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  1. You answered your own question...mandating masks limits access and creates social stigma. "Recommending" masks vs. "requiring" masks sends mixed messages and creates opportunity for backlash given the non-compliant behaviours of various groups (e.g. protestors). Public health lacks a strong real-time enforcement arm, regardless of this specific pandemic.
  2. Mandating masks indoors and outdoors only feeds into the deep state theory. Government "experts" badly bungled the mask protocol early on, and now it is an act of denial and defiance.
  3. Pulling back was always a contingency if a spike in cases resulted from re-opening. The border should remain closed at a much lower case/infection threshold because cross border travel is largely non-essential and always has been.
  4. That's why Canadians who want to play the two week quarantine game should stay on your side of the border. Even the provinces have restricted travel inside the country, but Americans can travel to Alaska ? Doesn't make any sense. Canadian media is reporting more hotspots and outbreaks in several cities to help keep the panic and government control going. Boo !
  5. Too bad....they are going bankrupt anyway. A business should be able to survive without relying on Canadians hoarding cheaper milk or picking up their packages at a U.S. address to beat customs and taxes. America is a "cesspool", remember ?
  6. No....the point is a very good one. Those who abhor Trump and his policies are unwittingly calling for the return of previous American domestic and foreign policies. Joe Biden represents over 40 years of that legacy, including the Iraq War.
  7. That's OK....COVID has stopped Canadians from crossing the border for easier access to abortions.
  8. DACA is not federal law and Trump can still challenge it in court.
  9. No they can't....conviction for a felony or multiple misdemeanors leads to deportation.
  10. More like breaking state and federal laws. So called Dreamers were even deported by Obama under DACA.
  11. It is worse...for Canada...now, and into the future. The closed border is just one aspect of this.
  12. Truck traffic volume is down 25%.....consumer side demand is way down overall.
  13. Canada's economy is more dependent on an open border. The U.S. did not have two months of negative GDP growth last year. Fewer people will be crossing the border in many ways, not just physical travel.
  14. Seriously ? You think Canada is so special it can avoid the impacts of COVID in other business sectors ? Hell, Canada's economy was in trouble even before the pandemic because of oil prices and rail protests....open border or not. Impacts of COVID-19 on Selected Sectors of Canada’s Economy https://hillnotes.ca/2020/04/08/impacts-of-covid-19-on-selected-sectors-of-canadas-economy/
  15. We have already been over this...Canada's economy is far more dependent on exports to the U.S. and American investment....even more than China. Trade is down across most sectors, and more in specific sectors like tourism. Canadians spend less than Americans....cheap ! Keeping the border closed will force new patterns to develop with no guarantee they will ever go back to previous patterns/levels. Off topic....except that the blackface PM will get more pressure to keep the border closed.
  16. Sort of....air travel is still permitted, and there are several exceptions for land travel too. Trade will be impacted by economic circumstances regardless, which is an opportunity to grow jobs domestically. Canada will have to learn how to survive with less exports and foreign investment. Lots of people don't like Justin Trudeau...even in Canada. I am amazed that Bolton, long hated in Canada before Trump, is now the wise statesman to you.
  17. ....just like you spending all morning attacking Trump. Are you afraid of closing the border ? How does this make you feel ?
  18. Fine by me....make it just like Mexico. Nothing special about Canada.
  19. DACA illegals can be deported too under certain conditions.
  20. Indeed...strong is the anti-Trump force in some. Still, he does have an impact on border crossing policy, even before COVID. The border has become.....thicker.
  21. Win some...lose some. Supreme Court just gave Trump a 7-2 victory for the expedited removal of illegals. ...bye-bye !
  22. Trump is not your friend.... ...no tears for Oshawa ! Bye-bye ! Ontario spent billions, but still....bye-bye !
  23. Canada and Ontario are responsible for the GM plant closure...and many others. Trump just knows it is a big pain point to use for leverage. 85% of Canadian automotive production is exported to the United States.....like a heroin addict !
  24. Far more Canadian auto workers need jobs that are not coming back. Trump is just continuing the trend that squeezes Canada out of the final auto assembly picture. American jobs do not belong in Canada.
  25. A lot less than that....U.S. automakers are building/expanding plants in the U.S. Canada is the most expensive place to build autos in the Americas. As a Ford shareholder, I want them to close down the Oakville plant next.
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