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  1. Americans already do this...go to your local WalMart (American owned) in late July or August to observe the Back-to-School displays. You will find a fine assortment of pencils from domestic and foreign manufacturers. The government will receive tax revenue from the sale of these pencils, and it will also purchase millions of pencils with contracts. Two pencils in every pot!! They are going to die anyway....should they die "needfully"? Why is your own government killing people in far off lands? Caring begins at home.
  2. Only if consumers wanted that many toasters, frisbees, or toothpicks. That's where the Soviets fell on their face with a command economy. One year they didn't make enough pencils. Macro and micro must work together. Those stupid Americans only have the biggest goddamn economy on the planet. Go figure.... I answered most of your questions....please tell me why the US Government should change its policies to make you happy. Why do you care?
  3. The US spends more on "defense" than the next 15 highest spending nations combined. It helps the economy in the same way that any other government spending helps the economy. See "Keynesian Theory". Should the US Government stop all military spending and interventions to make you happy (and hurt Canada's economy as well)? Or do you think it would make more sense to continue responding to the priorities set by elected government?
  4. Bingo!! You have finally figured it out.
  5. I don't care about Lisa or her Irock. War has always improved the US economy....improves Canada's economy too. See Great Depression and the impact of WW2.
  6. Proof that Saddam was behind the attack? Saddam's regime purchased the Mirage F1 aircraft and Exocet cruise missiles. The point is that your statement was patently false (i.e. Saddam did not kill a single American). Illogically, President George Bush has not killed a single Iraqi.
  7. See "Superpower" and the history of US foreign policy in the Middle East. Find out what forward power projection means. Find out about weapons system development and testing in Israel. Get a better understanding of tactical and strategic logistics. The US experienced a recession in 2001, regardless of war in Iraq. Hurt the economy? Do tell: http://finance.yahoo.com/q/bc?s=%5EDJI&t=5y&l=on&z=m&q=l&c=
  8. Israel, Jordan, Turkey, forward bases for power projection, open sea lanes, counter-terrorism...just to name a few interests. Recession, inflation, scarcity, employment, monetary policy.
  9. Helping people? What are you talking about? The USA helps itself....with or without a raging "Cold War". The Carter Doctrine declared that the Persian Gulf was off limits to not only the FSU, but ANYBODY who dared to threaten US interests in the region. It has been true for US administrations and closest ally UK since WW2. I answered the question. Please send more LAV III's, depleted uranium, and Apache transmissions. We will send money in return. See the 1970's era oil embargo, inflation, and 21% interest rates.
  10. See "Carter Doctrine"....yes, that Carter, Man of Peace, Nobel Peace Prize winner. Canada benefits at the Alberta oil patch as # 1 crude supplier...Iron Horse Oil & Gas in Iraq ....LAV III production ....other military contracts...etc., etc....just as it always has. If gas would still be cheaper, then why did you ask about the impact of war costs on Americans?
  11. No, you failed to understand that threats to the US and its interests are one and the same. Why did Canadians attack and sanction Iraq? Did Iraq threaten Canada? Did Serbs threaten Canada? Did Afghans threaten Canada? Did Haitians threaten Canada?
  12. And I think you have ignored the obvious....US economic growth with war and tax cuts. See "Vietnam War". Canada made a bundle then too! The war in Iraq had more domestic support than Gulf War I or Kosovo. Support (and opinion) from Canada, where a balanced budget is worshipped, is irrelevant.
  13. Exactly...the same critics declared that the USA made Saddam a threat in the 1980's....they can't have it both ways.
  14. I don't see UK or Australia or Poland either. Same difference.
  15. It's not just oil...it's one stop shopping for a host of geopolitical things and all the trimmings too. Who is benefitting? Hmmmmm....let's see....CANADA! Gas is still cheaper than Diet Coke.
  16. $400 billion over the past 4 years is chump change to a $13 trillion annual economy that would pay far more for a repeat of the 1970's or well financed weapons in the hands of enemies. As a percentage of GDP, the Iraq war is not only an affordable way to corner easily recovered oil, but also maintain control over an entire region of easily recovered oil that the world demands in ever increasing bpd's. China, India, and Japan don't seem to be protesting too much, eh? That's because the high price of oil will always be less than the price of no oil at all. Do "left wingers" not consume oil?
  17. No, the purpose of the "Iraq war" was to overthrow Saddam Hussein, expand regional control around Iran, head off French and Russian oil development, modernize oil production infrastucture for easily recovered crude, and implement the Bush Doctrine of pre-emptive military force for consolidation of American hegemony in a post Cold War world. The reasons were economic and geo-political.. as are the reasons for most wars. "Helping people" is a quaint notion that may be a by-product of the war...except for the dead, maimed, and their families.
  18. Kuwait Oman Qatar Kurds "Marsh" Arabs Israel Jordan ...see UNSCOM and IAEA for the "how".
  19. Iraq was a threat before the "War on Terror".....even Canada helped to strangle the threat in Iraq long before Bush was elected. Iraq was one stop shopping for a host of US interests in the region. PMs Blair and Howard agreed.
  20. False....Operation Desert Fox was executed in 1998 specifically to decapitate Saddam's regime. CIA and Special Forces targeted Saddam before Bush was elected.
  21. False...American and UK Special Forces, tactical aircraft, and cruise missiles invaded Iraq illegally and often before "Dubya came along".
  22. Didn't have to....it was American foreign policy and Public Law to overthrow Saddam Hussein long before Dubya or 9/11: Gulf War I No Fly zones UN sanctions Iraq Liberation Act Desert Fox
  23. No, you can trust smart television producers to take the opportunity to expose conspiracy theories to closer inspection, just like the moon hoax wankers.
  24. ....But while Canada as a nation was not involved, Canadians themselves formed the largest foreign contingent in the U.S. military during the Vietnam era. Some estimate that their numbers far suppressed the more than 30,000 Americans draft dodgers who fled to Canada to avoid military service during the war. While exact numbers are impossible to obtain, from my work as a military historian with the Canadian War Museum, I estimate that of the many thousands who served in the U.S. Vietnam-era military, some 12,00 Canadians actually served in Vietnam itself. http://www.vwam.com/vets/allies/canadians.html http://www.mystae.com/reflections/vietnam/canada.html The American Armed Forces are permitted to recruit from Canada's First Nations (Jay Treaty).
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