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  1. For those of you keeping score at home, here is what foreign interventions in Syria looks like. So where are all the other NATO "allies" that should be protecting the Kurds ?? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Foreign_involvement_in_the_Syrian_Civil_War#United_Kingdom
  2. Inconvenient truth: Congress never authorized troops in Syria for Obama or Trump.
  3. Turkey is still a full NATO member and the warheads are under U.S. control at Incirlik. NATO has insisted that the U.S. maintain nuclear sharing and forward deployed weapons "posture", even though Turkey is incapable of using them alone.
  4. The U.S. plans to continue nuclear warhead sharing with several NATO nations, including Turkey. The older B61 gravity bombs are being upgraded.
  5. American troops may pull out of northern Syria entirely as Turkey escalates the buffer zone invasion. American troops were not deployed to be stuck in the middle of a war between Turkey, Kurds, and Syrians.
  6. Mostly....but it is now hosted in Canada best I can tell: Looks like DigitalOcean (American) provides hosting on a remote server in Toronto. The forum engine is Invision Power Board (American)...database is probably MySQL (Swedish/American/OpenSource). I will also note that the owner/admin has provided this forum service without any cost/fees to members...very long time. It has moved around at times, but has been very consistent and reliable forum platform compared to many others. ------------ Donald Trump is definitely American.
  7. I wasn't here 15 years ago, but America sure was ! Back then y'all were hating on Bush #43....now you love him compared to TRUMP !
  8. Doesn't matter....the warrant was based on Obama era sanctions that Canada supported. Hiding behind the extradition treaty did not serve the imprisoned Canadians well. It would not be the first time that Canada refused to extradite to the USA. Canada follows UNSC sanctions against Iran, but also has laws against bank fraud. But the case has been compromised...she walks.
  9. Not really....easily justified given the circumstances. Would have been a ballsy move for Trudeau as well, instead of more weakness. Trump would certainly have done it.
  10. Canada's choice...should have cut her loose in a prisoner swap.
  11. It's a sideshow now...more important for Canadian interests than for Trump, who is signaling the end-game and compromise with China on trade. She was actually more useful as a ploy against Trudeau's virtue signaling and "rule of law" circus.
  12. CBSA and RCMP have already bungled the case with her passwords. She walks.....
  13. Sure...please take good care of Meng. The extradition trial should be very entertaining.
  14. Good...seek true love elsewhere....maybe patch things up with China...without begging for Trump's help.
  15. Maybe stop being so dependent on your neighbour.
  16. Then why so worried about Trump ? He is president of a foreign country.
  17. Neil Young lives on a ranch in California....for decades.
  18. Yes it is...really. It's not Canada...and it's not China either. Cue "God Bless America". Even the Google you are using is American.
  19. Free speech for whatever is to be heard...including protected hate speech. It ain't Canada.....
  20. That's the idea....make those Americans very unhappy....again. Flags, guns, and free speech trump virtue signaling.
  21. That's Trump's job...to make you happy in Canada. How is he doing so far ?
  22. Nothing would make him happier. You will have to go on and on.
  23. Actually, Trump did better with "Latinos" than Mitt Romney, but no statues required...yet. Besides, the lefties like to tear statues down. Washington and Jefferson owned slaves...oh my ! Neither do you, but whatever it is, it is working for Trump. The world is very fragile if it is so vulnerable to one Donald Trump. America already decided in 2016, without a thought to your misgivings and disdain. Elections have consequences - Barack Obama (2009) No, they are objective observations. You just don't like them. Stick with Joe Biden if you want, but remember...he is American too.
  24. Love me some Joan Rivers.....comedy pioneer....and very American. She shocked a lot of people too. May she rest in peace. American soldiers are not human shields for Kurds...Canada boogied out of there two years ago. Some ally ! If you say so....Trump still has you very, very upset. So that is a good thing ! His allies ? Start with I-S-R-A-E-L Keep the virtue signaling in Canada where it belongs. It sells better there. Trump will use his methods, same as the others. Hell, FDR admired Mussolini, and acted accordingly. FDR took on the press/media as well...and welcomed British intervention in U.S. elections. Churchill fought with his own cabinet over peace with Hitler in 1940. Truman dropped fission bombs on two Japanese cities. That's pretty rude ! Trump is the perfect bully to use the media tools of his time, and it worked (same American social media tools that Canadians use.). He will forever be the 45th President of the United States.
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