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  1. Indeed.... UK, Belgium, Spain, Italy, France, and Sweden have universal health care and far more deaths per million. Blame Trump....
  2. Sorry...no can do. British Columbia is unceded land that doesn't even belong to Canada in the first place.
  3. Fine....just add those to the list of many things that make most Canadians wince at the reality of TRILLION+ debt loads for several more years. More bad news is coming next year on top of this week's "snapshot". Personal debt loads are also near historical maximums.
  4. Canada will never has as much debt as the U.S., but it will also not have the ability to sustain bigger drags on its economy, like low commodity prices and U.S. export market dependency. Chretien and Martin had to act in the 1990's to save Canada's dollar and credit rating...the Americans just raised the debt ceiling.
  5. Trudeau corruption puts lots of money in mama's and brother's pocket.


    1. scribblet


      Liberals don't seem to care, and Trudeau has disappeared.   watch him invoke cabinet privilege.  Morneaus daughter is involved also.  this is crimial now.


    2. betsy


      Lol....he was all bravado when he flatly  stated "I didn't recuse myself." 

      No daily briefing today, that's for sure.   Or, did I miss it?

    3. scribblet


      Nope, he's in hiding for a few days.

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  6. So we are done hi-jacking this thread for COVID ? ...good.
  7. I know...right ? It doesn't take much to expose the Canadian hatred for the Americans and their "government"....long before Trump. Here is just another example of how much energy some Canadians expend to get their hate on, while a minority bucks the trend.
  8. False...many nations face the pandemic...where have you been ? ...but you are only concerned with Trump...because... MUST...GET...TRUMP !!!
  9. That's just your bias....Trump has been leading by example for his base and supporters for a very long time....since 2016. Many nations lack a "national strategy on COVID"....so what ? The U.S. Constitution doesn't just disappear because of a pandemic.
  10. The stat remains...Canada is the worst in the entire "developed world"....by a large margin. ...and now some "experts" in Canada are admitting the obvious and moving for a more balanced approach:
  11. Then stop holding Trump accountable for state governor responsibilities. If Trump had dictated to all states, you would have railed against that too as more overreach. MUST...GET...TRUMP !!!
  12. OK, but here's the thing. You worry a lot about the U.S. being in "deep shit"....Americans don't worry about Canada being in "deep shit". Do you understand the difference ?
  13. That's what makes this so much fun....for more than 13 years. Trump and Americans are still going to do what they want...don't care what you do in Canada.
  14. It's not about making me feel better. It is about you hating Trump. Canada wouldn't even be in the G7 were it not for a U.S. president (Gerald Ford).
  15. Hello ! Trump is not a state governor.
  16. So in other words, you are wrong again...it is not just the U.S. Canada is not the largest economy in the world either...so what ?
  17. President Trump is ready to rumble.....defund the police ?
  18. Right....the Trump haters can't stop hating Trump for everything, while ignoring governors like Cuomo in New York.
  19. Wrong again....see "Brazil". Sorry if you are so worried about the U.S. because it might cramp your style in Canada, but it is our choice to make, not yours. Masks, guns, religious gatherings, protests, riots, COVID parties....we will do it all to the bitter end. President Trump delivered a great speech at Mt. Rushmore. Mt. Rushmore is not in Canada.
  20. Then don't do it....in Canada. Don't tell Americans what they can or can't do...thank you very much.
  21. Well, when you are not ranting about Canada's governments mismanaging fisheries compared to those same other nations, you might want to consider just how much more dependent the provinces are on exports compared to them as well. More than China, and certainly more than the U.S. The Martians prefer U.S. dollars over Canadian pesos....same as NHL hockey players.
  22. Why are so worried about it ? Do you think this is your ticket to finally getting Trump ? MUST...GET...TRUMP !!!
  23. It will be like long term care facilities in Canada...oh my !!!
  24. Drinking and driving is perfectly legal in the U.S. for adults up to a defined BAC. ...and we love it. The real fun is watching all the Trump haters flip out...even when they are in a completely different country !
  25. I don't think you get it....millions of Americans just don't give a damn about your FEAR.
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