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  1. Wow !    Canada to have eye popping debt increase due to Coronavirus impact and government decisions.    Highest unemployemnt spike....



    Ottawa to post $343B deficit as spending hits levels not seen since Second World War

    Federal debtload will hit $1.2 trillion in 2020-21, the government projects in its fiscal ‘snapshot’



  2. 2 minutes ago, Boges said:

    It's just like how many British people have homes in Spain. 

    I know I was looking to spend a fair bit of money in Florida this Summer. That money is going into improving the house now. 


    Right....for many of them...winter climate sucks so they want to escape from their country.   The Canadians are even organized into a formal snowbird organization, so important is the annual journey, like birds.

    Canada needs the money now more than America does.    But remember Home Depot and Rona are American owned too !

  3. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    Cite some outbreaks that you're referring to? The one instance of a nail salon in Kingston that resulted in less than 20 new cases. 

    There will be flare-ups but it's under control. 


    Specific to border crossing....one example:



    An outbreak of COVID-19 in the Maritimes on the weekend might have been avoided if Canada Border Services had better communication with the provinces, says P.E.I. Premier Dennis King.

    The outbreak, including four out of five new cases on P.E.I. and one in Nova Scotia, started with a man travelling from the U.S. to Canada on a student visa. The man was reportedly planning to study on P.E.I. but was turned away at Confederation Bridge because he did not have pre-approval.

    As it turned out, the man did have COVID-19. He spread it to a P.E.I. man he met with in Nova Scotia, and the Island man spread it to three other people back on P.E.I.


  4. Just now, Boges said:

    That's a problem. 

    Though it hasn't resulted in any significant outbreaks.


    None of the outbreaks in Canada are ever significant to you.

    Canada's border is closed like a piece of Swiss cheese.    So many sob story exceptions.



    It's not about the Snowbirds. They're rich, they can find somewhere else. It's about the economic activity where they choose to winter. I guess you don't care about that. I find that odd. 


    I really don't care...same as many Canadians who wish the snowbirds would spend their money in Canada instead.

    Seasonal (winter) cross border and extended (six months ?) travel is more of a Canadian mindset and expectation...most Americans don't have to cross an international border to get to warmer climes in winter.  

  5. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    There are no direct flights to Alaska? I'm pretty sure that excuse won't fly on a land border.


    Of course there are direct flights...but Canada still permits land crossings to Alaska.





    You always mock Snowbirds. They provide good economic development to parts of the US that that'll be missed this year. 

    Ditto with large parts of Cottage country in Canada. 


    Too bad...so sad.   Learn to love Canada in the winter.

  6. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    Not across the land? 

    I know from a Canadian relative that recently tried to get repatriated from the US, Health Canada follows up on Canadians that need to Quarantine. 

    You have to have a good reason to cross the border. Not because you want to go shopping.


    Good reason ?    "I am going to Alaska".

    Canada has not locked down the border as tight as you want to believe.



    Still won't be as cold as Canada might. 


    Much colder if they own or lease property in the U.S.

    They can still fly....but can't bring their RVs.

  7. 7 minutes ago, Boges said:

    I think we're in agreement that, for now, it should stay that way. 

    Though you want it to stay closed for some weird economic reasons. Canadians want it closed because of COVID.


    But the border is not really closed....there are many loopholes and thousands of crossings each day.

    Canada wants it both ways...for political and economic reasons.



    Or Europe, unlike American tourists. B)


    Not for winter.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Boges said:

    No, it's fear that people from a country that's 30 times the COVID cases (3 times per capita) will be coming to the country unmonitored. 

    The real economic fear isn't the border and trade, it's that the US will collapse because of its polarized political climate and toxic leadership.


    How can they come if the border is "closed"....wink ...wink. ?

    A U.S. collapse is one of Canada's greatest FEARS, long before COVID.

    ...because then Canada would be in serious trouble.



    I suspect that's a likely outcome. 


    They can always go to Cuba and send Trudeau's love to the Castro family.  

  9. 3 hours ago, Boges said:

    They're just reporting a study.


    No, they are reporting FEAR...FEAR that is stoked by the constant barrage of U.S. media that Canada consumes voraciously...step right up...pick your cable news channel.

    FEAR that the extended border closure, which could last years, will do permanent economic damage.

    ...and of course there is snowbird FEAR that they may have to spend a winter in their own country.

  10. 9 minutes ago, Michael Hardner said:

    Do you think LBJs civil rights legislation was such a cut also ?  Serious question.


    Yes, but only in the context of individual rights and expression, not public accommodation.  The U.S. Supreme Court was already moving on civil rights, whether LBJ and the southern Democrats voted yes to pass the Act or not.   Congress wanted the glory more than the USSC wanted it, per constitution.

    Good call on the Harper's piece, it is making the rounds today in U.S. talk radio and social media.


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  11. President Trump tightens the screws on China and other international students if classes remain online.    This is in addition to stopping visas for Chinese students.



    The United States will not allow foreign students to remain in the country for the fall semester if all of their classes move online, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency said in a statement on Monday, as the US struggles to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

    "Nonimmigrant F-1 and M-1 students attending schools operating entirely online may not take a full online course load and remain in the United States," the ICE statement said.




  12. 3 minutes ago, Boges said:

    Perhaps you should take issue with the poster I was responding too. 

    I've had unresponded to posts in the COVID page. 



    It is possible to do two things at once:

    1) You can get your hate on for Trump here, and

    2) Pronounce the Death of America from COVID-19 in the Coronavirus thread.


  13. Just now, Boges said:

    OK so the New York situation was bad in March, April and May. (probably the worst of the whole Pandemic) Not as much now. 

    Doesn't speak to the spike now. Why are you changing the subject? 


    Relevance to President Trump ?    Is he also the governor of New York ?

  14. Just now, Boges said:

    I'll take your word for it. That comes at the cost of way more sick people. How's that going to effect the economy going forward? 

    How many people that got their job back in early June have been sent back to unemployment?


    Take your own media's word for it.   Whining about COVID does not bring back jobs.



    And Racism. Didn't realize he liked the Confederacy so much. 


    Black Lives Matter loves it too.

  15. Just now, Boges said:

    Yeah except when the the many all become sick, the economy can't be all that good. 


    More nonsense....the U.S. economy has contracted less than Canada's, where you think COVID has been "controlled".

    President Trump only has a few cards to play, and that includes the economy and police.


  16. Just now, eyeball said:

    ...Amongst the many socioeconomic cracks and omissions COVID-19 has an ability to make obvious is the fact there's never been any real public discussion or consensus developed around the idea that economics should trump virtue just an unspoken assumption that it must, at all costs because anything that deviates from that leads unfailingly to authoritarianism, fascism communism and greater deaths and destruction.  Its ridiculous. 


    No, it is self evident.   Trump instinctively understands this.

  17. 1 minute ago, Boges said:

    Outbreaks don't mean it's out of control. If your case load is low enough, contact tracing can be done to contain an outbreak. 

    When you're getting multiple states reporting 5-10k cases a day, it's pretty tough to contact trace.


    Take it to the COVID thread.   

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