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  1. "What's the point of having this superb military you're always talking about if we can't use it ?" - Sec'y Madeleine Albright (1992)
  2. If America wants war, then there shall be war. ...and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it. Begging American "conservatives" won't work.
  3. Who is "we" ? You ain't gonna force anything.
  4. Nonsense....Iran has proxy militias in at least a half dozen nations...for war.
  5. You already do so...watching so much American media...by choice.
  6. As long as the west and other parts of the world remain so dependent on rogue America, it will remain so. Losing "confidence" in U.S. leadership means having to confront the lack of leadership at home.
  7. 40 years...but who's counting. "Death to Amerika !!! "
  8. ...as do all the other nations who have made their own beds...including Canada. A rude and crude Donald Trump has exposed this for all the world to see....refusing to kiss Iran's ass like those before him. ...very refreshing compared to Jimmy Carter.
  9. By choice....and dependence. Depending on America and America's presidents will only lead to more dissatisfaction. Stand up and take the most burden on....instead of complaining about those who do.
  10. And it will continue to be an American choice until other nations take up the burden. As long as Canada and other nations remain so dependent on American economic and military power, they will also be subjected to unilateral decisions. It is not enough just to wish this was not the case. The U.S. military has a lot more to worry about than just NATO.
  11. Honestly...the flow of immigrants is in the opposite direction...to North America. We will miss you going the other way.
  12. Why is the U.S. a "central NATO member" ? Why are there only 500 Canadians deployed ? Why is there such a dependence on American policy compared to all of NATO and the West ? Why is the "world" in such a position where Donald Trump can command so much importance and relevance compared to all other nations ? Why ?
  13. OK...were you also happy when Canada bombed Serbia ? How about Canada's invasion & occupation of Afghanistan ? Or the coup in Haiti ? Or maybe the invasion/bombing of Libya ? And that's just in the past 20 years ! Happy days !
  14. But that is the essence of the argument...why do you insist on confidence in any American president ? Why is there such a reliance and dependence on American foreign or domestic policy ? Why does America matter so much in a world of 7 billion people ? China just learned how little influence it has after pretending to have made such strides in that part of the world. Trump is not responsible for the continued actions and reactions of Iran any more than previous U.S. presidents and their decisions. Killing terrorists with Hellfire missiles was not invented by the Trump administration.
  15. Exactly...so what would be so bad if the United States faded from global superpower status to the pedestrian influence of Canada ? Must the Americans always carry the burden that others refuse ? Still, they come by the millions.
  16. The history of American foreign and domestic policies is long peppered with less than "moral authority", but they still came by the millions. As far as being a waning power, don't confuse that with the ascendance of other powers in the world. All countries could do better...it is not just an American imperative. Failing that, the U.S. can always "decline" to a larger version of what Canada and many other nations already are on the world stage....followers...not leaders.
  17. Millions already have chosen...the United States...more than any other nation in the world.
  18. Why are you going to American airports if Trump wants to kill Canadians ?
  19. None....mine has long been the amoral position. Nothing special here.... Sorry...I meant in the general sense and usage of the term. Not a personal burden. No...that decision will always be informed by other, biased factors. If America chooses to "stay home", there are other consequences. Won't be the first time....the US has endured far worse than a pissed off Iran.
  20. It is made much more objective by ignoring "moral" imperatives. The United States assassinated an Iranian general with known complicity for attacks on Americans and allies...just like many others. What makes this general so special ?
  21. Meh....America is what it is...same as it ever was.
  22. Doesn't matter...the collective Canadian psyche is dominated by a FEAR of U.S. administrations and policy decisions/actions, because it feels powerless to not only stop them, but to prevent complicit Canadian involvement.
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