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  1. No worries....Canada doesn't even have its own back.
  2. Trump throws Canada a bone with seat on Artemis Lunar Gateway mission.

  3. Good for Russia....the USA has been hacking Russia, China, Canada, and many other nations for years.
  4. Sorry, but voting fraud is real, like the Canadian illegal in 2016:
  5. Trumps lawsuits should have at least one positive effect...forcing states to clean up their voter rolls, new registrations, and mail-in ballot procedures, which were never designed to replace a majority of cast votes.
  6. You're in Canada....no choice in the matter either way.
  7. Obama and Trump approval ratings tracked closely for most of the first term.
  8. That's what is so strange...the Trump haters are so paralyzed and polarized by him, they actually welcome the return to the neo-liberal globalist order under a Joe Biden. The Trump lawsuit backlash just serves to point out how badly they want things to get back to "normal". Hot pickle...bombs away !
  9. Speaking of lawsuits, President Trump has been the defendant in over 50 lawsuits filed against him while in office. American lawyers love lawsuits...they get paid by billable hours plus expenses. So if Trump wants to sue...no big deal.
  10. So Trump matters a lot more than your PM...thanks for playing.
  11. I think we already have....the vaccine(s) being shipped to your country were developed and manufactured with some U.S. interest. Those UPS freighters flying into Canada come from Louisville, Kentucky...a Trump state.
  12. Tell you what...you keep watching Trump on my side of the border... while I keep watching Kat Wonders on your side of the border. Win-win !
  13. You are getting warmer...keep watching the show...because I know you will. Same Trump time....same Trump channel !
  14. Remember when they were saying that Trump would cancel the election ? Trump had them running scared !
  15. Trump's lawsuits have not failed to get him the media attention he desires...even in a foreign country !
  16. Sure...want some old clapped out F/A-18 jets to go with that ?
  17. Actually, Trump matters a lot more on foreign policy than Canada's Justin Trudeau. Trump recently closed on several Mideast peace deals between Israel and former adversaries.
  18. Russia ? What did Obama do about...Russia ? If Russia is your concern, maybe encourage your own government to stop being a NATO defence spending deadbeat. Gotta link to Chrystia Freeland begging Trump to protect the "post WW2 order" ?
  19. Why the hell would Trump ever try to "stabilize" the western world ? WTF ? America is not the world police.
  20. Trump is so good at it, he even gets Canadians to fall for the same gags....over and over. Ignore the guy...if you can.
  21. That's why he was elected....he is a glorious asshole. ...and he is going to continue to be an asshole.
  22. How many ? ....millions. Trump knows that all he has to do is say or do something outrageous and media will shine more spotlight on him. He will still be a previous U.S. president. Even Canada eats that stuff up.
  23. Trump is doing fine on the media front....still has foreign media in a hot lather. Canadians are still falling for Trump's schtick. Think they would have learned by now.....
  24. Wrong...Trump was attacked even before he became president. Payback is a bitch !
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