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  1. America is not a democracy...never was designed to be a pure democracy.
  2. Okay...it was the murder of a terrorist...not the first..and certainly not the last. And not only by the United States. The dear general's family can seek justice and compensation in the courts. It's "okay" either way. Well...it's not really about you specifically. That's the rub...few actually do "stay home"...including Canada. So that horse left the barn long ago.
  3. No...your attempt to derail this topic will not succeed. Do you own homework to reveal the obvious. ...back to killing terrorist generals.
  4. Nonsense....as usual. See 19th and earlier 20th century. Constantly ignoring reality does not serve your positions very well...again.
  5. You are very short on American history before....1953. The United States executed a terrorist who just happens to be an Iranian general. ...so update his Wiki entry.
  6. Correct....I recognize and accept reality for what it is...not worshiping delusional fantasies instead.
  7. The US has and will continue to act for American interests. You can't have it both ways, demanding American action and power only when it supports other interests.
  8. Your own government has made such choices without regard for your personal fears, including pleas for Donald Trump to continue "protection" for the "post WW2 order" by the United States. The US stayed home for Rwanda and human rights "progressives" like you bitched about it.
  9. But it has not been just the US interfering and destabilizing the region for many decades, and that includes Canada (e.g. Gulf War, Libya, etc.). Terrorists have also attacked many other nations besides the USA and American interests. You can't hide from reality by pretending all would be paradise if only the U.S. stayed home.
  10. America doesn't need the right to do so...just the power and will to do so.
  11. So ? Not your money...not your concern. George H. W. Bush went to war in 1991 and America actually made money.
  12. Not your money...not your call. Even Ron Paul voted for WAR.
  13. Thousands of Canadian snowbirds don't think so. They are in America's warm, sunshine states right now.
  14. Yes they do....made BILLION$ off of the Vietnam War.
  15. Yes it was...by design. Don't like it ? Then stop America from doing so...if you can. Good luck with that.....
  16. Trump could win in 2020 too...and will still have no control over the military industrial complex, because it is Congress that allocates funding for defence spending. Congress likes to direct spending to districts for jobs and votes, same as in Canada. Trump can't even get enough money for his wall without Congress. America has been in the ME since WW2.
  17. They have not yet done so...because of Daesh and oil services contracts. You have no say in the matter.
  18. U.S. and Canadian forces are in Iraq at the request of the Iraqi government and status of forces agreements. Try again.....
  19. Wonderful....at least you are consistent....calling for "machine gun" KIAs for Canadian Forces and other allies too.
  20. A Canadian Forces soldier walks towards a Griffon helicopter near Erbil in northern Iraq in 2016. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/erbil-airbase-canada-iraq-1.5418568
  21. Iran needs to work on precision strike capabilities...maybe Putin can help them out. A satellite image shows the damage caused by the Iranian missile strikes https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/world-news/satellite-image-shows-airbase-hit-21240678
  22. Because Iran wants the propaganda value...inflated many times. The Great Satan must pay for its sins...so it is written...so it shall be done.
  23. Tomorrow it will be 800 americans killed.
  24. The Persian people are not Trump's concern, or responsibility, compared to U.S. & allied interests. The billion dollar contracts will/would exist regardless of war with Iran. The Persian Gulf has been a primary strategic area since the end of WW2....many nations depend on it.
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