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  1. The point is that Germany, Japan, Vietnam and Serbia are not launching suicide attacks on US or Canadian targets after bombing them. The US is also fighting a war....it's what we do...win some...lose some. Laughing at you is always smart!
  2. Well...yeah....I'm sure Germany and Japan were very pissed off. That's the idea. Nixon pissed off North Vietnam too....Canada pissed off Serbia.....still waiting for their "revenge".
  3. Nonsense.....Canada had nukes until at least 1984 (Genie AIR-2).....being very coy to claim that they were on American bases in Canada. I know this from personal experience. Nice try anyway.....
  4. Ummmm...does that mean that Pearson realized the same goal with thermonuclear bombs? How ironic!
  5. No, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, and Lester Pearson. Nelson Mandela? Before he used "diplomacy" he used bombs on trains and railway infrastructure. Didn't PM Pearson authorize the nuclear warheads on Canadian soil (Bomarc) that Diefenbaker resisted?
  6. CG = computer generated special effects.....lots of it in this film. Very little in 300 is real except the actors. Sets, locations, armies, blood--they're all computer generated. It's beautiful, and it might well be the future of filmmaking. http://www.time.com/time/magazine/article/...1595241,00.html
  7. Hey, if this movie pisses off the Iranians (Persians), then it is definitely a must see. Somebody said it was CG'd in Montreal!
  8. We are....praise God and pass the ammunition.
  9. Close...but no cigar. Cuba's 45 year old banishment is a political icon that will only die with Fidel (or his brother). The embargo is wonderfully simple and vindictive, with a life of its own. Remember, the US promised not to try any more dirty tricks on Fidel in 1962, so a continued embargo will just have to do. Canada gets NAFTA....Cuba gets the finger. Some would claim that Cuba got the better deal.
  10. They were no more subjugated and enslaved that First Nations in Canada or the USA. Logically, Canada should have been embargoed, along with Australia (for treatment of Aboriginals). Moral and legal pronouncements are used when convenient, eh? IIRC, Canadians fought in the Boer Wars to further strengthen the Commonwealth's grip on South Africa. That was also a "collective decision". God Save the Queen and all that jazz. The embargo of Cuba by the United States is completely legal, as were the embargoes for Soviet Bloc nations during the Cold War. The morality of the matter is up for debate and is otherwise academic. Fidel says he does not need trade with the Yankee dogs. His wish has been granted. We really should stay on topic, because any mention of South Africa, Haiti, East Timor, First Nations, Globalist Mining, or Kosovo makes some Canadians very uncomfortable when they are trying to be moral and upstanding about the human rights paradise that is Cuba. I went to Cuba in the 1970's (Gitmo)...no big deal.
  11. I was responding to another member's line of questioning...not your sensibilities vis-a-vis aliens. To wit: Now to answer your question....who cares how AMERICA's policies AFFECTED the people of Cuba. They don't need AMERICA according to Fidel.
  12. That's generally what an embargo does....it was never intended to make Fidel's Cuba a communist paradise. Canada used the exact same measures on South Africa, causing hardship for South Africans. So I still press the question.....what has Cuba done to make life better for average American citizens?
  13. 1. Nationalization of private property without adequate compensation 2. Flashpoint for thermonuclear war (Missile Crisis) 3. Export of Maxist-Lenninism to Africa (e.g. Angola, Algeria, Zaire, Congo, Namibia, Rhodesia) 4. Mariel Boatlift - 125,000 economic and political refugees along with convicted criminals crashing American shores in 1980. Now, I ask again, how has Fidel's Cuba made American lives better? Or is it not fair to ask the same question you asked about America's impact on Cubans?
  14. Maybe you are too young to remember that South Africa did not "harm" Canada yet was subject to embargo in 1985: Another example is Canada’s participation along with other Commonwealth countries in an embargo against South Africa in 1985. The sanctions banned imports of agricultural products, uranium, coal, iron, steel and some other commodities from South Africa. This was undertaken to impress upon the South African authorities the need to dismantle apartheid. http://www.canadianeconomy.gc.ca/english/e...de_embargo.html No doubt you will dance about this fact and explain that it was justified for "human rights", the same justification Canada used to bomb Serbian men, women, and children. Also, Inco and Falconbridge are your versions of "Haliburton" or "Bechtel".....but some Canadians choose to ignore the obvious as if government policies are not complicit in raping and pillaging the land and peoples of Asia, Americas, and Africa. Tell me about walking the talk again.....
  15. Yeah, but she spends more time in Las Vegas than Canada or Cuba. The embargo was not about making anybody's life better. How has Cuba's policies made the lives of Americans better?
  16. Wonderful I'm sure....their bravery and dedication remain untarnished. Not so Canada's overall support of Indonesia in such matters. How bad is really bad? Reminds me of Gen Dallaire assessments in Rwanda.
  17. Nope...hasn't worked at all, except as a domestic political issue in the States. Al Gore Eats Elian Gonzales: http://www.thegully.com/essays/cuba/elian/...9goreelian.html
  18. No, but these bleeding hearts already have in the spirit of human rights and self-determination for all people without oppression from evil globalists and the New World Order (LOL!): http://outofhaiti.ca/ http://www.redeagle.com/etanbc/intro.html http://www.rightsaction.org/Reports/INCO_Nickel_904.htm
  19. Because they earned it! It's not so unusual...economic sanctions are a favorite tool of the impotent UN. Embargos have been used on/by other nations as well. Cuba is stuck in Cold War time.
  20. Because Canada has been a wonderful partner in economic and political exploitation the world over. It has behaved in the exact opposite way as Fidel's Cuba, welcoming foreign ownership and investment from east to west. Canada also does not have a resident ex-pat population in the USA to stoke political partisanship like the Cubans do in Florida. There are even Canadians who threaten to join the States (whatever that means) during domestic squabbles over Quebec, separatism, equalization payments, and representative government. Canada is not bad.....it simply acts in self interest....the same as any nation state.
  21. The original embargo was for arms, but evolved into a total economic affair because of Fidel's agrarian nationalization without adequate compensation and chummy nuclear hijinx with the Soviets. The embargo is officially known as the Cuban Democracy Act today; Helms-Burton was added for extra measure in 1996. President Clinton expanded the embargo even more. Forget the obvious examples of Canadians invading and killin' in Afghanistan.....look at Canadian/NATO actions in Serbia (not UN sanctioned), or how about Haiti or East Timor? Know anything about Inco or Falconbridge (mining) in so called Third World nations? Even the "evil" depleted uranium used in armor penetrating munitions comes from Canada. Tell me about walking the talk again......
  22. Agreed...but why don't you hold your own nation (Canada) to the same standard(s). Preaching democracy, freedom, and human rights while pillaging and killing in far away lands. Are you blind to this reality?
  23. So don't blame the failed Commies....blame the successful Yankees! If things were so swell, what is the problema? Let the Americans enjoy their embargo (it's not a blockade) while Cuba triumphantly moves on to bigger and better things in 1950's era Yankee automotive products. We'll just forget about the boatlifts, refugees, and other anomalies of Paradise Cuba.
  24. No Brittney Spears or Celine Dion. More seriously, the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1989 has led much more to the decline of services and goods in Cuban lives than any period in the past 45 years. Indeed, before 1990, Cuba was advertised as a strong and vibrant defiance of El Bloqueo by Yankee dogs. Thorough analysis here: http://www.pubmedcentral.nih.gov/pagerende...ageindex=1#page
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