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  1. Then start a thread to complain about China if it makes you feel better. Say a prayer. Light a candle. You would still complain about America...Trump or no Trump, regardless of my musings about Justin Trudeau. To borrow from Sir William, "Tis better to have been a superpower and lost than never at all". It did not start with America...nice try. And it is not the first time that America had to break some eggs to bring about change. But no worries...Canada gets to watch it all on America TV, as always.
  2. Trump's vision is not about inspiration for socialism and globalism. Obviously he does not appeal to you, but you are not the intended audience. Trump has already created a new chapter in American political history, just by defeating GOP challengers and Clinton in 2016. Historians will write books about Trump, same as Obama, Bushes, Clinton, Nixon, etc. "Trump" will become another single name/initials that have earned their place in the club. What to do with it ? Start with the U.S. Supreme Court....a gift to the GOP/conservatives that lasts for a generation. Paris Climate Agreement.....bye-bye ! TPP...no thanks ! Illegals....it is game on.
  3. Now you are getting it...it is that fight which endears him to "Trumpsters". Wider harmony and prosperity is code for socialism and globalism to Trump supporters and other groups....no thanks. The tribe is dominated by people who will not universally drink the globalist Kool-Aid®, and it will take their deaths for the WOKE folks to prevail. A larger tribe also wants to keep their flags, guns, and free speech, including biases. Trump speaks to them, and attacks their enemies. His self interest fuels his drive and zeal for the fight...he calls it "high energy". Fellow septuagenarians Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders wish they had it so good.
  4. Fine by me....not my country or concern. Hate the Americans (government) while still begging for their capital investment and market access. Must be the root of such contempt....can't live with the Americans...can't live without them. Must suck for some people. Others just roll with the flow and economic realities without getting their undies in a knot.
  5. No, as I don't think you understand Trump's purpose and role at this time in American politics. He was elected to be a wrecking ball...to stop the globalist bleeding and virtue signaling zombies. His purpose and doctrine are transactional by design, with little regard for the ideology of the left that threatens the golden goose. Trump is rude and crude to force the tide back, even if only temporarily. And for him, it has been a great ride.
  6. Canada is not California, although many Canadians live and work there. I already know it is pervasive, less so in Quebec. Enjoy Canada for what it is, instead of defining Canada by what it is not. The left in Canada even imports its anti-"murican" rhetoric from...America.
  7. Really ? Then why not more attention on the rest of the world...instead of Trump and America ? "Getting along" no matter what is a Canadian value that does not necessarily apply around the globe, nor should it. Conditions and priorities are different...globally. Go ahead and be a globalist if you want, but not all feel the same way, as is their choice. It matters to a lot of people for their own reasons...they join political parties....protest in the streets. The formulas and metrics also mean nothing in the end, because they are part of the same game. For many people, it starts with just having safe drinking water..anything else is just gravy. First world problems are just that....complete with YouTube videos.
  8. No....it is and has been a mainstay on this forum and in Canadian media....the frame of reference cannot shake America, and in fact depends on it. We've already had the economic and military discussions, so no need to repeat here. The Canadian identity includes/is defined by not being American. The left in Canada is every bit as "guilty" of the things it accuses the right of in Canada when it comes to importing American and other foreign rhetoric and tactics. People may think differently about the world "up there", but a lot of them pay attention to and consume copious amounts of American culture.
  9. That's all I'm saying....Trump is just another American president along a nearly 250 year continuum...complete with the good and the bad. America has plotted its own course irrespective of foreign opinions and judgement, because it has worked very well that way. Outsiders could easily opine that Canada is in precipitous decline on several fronts and they would not be wrong. That's Canada's choice. "Unbecoming of America" is blind to America's past, and telegraphs an external dependency on the choices America makes. Many in Canada loved Bill Clinton....hated Bush #43....loved Obama....hates Trump. As if it matters....very strange.
  10. Yeah...ironic since Trudeau is was Quebec royalty.
  11. My understanding is that five provinces have shifted right at the premier level since 2015, so there is definitely a change in the wind. " Oh...no, it wasn't the (two) airplanes. It was blackface killed the beast."
  12. OK....maybe the voters would not desire a minority government that would fall quickly over some issue, forcing another election right away.
  13. Trudeau and the Liberals are desperate now....the worm has turned. Lefty vote will be split. Not even blackface can save him. Minority government ?
  14. Trudeau and Liberals are in trouble now...hating Trump won't save them.

  15. Again, U.S. history points to much more isolation and corruption in the past. The path is not always linear, and "foreigners" still prefer to emigrate to the USA more than any other nation. Your own foreign minister implored that my president and country protect the post WW2 order, not your own or another nation. He is a grand jerk....a marvelous bastard....but he is our bastard. The more that foreigners hate him, the more he is embraced. Trump is just another U.S. president, one who dares to smash the status quo. The haters in Canada just consume themselves with their own fears about things they have no control over, because of a psychological dependence on America as the West's "leader". I'll bet that Canadians still know more about American history and culture than their own, especially when Quebec is included. Canadians consume more American media than their own. Can name Trump as U.S. head of state before knowing about PM, GG, and monarch relationship. Trump is a much more important and impactful national leader than Trudeau, whether he is liked or not.
  16. History reports that the United States has grown stronger and stronger under the current system, so your point is moot. Your strong dislike for Trump or current party politics is a very narrow perspective that ignores over 200 years of American history. Many Canadians know more about American civics/history than their own.
  17. False...Gulf War #2 was about violations of surrender instruments and the expulsion of UN weapons inspectors. They gave #43 all the reasons he needed to invade Iraq after 9/11. Hell, Trump has been an angel in comparison.
  18. Why would I follow Trump tweets ? Something you do ? There was a world going on long before Trump...and long after.
  19. Accidentally ? Russian mercenaries were killed by U.S. forces guarding an oil field in 2018.
  20. You can fool yourself if you wish, but Canada does have such problems (e.g. First Nations). The Clarity Act and Notwithstanding Clause are open invitations for such fractures to continue as they are normalized. But the Americans should be doing better ? The U.S. was never designed for direct democracy...it is a constitutional republic. Conflict and competing interests are a feature, not a bug.
  21. Then why are you so worried about it ? R-E-L-A-X
  22. So the Americans are damned if they do and damned if they don't. That's why we do what is in America's interest(s)...not yours. Most of Canada is kicking back, and watching American media like they always do.
  23. It's far easier (and safer) to protest outside the U.S. embassy in Ottawa.
  24. Donald Trump is the U.S. president...with all the power and decisions that entails. There is a lot more going on in the world than Turkey kicking the Kurd's ass in Syria. Let me know when Canada takes over the job of "world police".
  25. Not when faced with new global challenges and conflicts. Unlike many other nations, U.S. foreign policy has to juggle many issues at the same time, and there is nobody else to run to. Canada and the UN are not so flexible or capable.
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