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  1. The earth will revolve around the sun 10 times.
  2. Irrelevant....PMs Blair and Howard both sanctioned and supported the plan and run-up to to the invasion. Indeed, PM Chretien was prepared to go with only UN approval...no sales job necessary from Rumsfeld. Gulf War I was a much harder sell than the Invasion of Iraq, especially in the US Congress. Yes it can..and will, even if it is only a bone for domestic political battles. Some Canadians also whine about EU passports. If the Americans are arrogant, the Canadians are naive. The political reasoning is quite clear. Tightened security, even if only for appearences sake, can translate into votes for US politicians. Mexico cannot reason anything resembling a double standard compared to Canada. Then why was it enacted at all? Do your own homework as to the origins, but here are some hints: Throne, South Africa, and Commonwealth. If there are no consequences, then why has it not been done? Make those big grow-ops pay taxes! It is laughable that you actually engaged this issue when Canada banned cannabis first.
  3. Yes....there are about 240 countries or nations in the world, depending on the agreed definition of a sovereign state. In order for Canada's government not to be guilty of bombing/killing more than most at the 90 percent threshhold, it would have to be less lethal than about 24 other nations in the world as official government policy. Recent history makes this a tough sell (e.g. Haiti, Afghanistan, Serbia/Kosovo, and Iraq) based on actual military engagements and/or strike missions. One could argue that the actual list of candidates is quite small based on military capability and alliances, but that's how the cookie crumbles. Either way, Canada is a member of the special club that officially kills other nationals to achieve policy goals.
  4. This is a good plan. Canada needs Michigan to continue to dispose of its garbage in landfills. Jack up the price per tonne tenfold!
  5. Actually, the original Bush/Baker policies for the forward presence of US forces (particularly in Saudi) led to today's circumstances with respect to "infidels" on holy land. PMs Blair and Howard agreed that when given lemons (9/11), one should make lemonade. You have stated the obvious only to argue with same. When the Americans are accused of "permitting" terrorists and illegal aliens (including those from Canada) to enter freely, steps to thwart illegal entry are met with derision. If the international standard is a valid passport, then one had damn well get one on either side of the border. Like Mexicans, Canadians do not have unfettered rights to enter the United States and curiously act with indignation when treated identically. Stopping illegal immigrants is a huge political issue in the US, regardless of Canada's perspective. I work in the US on an IT team with many H1B visa holders from several nations....Canada, Pakistan, India, Russia, and Taiwan. The Canadians, through language and custom, assume an advantage over the others. It is funny to listen to them jockey for green-card status and superiority. Canada (and her racist Commonwealth) took measures to criminalize cannabis at the federal level years before the United States. If you wish to go the way of Scandanavia, please do so at once with my blessing. And live with the consequences. Next you will insist that the Americans honor same gender marriages. The elephant may not be convinced Mice have choices and decisions to make.....the elephant must do the exact same thing. I am fairly sure that 2004's "Canadians for Kerry" should not be welcomed any more than "Americans for Harper" would be welcomed today.
  6. But that's the point....such talk...."Liberty, Freedom, and Justice" have been slogans since day one (1776) when slave owners founded a nation that would grow to become the most powerful on the planet through war, conquest, discrimination, subjugation, genocide, and incarceration. Why anyone would choose to ignore the complete history of American foreign policy and such propaganda leads me to believe the untidy arrangements for their own days of empire would prove embarrassing and equally indefensible. America is the same as it ever was.
  7. No, I believe exactly what I posted. Obsidian is not an American citizen and does not have the right to vote in US federal elections. He/she can post an opinion on whatever he/she pleases...and that is all it will ever be. American foreign policy will not be altered. Actually, there is very little discussion of US Politics on this forum....more like US Domestic/Foreign Policy. And if you think Canada's hands are not dirty over the past 50 or even 100 years, you choose to ignore the obvious. God Save the Queen and all that jazz. Let's go bomb some Serbs again to protect Human Rights!
  8. 'Tis better to have been a Superpower and lost than never to have been one at all. Canada is part of a fallen empire that still lingers in slow death (The Commonwealth). You will never get your empire back. See how silly that sounds? God Save the Queen.
  9. Interesting, because if they were to use the same logic on their own and other governments (as in not "reigning" them in), we would have a very short list for the liked indeed. Canada's government has bombed/killed/sanctioned/imprisoned more people from other countries than perhaps 90% of all other nations, yet it is the most liked? Right.
  10. Plenty to choose from....you obsess on America while ignoring domestic issues. America is just a more exciting train wreck to watch.
