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  1. Guess again.....https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/the-history-of-trick-or-treating-is-weirder-than-you-thought-79408373/ Also the long outlawed but related "devil's night" of mischief and vandalism common generations ago did not come from America. (Many vacant homes in Detroit were demolished this way.) In some ways this custom endures for the same reasons that the monarchy endure in Canada and the Commonwealth....many people like it...not because of American culture.
  2. All nation states logically pursue there own interests first...this is true whether it be China, Canada, or the United States. The EU is a separate critter with a larger population than America, but is seemingly held to a weaker/lower standard vis-a-vis "standing up to" China. American policy (like Canada's) has sought to engage and develop China's economy for/with western market investment for over 25 years. China will not be deterred from realizing the potential that a population of 1.5 BILLION middle class consumers represents. China is now # 1 in many business sectors. Frankly, I find the reliance on President Trump as the strongman trade and military leader against China while holding him is such despicable low regard to be quite comical, given that many other "western" nations/leaders lack the will and means to do so. Canada would be doing so regardless of who is U.S. president. My political expectation is that Trump will seek to settle with China to win on trade at some level before the 2020 election, if only to take the sting out of criticisms for his sledgehammer tariffs, just as he did with Canada and Mexico. But this does not mean that China will be stopped from pursuing its regional and global strategy. There are limits to American power that even Trump has to respect. Can't fight the Chinese, Russians, radical Islamists, narco states, etc. while keeping other foreign minister(s) happy on trade and the "post WW2 order" with far less contributions from the "west".
  3. More confirmation that Trump is just another American president....63% of the U.S. federal budget is non-discretionary anyway. ...and the Democrats still haven't figured out how to defeat him....they can't scream "deficits !" because of Obama.
  4. Trump is just another American president who will be gone no matter what. Then there will be another with far less "balls". Nobody said you shouldn't comment as you please, but always looking to America to lead the "west" means living with America's choices, and for now that means President Donald Trump. Trump is not wrong in representing part of America that is tired of paying most the bill, which is what "together" usually means. China has every right to pursue its own interests as well, "west" be damned and that includes the impotent European Union.
  5. No such person or combination exists in American politics today...even Ronald Reagan was accused of being senile, ignorant, and racist, but he polled at 70% in Canada. Standing up to China begins at home.
  6. Evil American "Black Friday" now trumps "Boxing Day" in Canada...


  7. So uttering the "N-word" ten years ago is worse than wearing blackface twenty years ago ? Babcock for prime minister !
  8. Nonsense....I made patrols with SLBM thermonuclear warheads targeted against Russia, including Leningrad (St. Petersburg). The Ukraine was the enemy too ! Go cut your wrists about something else you need America to do that Canada will never be capable of.
  9. Canadian residents/dual citizens and Canadian business subsidiaries in the USA contribute far more than the Russians. Canadians try to influence U.S. elections with money and volunteered time for campaigns..."because it matters so much". Canadians even cross the border to attend/protest presidential inaugurations. I'm sure that Americans gladly return the favour each election season.
  10. True, but Sanders (or anybody else), cannot win a presidential election with the "youth vote", as it historically has much lower turnout. Bernie was fighting against the machine he needed to get elected....Clinton crushed his attempt to do so with her own machine. This depressed voter turnout, especially compared to Obama. Tactical mistakes were also made....Hillary ignored her husband's advice to campaign harder in "blue wall" states. There was a party and media arrogance that wrote Trump off as a crude, inexperienced buffoon with no chance to win. Then he made U.S. political history. Many Americans are not officially registered with a political party and primary election turnout is far worse than the already poor general election turnout. Party hacks on either side live in a bubble that speaks to their base, especially in New York and California. But Trump has more than just a GOP base, he has a larger base that includes the "deplorables". Ronald Reagan tapped into a similar dynamic (Reagan Democrats), a fact not lost on Team Trump. At any rate, it is amazing that the Democrats still find themselves in a close race to defeat incumbent Donald Trump, after all that has happened. Trump has an X-factor and the juice to do it again, and the Democrats' only counter means drinking the Kool-Aid® of socialism, or selling out to a moderate. Trump is still driving the narrative. "Anyone But Trump" is not a viable election strategy in the U.S.
  11. Not that straightforward, as Trump still has the support of a significant portion of the "struggling working class" because of other ideological concerns, and that includes women. The Democrats have a difficult challenge....have Trump win in a landslide against an ardent socialist or abandon the lefties to back a moderate with better chances. This is Bloomberg's calculation and assessment after watching frail Biden continue to underperform. Mostly not true, given support for and impact of third party candidates nationally and in individual states (e.g. Wallace, Perot, Buchanan, Nader, Ventura, etc.) using the existing system. More voters identify as independent that Democrat or Republican.
  12. That's the funny part....the other stiffs have attacked billionaires in their policies and rhetoric, but Mike is one of the biggest B's of all. Bloomberg is blasting key swing state media markets with his new commercial, dropping an estimated $100 million just for the blitz...the kind of money the others can only dream of right now. Then he will blow an even bigger wad for Super Tuesday.
  13. Bloomberg's campaign manager is dismissing the other wannabes...only Mike can defeat Trump ! /s
  14. Impeachment polling has started to slip after the Democrat's big nothingburger circus in the House. Polling in Canada and elsewhere doesn't count !
  15. Bloomberg has plenty of money to waste....no big deal. Rebuild America: Join Mike Bloomberg’s 2020 Presidential Campaign
  16. Micheal Bloomberg has zero faith in the current gaggle of Democratic presidential candidates....pushes the panic button...will spend "whatever it takes". Bloomberg has already spent more on TV ads than all the other stiffs...combined. ...all this effort to defeat President Donald Trump...flattering ! "STOP and FRISK" for president !!!
  17. Actually, Israel has followed the Canada - U.S. model for such things, spawn of the British Empire, except the Palestinians don't live on reserves. British and French paw prints were all over the place long before the Americans. They are what they are....existing in a tough neighbourhood. Shia...Sunni...potato...potahto. That's right...and Canada/NATO continues to hide behind the US "war criminals". "Rules" are for the weak.
  18. No, I am enjoying the show. Have been for over 50 years. This is just another presidential election....not the end of the world. Biden saying dumb things is what Biden does.
  19. McCain and Romney did not serve at Bush's vice president. Biden said himself that it is special....because he has to have an answer:
  20. All part of the game....nothing special about Biden.
  21. Obama was president then....not now. Media keeps pointing out the lack of an endorsement for Biden....not helping.
  22. Right...but Biden was his VP ! Not helping.....
  23. But he didn't... opportunity lost. President Obama is concerned about salvaging his legacy with such a weak field, and has not endorsed Joe Biden. Told all the remaining clowns to "calm down". Democrats are in a tough spot....impeachment will only make their job harder....they are so pissed off at Trump they can't see straight.
  24. Biden's time has passed...he had his chances...starting decades ago. He is owed nothing for time served except for his pension. A real estate huckster from Queens won the presidency on his first try...without any previous political office experience. Biden just doesn't have the juice...and he never did. Obama mocked him as VP after Biden insulted Obama as " the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean".
  25. Right...he lost to better competition...twice. Let's see if he can lose again after he goes through the wringer in 2020. This Trump impeachment thing should make Biden even a better "frontrunner". /s
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