canada "invading" Afghanistan are your business, but it doesn't matter diddly to post 9/11 America. The Americans didn't force Canada to be a charter member of NATO. Right....you only like the Canuck oil services contracts!
  16. Well yea, that's what I'm thinking too. It doesn't matter who it is, those who perceive themselves as powerless (as if they should have the power instead...LOL!), need a figurehead for such projections of impotence. Canadians are already buggered so much with all things Americana, it is easy to choose Bush. It keeps things simple, and absolves them of any domestic responsibility for actions associated with the so called WoT. I really don't know why it matters at all, because the fear of reprisals expressed by some only reinforces the purpose for the WoT to begin with.
  17. Well, good luck with that. I guess every bogeyman needs a face. But Americans, even if engaged in such fearsome worries, do not attach a Canadian face or person to this fear. For instance, most Americans have no idea who Mark Emery is, even after a 60 Minutes broadcast. For the WoT, we have good 'ol Osama Bin Hidin', not the PM of Canada. Manifestations on Bush are indeed a self need. I simply must stick around here to see what happens when Bush is gone....who will be the new American bogeyman/woman?
  18. He is? Many other nationals would take issue with that, not bowing down to the American head-of-state. What will you do in January 2009 when Bush is gone...find a new make-believe "figurehead"? My point exactly...President Bush doesn't have dick to do with your "freedoms" (since the WoT is silly, right?). Do you think Americans sit at home and worry about the PM of Canada or UK?
  19. Ummm...OK...but what does "Bush" have to do with your freedom? Does et al include Parliament, PM, GG, NATO, RCMP, Interpol, etc. etc.? Is "Bush" just the face of your fears, no matter how distant it may be?
  20. Take notes if you can't keep up in context. The response was directed at kimmy's: "And I think both Clinton and Obama would make the election far more compelling than the duds the Democrats ran in the last 2 elections." Why are some Canadians so "insulting and defensive" towards Americans? How I choose to spend my time is my business thank you very much, but with low hanging fruit like this, who can resist? BTW, this "Canadian forum" is "infested" with American content.
  21. Nonsense....learn "shit" if you please, but speak for yourself instead of insulting others' choices and experience. Your education is your business.
  22. Then be afraid for yourself.....do not insult me by declaring my version of freedom or busy as invalid compared to the blessed NWO investigators. No, the run time is about two hours. Do you think we have to watch the same American materials each time some newbie discovers them? Give us something new! Oh, but I do. Like I said on the first page of this thread, PolyNewbie (now banned) had better NWO material. What do you offer that adds anything we haven't already seen 10 times? Here.. I will toss you a bone from Ron Paul (failed US presidential candidate): http://www.dailypaul.com/node/32115
  23. Yes, but I am more than happy to trade insults. Speak for yourself...not "we". I'm too busy to watch videos recommended by people who think busy is bad. Look...your type of NWO pitch comes and goes....it is very dependent on American sources that have been discredited ad nauseum. Offer us something original if you must pursue our ignorant and too busy state of slavery. The only fear that has been expressed comes from you (this thread). What are you so afraid of?
  24. And I think you assume I give a damn about your obsession. I'm "busy" because I choose to be. Such a novel concept...eh? Yep....see above..I am way ahead of you. We've been through this several times with other members. Yours is neither original or inspiring....and not even from Canada! Will the NWO be imported too?
  25. Why...do you think we have two hours to blow on NWO schlock?
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