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  1. Yes...really. And 85% of Canadian automotive production is exported to the USA. That's what gave Trump so much leverage over Trudeau. ...and still does.
  2. Ontario doesn't agree....over 100,000 jobs lost. Canada is the only G-7 nation without a domestically owned auto make.
  3. Actually, Mexico ran NAFTA circles around Canada (Trudeau/Freeland) to cut a deal with Trump, leaving Canada with no choice but to sign on. New auto plants in the U.S. and Mexico, not Canada. GM Oshawa closes down next month.
  4. Canadian government(s) and media disagreed mightily....bitching and moaning all the way. Trump took on NAFTA and slapped tariffs on Canada....because he can. And now Canadian oil services companies are moving south to the Land of Trump.
  5. ???? Trump led on NAFTA changes....not Trudeau or Nieto. Ditto tariffs. Do you ever get tired of Trump having such a large impact on your country's economy ?
  6. "Elections have consequences" - President Barack Obama (2009) Donald Trump is the 45th President of the United States...not too shabby for a real estate huckster from Queens. Canada is pushing the U.S. House to ratify NAFTA 2.0....because of Trump. Trump matters more than Trudeau.
  7. He also got the House and Senate ....so let's review: Presidency...check ( Trump received 304 Electoral College votes, Clinton got 227) House...check Senate...check
  8. A different perspective.... Why are Canadians the world’s energy pigs? Why are Canadians the world’s energy pigs?
  9. Canada's choice....not my business. Trump will get the same opportunity in 2020 if he wants....win or lose. This time around, the Democrats will take Trump a lot more seriously, because he kicked their asses in 2016.
  10. Impeach does not mean move on.....Bill Clinton was impeached yet still served two full terms. Trump still has higher job approval ratings than Trudeau, Merkel, Macron, and May/Johnson.
  11. You can "stay" whatever you want, but that is totally irrelevant to President Trump's appeal for conservative and independent voters. Trump is just another American president, and he will succeed and fail just like all the rest.
  12. You still don't get it...what you think about Trump's accomplishments means nothing...you can't vote in the election.
  13. Why do you continue to ignore Trump's other actions and appeal to conservative and other voters ? Paris Climate Agreement - U.S. to leave Conservative Supreme Court justices - 2 and counting Lower courts being filled with conservative judges Obamacare IRS penalty - no longer exists Unemployment rate at 50 year lows Stock market at all time highs Illegal immigration deportations / ICE enforcement NAFTA 2.0, Korea & Japan trade agreements, bye-bye TPP U.S. embassy moved to Jerusalem More U.S. steel and aluminum production; more manufacturing jobs created Approved Keystone XL pipeline across northern border; NuStar Burgos oil pipeline from Mexico Historic Kim Jong-Un DPRK summit; repatriation of MIA remains Withdraw from illegal Iran Nuclear Deal NATO deadbeats increased defense spending ISIS war ROE's changed....bombs away ! Veterans affairs Hate Trump all you want, but he is not a just a GOP tax cut pony. The Democrats still haven't figured out how to beat him.
  14. Well, if it's included in a fictional American television drama, then it must be true...in Canada !
  15. Yes they are...based on CBC.ca reader comments....even for just "cross-border" shopping in the USA, "hurting" Canadian business.
  16. Another Democrat candidate bites the dust....Beto O'Rourke is out of the race.
  17. Like Canadians, New Yorkers have been moving to Florida for generations. So can Trump....
  18. Nope...because the Tea Party giveth a new term you learned for U.S. politics....SEQUESTRATION.
  19. Canadian oil drillers moving to USA....buh-bye Trudeau !


    1. Shady


      I thought he said he’d do anything for saving Canadian jobs!  That was his whole reasoning behind SNC Lavalin.  Once again he shows how full of shit he actually is.

    2. Cannucklehead
    3. Shady


      It is his fault.  It’s his regulations and carbon tax.  It’s his complete botching of necessary pipelines.  Where or when was his intervention to save these jobs like the SNC jobs?  Get a clue.

  20. For reasons you don't understand...being a rookie and all. "Bush_Cheney2004" was the first political smack down...Trump is another.
  21. I tow my own line....which isn't Republican. A majority of Americans are not members of political parties. Trump was a Democrat before....even ostriches know that.
  22. You're new here rookie....I specifically did not vote for Trump because the large deficits were expected as a matter of policy. This "ostrich" can vote in U.S. elections...can you ?
  23. Clue #1: The Republican Party hasn't been fiscally conservative for a very long time....might want to update your playbook. https://howmuch.net/articles/usa-debt-by-president
  24. Because Japan is very dependent on the United States for military support....and survival against China & North Korea.
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