  11. OK...it is pure fiction. We have both guns and butter in large supply.
  12. Very true.....it is even more different than a Boeing 767-200.
  13. You are responsible for your own own posts and direction....I can take care of my own without much help thank you very much. The largest "portion" of America's military is not in Iraq. Canada also did not send all Canadian Forces to Afghanistan either (if it was so important). Stop blaming America for Canadian choices and decisions.
  14. That's good, because the Canadian penchant to do this is repeated vis-a-vis Quebec. Here we have a nation that erects official media barriers for disliked Americans and their media/dominance and at the very same time Quebec erects barriers to the Rest of Canada (RoC), a disparaging term that exemplifies a national neurosis. If Americans are so disliked, why would federal law be needed to prevent domination by their media? Desperately needing to be "liked" (no...loved) is a Canadian value that bespeaks the depth of a citizenry fooled into believing that armed Canadians killing people in far off lands are "peacekeepers". The illusion is made complete by polls and UN rankings that cloak the reality of Canadian globalization, militarism, and domestic subjugation.
  15. That's fine, but the collective will of people and their market choices determine how to fill the "void". It is their choice to make, and only yours to judge if you must. Eisenhower presided over a booming post-WWII era in American growth for both consumers and Cold War militarization. This included: 1) War in Korea and Vietnam 2) Massive investment in strategic nuclear forces 3) Interstate highway construction for defense purposes 4) NATO bases in Europe 5) Rebuilding of Germany and Japan as Cold War proxies 6) Militarization of space Look not at what Ike said, but rather at what he did.
  16. How did the US force PM Chretien and Canada to invade Afghanistan? The US couldn't force Canada to invade Iraq. It is a very sorry state of affairs when Canadians look to America for leadership to get in or out of their own foreign policy objectives. General Dallaire found this out the hard way. Canada is a founding member of NATO. Find out what that means.
  17. And you should stop trying to deflect biting comment that is most definitely on topic but not to your liking. Most Canadians are non-Americans the last time I checked, and Ottawa has seen fit to officially try and stop Americans and their media from dominating culture north of the border.
  18. But that is the point.....many Canadians...like Americans, make the CHOICE of dedicating time and money to their favorite "distraction". Why should your version of propaganda and distraction be given equal or greater importance? The "outside world" also has such distractions. Right now many are watching the 2007 Cricket World Cup, even if folks back home are starving. Sorry about the ESL crack...but I'm having trouble with your syntax.
  19. Do you mean the non-Americans who take the money from aid, tourism, commerce, trade, education, immigration, media, etc. etc. ? How can they dislike the Americans while embracing the very things that define what an American is? Canada's CRTC specifically erects barriers to protect domestic Canadian content in media. It's a dismal failure.
  20. The Beatles were also accused of glorifying drug abuse, had mysogyny in several lyrics, references to guns, and Lennon had the gall to preach "Imagine" (no possessions) from the back seat of his Rolls Royce Phantom V. To wit: Run For Your Life (Lennon-McCartney) Well I'd rather see you dead, little girl Than to be with another man You better keep your head, little girl Or I won't know where I am You better run for your life if you can, little girl Hide your head in the sand little girl Catch you with another man That's the end'a little girl Well you know that I'm a wicked guy And I was born with a jealous mind And I can't spend my whole life Trying just to make you toe the line You better run for your life if you can, little girl Hide your head in the sand little girl Catch you with another man That's the end'a little girl Let this be a sermon I mean everything I've said Baby, I'm determined And I'd rather see you dead You better run for your life if you can, little girl Hide your head in the sand little girl Catch you with another man That's the end'a little girl I'd rather see you dead, little girl Than to be with another man You better keep your head, little girl Or you won't know where I am You better run for your life if you can, little girl Hide your head in the sand little girl Catch you with another man That's the end'a little girl Na, na, na Na, na, na Na, na, na Na, na, na http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Run_for_Your_Life
  21. Then you agree that HipHop correctly reflects Western culture's materialism, violence, and misogyny.
  22. They said the same things about Elvis and his pelvis. I'd rather listen to HipHop than Celine Dion anyday.
  23. So what.....your own nation has had more Emergency Powers Acts in place for years (formerly War Measures) before FEMA. Canada actually used them during the October Crisis. Why do you even care? Take spring break holiday in Newfoundland or Vancouver instead.
  24. I can only assume that English is a second language for you, because much of what you post doesn't make any sense. To many Canadians, the Stanley Cup means a lot more than "shit". Canadians who worry about the US have no other way to define themselves. Trudeau taught them that.
  25. A lot more than no aid at all. I hope you don't mind if they keep accepting the aid despite your expert opinion.
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