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  1. Canadian alt-left embraces mob censorship on campus.


    1. bcsapper


      "Others say free speech is being used to justify sexist, racist and anti-LGBTQ views" 

      It's astonishing the number of so called "educated" people who have no clue what free speech means.

  2. Canadian dual citizen in U.S. busted for hacking Yahoo. 


    1. bush_cheney2004
    2. The_Squid


      American president works with Russians to spy on Americans....

    3. overthere


      this is going to get interesting......after he is extradited....


      The US Justice Dept will be working had on a plea bargain to get the dirt on the Kremlin.  Karim is far too pretty to end up in a US federal prison and will leap like a spawning salmon at any kind of break....


      Will the President try to keep Karims mouth shut?   How much does he know about Russian cyberspying activities?

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    1. drummindiver


      Seems he went for Green Day and titties were secondary. But I could be wrong.

    2. bush_cheney2004


      Apparently breasts are not safe in Parliament or at Green Day concerts.

  3. Canadian officials swarm Washington D.C. far more than Russians.


    1. DogOnPorch


      Nervous logger around here. The trees quite enjoy it, mind you. Those not on fire, that is. My favorite is locals loudly expressing a deep dislike of America and 'Muricins while begging for timber sales to the US. #Conflicted.

  4. Canadian oil drillers moving to USA....buh-bye Trudeau !


    1. Shady


      I thought he said he’d do anything for saving Canadian jobs!  That was his whole reasoning behind SNC Lavalin.  Once again he shows how full of shit he actually is.

    2. Cannucklehead
    3. Shady


      It is his fault.  It’s his regulations and carbon tax.  It’s his complete botching of necessary pipelines.  Where or when was his intervention to save these jobs like the SNC jobs?  Get a clue.

    1. capricorn


      When traveling to foreign countries, ignorance of the law is no excuse.

    2. betsy


      It's not like we weren't warned repeatedly about that.

  5. Canadian terrorist gets 40 years and Trudeau can't save him.


    1. AngusThermopyle


      Very good, the judge isn't falling for the tired old over used "mental illness" excuse. So this turd plotted to kill as many innocent people as possible, but now he's been caught he thinks he deserves a second chance. Too bad, so sad buddy.

    2. bcsapper


      Common sense prevailed.

      "We just don't know, and in these matters there is no room for error."

  6. Canadian terrorist gets life sentence for 2017 attack in Michigan.


    1. DogOnPorch


      Kids....we'll boycott America right after Daddy gasses-up in Bellingham. 

  7. Canadian woman has sex with underage minor, then applies for RCMP job...oops !


    1. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Of course she wasn't convicted, that's the point!  She prowled around her 14YO sons party - found a child to screw, she did the crime and fessed up, the court chose to believe that she didn't know the age of her sons friend.  Why?  Because we refuse to admit that women can be sex offenders. 

    2. hot enough

      hot enough

      Read up on the rule of law, Hal. Right wing knee jerk reactions are always wrong.

      She was actually very honest about it, wasn't she? Much more so that I suspect you would ever be. 

    3. Hal 9000

      Hal 9000

      Everything in law is political, politicians barely even cover that fact anymore.  When/if you wise up, you'll realize that.

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  8. Canadian yellowcake next to be baked by Trump tariffs...short Cameco!


    1. bcsapper


      Phew!  For a minute there I thought you meant those new lemon poppy seed slices at Horton's.

    1. Omni


      Who doesn't like a tax cut, especially since you have one of the highest corporate rates in the world. But knocking 24 points off it and then adding in a yuuuge infrastructure spending package, and we'll see when the debt skyrockets how the folks like his policies.

    1. Omni


      Apparently BC listens to more CBC news than previously indicated.

    2. kimmy


      Good. These guys are turds. A national embarrassment.  The living embodiment of the worst of the Instagram fame-seekers and "Bro Culture".  Have fun in jail, "bro".

    3. bush_cheney2004
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    1. Boges


      It's embarrassing that people think that what JT looks like, make him a good PM.

    2. OftenWrong


      Nice... the real one is plastic.

  9. CAS closed Christian's foster home over Easter Bunny...no kidding!


    1. bush_cheney2004


      If they want to..."reasonable accommodation" prevails.   FYI...there is no "Easter Bunny".

    2. ?Impact


      I believe in the Easter Bunny, I have faith. That is all it takes, now give me 10% of your earnings.

    3. bush_cheney2004


      Court has already ruled in Christian family's favour....government violated their rights, not the Easter Bunny.

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  10. CBC covers foreign presidential speech...LIVE !


    1. betsy


      Yeah.   And did you see all the "facts" they listed below - some of which, Trump has not even mentioned in his speech?  Labelling Trump as a liar.


      CBC is a Liberal propaganda machine that's truly anti-Trump.   They can't keep themselves from doing a slam on Trump on any opportunity.  especially on this issue about immigration.

        I think they're concerned about the Trump-inspired populist movement in Canada getting stronger - especially when border security in Canada is also now an issue.

  11. CBC covers Senate hearing...LIVE ...because it matters to Canada ?



  12. CBC LIVE !     Mueller Report...from the US of A.


    1. DogOnPorch


      The comment section is hi-lari-ous.

      Lots of nervous flailing freak-outs.


    2. bush_cheney2004


      AG Barr is one cool operator.   Schooled one reporter on the meaning of "unprecedented".

  13. CBC reinstates U.S. holiday song "Baby, It's Cold Outside"...DUH !


    1. betsy


      I'm glad a lot of people spoke up against the ban.  That was a different time - a part of cultural history.  We shouldn't cater to the loonies.

    2. Don Jonas

      Don Jonas

      People are free to play crappy non-Christmas songs at Christmas if they want and that was never in jeapardy. But I prefer songs of Christ at Christmas.

    3. AngusThermopyle


      To each their own. The whole ban Baby thing was stupid.


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