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  1. OK...but hating America is tolerated and even encouraged in Canada, but China is still given a pass because of racism and previous history. China will finally know it has arrived when Canada and other nations openly "hate" it just as much.
  2. China cannot control even tiny Taiwan....or much larger India.
  3. NBC apologizes for fake news about Attorney General Barr.


    1. OftenWrong


      It's the statement by Todd one second after the clip that "He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law."

    2. scribblet


      The fact that they had to apologize about their  'Meet the Press'  for 'inadvertently and inaccurately' editing the Barr clip shows how far outlets will go to to manipulate the news.

      “You’re correct. Earlier today, we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis,” the news program tweeted late Sunday in response to DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec. 

    3. BubberMiley


      Or it shows how reputable they are, as opposed to the BS you've posted, been shown it was a lie, and then whined to the mods because someone proved you're a liar 

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  4. Not even China believes that number. It is called Wuhan Virus for a reason.
  5. The Chinese leadership and collective political psyche has demonstrated far less tolerance for that sort of thing. Canada has learned this first hand from China. I would agree that there is a historical inferiority complex born of racism and economic reality for China that it insists on changing, far beyond saving face.
  6. But the same problem would occur....there is a mismatch for testing criteria and expanded capacity.
  7. That's the problem with expanded testing...not enough sampling can be done if people are not allowed to be tested. Governments are going to have to change an already confusing message to get proper sampling of all groups. https://www.fox2detroit.com/news/as-it-starts-reopening-a-new-report-says-michigan-is-still-woefully-behind-on-testing
  8. No it's not....some states are finding that ramped up testing capacity is not being matched by demand. People are not flocking to the testing tents or walk-in clinics in necessary sampling numbers to meet the statistical models proposed for reopening. White House staffers can be tested multiple times per day.
  9. It is also true that when China lied, thousands died.
  10. Cell tower metadata is already being used for social distancing scorecards (e.g. Unacast), and it is not intrusive or mandatory, just a by-product of the technology and geo-location. Playing the opposite of Pokemon Go with Covid-19 infected positives wouldn't have much appeal without prizes or cash incentives.
  11. If you are fine with using a tracking app then go for it. Make it voluntary and there will be much more compliance, supporting the actual tracking goal. Force people ("mandatory") and there will be far more pushback.
  12. So move to South Korea....problem solved !
  13. Ironic...since it is "Nazis" who would love such a mandatory tracking app.
  14. It was you who brought up "black crime"....your go to move.
  15. Has nothing to do with Trump...except for the Trump haters like you. Who will you focus your hate on once he is gone...back to "blacks" ?
  16. Liberate....Educate....Mitigate...and Cremate. Any questions ?
  17. So what ? Better to die as a free man/woman than live as sheep. LIVE FREE OR DIE ! (or go to Canada).
  18. The sheep will....most others won't. Stupid idea...
  19. Sorry, but an app will not save you from your longstanding fear of "blacks" and crime either.
  20. Which is exactly what I said...."We The People"...it is a foreign concept to you in Canada, remember ?
  21. They are the opposite of sheep....nice try. Clue for you: THERE IS NOT GOING TO BE ANY MANDATORY APP FOR COVID-19 IN NORTH AMERICA
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