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  1. No! You're kidding! But it's a "victimless crime" dontcha know.
  2. So now the police are babysitters for parents and their perp children? This criminal assaulted a police officer trying to do his job. It doesn't matter what "color" her skin was.
  3. Sure...pot is now legal everywhere in Canada. You can go buy some at Timmy's...LOL!
  4. Of course...that's what they do....whine because their "victimless crime" isn't legal. Tough noogies.....
  5. This is your opinion.....you have proven nothing. I just wonder why you didn't go with this strategy first, instead of that lame TEENAGE GIRL VICTIM, COP IS A MOLESTER approach. Police officers cuff, mace, and taze perps of all skin colors. Such activity is very popular on TV shows like "Cops" and numerous crime TV spin-offs. Doubtful it was an issue when "white" teeth started biting....LOL!
  6. More rationalization...only pot deserves victimless status compared to all other public order crimes. Amazing!
  7. Sorry, you asked for a list...I provided it...and you are wrong. These can/do result in criminal records, and are victimless.
  8. They already do...in states and nations that use modern lethal injection technology. Sodium thiopental is often used early in the injection sequence to send the perp to sleepy-land before stopping his/her respiration with lethal drugs. http://www.richard.clark32.btinternet.co.uk/injection.html
  9. It's not very complicated.....the Canadian market is beset by several disadvantages including market size, distribution, supply management, protective surcharges, higher consumption taxes (as they impact demand), etc. Adding insult to injury, Americans have long accepted the curious price differences for US and CAN on published materials as problems for Canadian consumers, and it still is. That's why many drove across the border for the past 30 years....just like they are doing now in record numbers: http://www.ctv.ca/servlet/ArticleNews/stor...?hub=TopStories
  10. I can name several public order / legal prohibitions and circumstances that result in criminal prosecution and convictions: - Pornography - Obscenity - Public nudity - Motor vehicle licensing and operation - Censorship - Zoning - Helmet / Seat Belt / Child Restraint - Alcohol and Tobacco - Trade export restrictions - Minimum wage and right-to-work labor I'm sure there are others. Yet only the dopers whine so loud when labeled with the scarlet "D".
  11. Then by all means reform them. In the mean time, why do dopers expect actual convictions to be expunged to make it easier to cross the CanAm border or get a security sensitive job? This is just an extension of the victimless crime (i.e. public order or consensual crime) position in lieu of actual legalization or decrim. Yet there are many other such crime and convictions. I guess the dopers just whine the loudest.
  12. Well, that didn't take long to come out. Having failed to garner sympathy with a "child-teenage GIRL" angle, time to play the race card with BLACK TEENAGE GIRL! A perp is a perp no matter what his/her "skin" color, particularly when it includes assaulting a police officer. This cop was smart to make sure he had video of the arrest.
  13. They also "end up" in the USA. I work with many immigrants who merely used Canada as a stepping stone to America, mostly in the IT field. They come from Russia, Ukraine, Bangladesh, India, etc. Others are Canadian nationals who jumped on the brain drain job train.
  14. Actually, the weak-dollar policy is by design...far more positives than negatives when it comes to exports and debt servicing. The USA does not owe China "trillions", having slightly over $1 trillion in all dollar denominated assets (not just Treasuries); Japan still holds a large portion of the foreign held debt as well, but it is less than half of all US public debt. If the "states" meltdown, the first casualty will be Canada, since 85% of your exports go to the USA, including BC Bud. If an overvalued loonie and record employment rates in 2007 breaks 30 year-old records, one can only wonder what it was like all that time before. War mongering is alive and well Afghanistan, just ask deployed Canadian Forces.
  15. I doubt he will rank that "high", but the analysis by qualified historians has already begun. President Bush currently ranks in the middle of the pack because of two terms, economic recovery, so called war on terror, and nuclear weapons proliferation. The invasion of Iraq could go either way depending on the long term impact for the region. Deficit spending will be a negative, but it is not only Bush's responsubility. In fact, the US Congress has far lower approval ratings. I agree that historians will elevate his ranking long after BDS is over. Detractors said the same things about President Reagan. It is worth noting that more Americans were killed or imprisoned during either Lincoln or Roosevelt administrations.
  16. What's this "we" stuff? Unless you mean Aghanistan instead of Iraq, in which case "we" did invade and pinned the blame on the Taliban. This entire thread reveals the collective Canadian neurosis concerning so called "hate speech", and the mad scrambling to appear oh so politically correct, regardless of forum decorum. Since so much homage is paid to American pop culture on this forum anyway, might I suggest a revisit to Norman Lear's "All In The Family".....see, "we" figured this stuff out over 30 years ago.
  17. No...a machine can administer the injection sequence by IV....doctor needs to be on hand to supervise and pronounce the perp dead.
  18. But the great thing is you are still talking on about the "united snakes".... and you don't even live there!
  19. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time - "Beretta" I never understood why dopers think their records should be expunged compared to other criminals, even non-violent ones.
  20. Yes...I've seen far worse in the NHL, and they charge me to see it. Police training = overwhelming force to control the perp and avoid losing control of the scene. next case...... My teenage kid knows to always keep his hands in plain sight, submit to legitimate authority, and keep his yap shut.
  21. Yes...I've seen far worse in the NHL, and they charge me to see it. Police training = overwhelming force to control the perp and avoid losing control of the scene. next case......
  22. Help...help...I'm a poor defenseless teenage (child) criminal who only shoplifted clothing, assaulted a police officer, and resisted arrest. And here is the saddest part...I am a GIRL too! HELP!
  23. Quote: She was allegedly carrying a garbage bag full of new clothes with tags still attached, WPBF reported. Ha! Why would that make any difference....frauds revealed!! I would have TAZED her ass....don't taze me 'bro....LOL!
  24. It only gets more absurd.....detaining and arresting criminals now becomes molestation! Work that sex victim angle...work it!
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