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  1. Many Americans are not members of a political party, myself included. There are practical and political reasons for organized party organizations that group similar ideologies and popular support, at the local, state, and federal level. The majority of voters do not even participate in primary elections, and voter turnout for the 2016 general election was about 56%, consistent with historical norms. Canada has its own set of problems and issues that fall along other fault lines far beyond party loyalty (e.g. language, region, resources, etc.).
  2. Agreed...they can go for it all they want...doesn't mean NATO allies are going to die for them. The large swath is impressive....like they own half of Syria !
  3. Got it....I wonder which T-shirt would sell better ? "Human Shield for Kurds" "Trump-Pence 2020"
  4. Yes...President Trump is a big problem....for Democrats Not only did their champion Hillary Clinton lose the 2016 election, they are now faced with even weaker prospects against an incumbent president. Why is it so hard for the Democrats to defeat Trump with their "best" ? Because their best is not very good either.
  5. No, it is force structure reality because one strike carrier (USS Harry S. Truman) deployment is delayed, and USS Abraham Lincoln is rotating off deployment from the Gulf, leaving a gap in air power. Land based assets will help to fill the gap and discourage Iran from attacking U.S. allies in the region. One U.S. aircraft carrier has a crew and embarked air squadron force of nearly 5,000.
  6. That's right...an American president doing what he wants for U.S. interests, just like previous U.S. presidents. Please note that Canada removed a squadron of strike fighters and refueling aircraft from the region long ago, in addition to denying Kurds/peshmerga promised military aid. So why does Canada get to run, but the U.S. must stay in Syria ?
  7. Interesting....devotion to foreign presidents Barack Obama or Donald Trump pays political dividends in Canada. Why is that ?
  8. Yes....it still bugs them to realize that Donald Trump is the INCUMBENT U.S. president, with all the advantages that entails. Trump even directed a new paint scheme for AF1, while Justin Trudeau daydreamed about more blackface !
  9. Yep...the Minneapolis (Minnesota) rally drew Trump supporters even from other states....North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Iowa. That's a long drive to get you some Trump. Then they had fun flipping off the triggered snowflakes protesting outside. Trump is already in full campaign mode, which he loves the most. Money is pouring into GOP coffers....legal...and illegal !
  10. Meng is big news in Canada because of prisoners in China, but it is not a big deal in the U.S. Her charges stem from Obama era sanctions and a warrant from a court in New York, hardly a Trump stronghold. The EU had/has more tariffs on U.S. exports than China, long before Trump. Decades ago, China allied with the Soviets too...it did not end well. Capital flows freely around the world now, and that includes Chinese capital. There is no putting that genie back in the bottle, and China will no longer tolerate being the backward third world nation that has to abide by American and European rules.
  11. It was wild downtown....the Antifa types were outnumbered by MAGA hats. Cops (who also support Trump), did their best to keep groups separated, but some people just have to get some blood spilled for the cameras. Trump spoke for 90+ minutes to a packed venue with spill over outside, like a Raptors game in Toronto. Trump told the crowd, "Isn't it better when I go off script". " Biden was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama's ass."
  12. Canada was willing to fight more than most NATO countries, but did not have the investment in defence to properly equip Canadian Forces (they paid the price instead), support them, or sustain other operations significantly. Canada did/could not deploy strike fighters to Afghanistan...it was a war too far. There is no teaming up against China, as it now has the critical mass for economic growth from its increasing middle class, same as America in the 20th century. It is no coincidence that China is following American examples for power and influence, but China has done this several times before in history, long before the British or Spanish. China will not tolerate Canada's shrill virtue signaling and human rights agenda, because it doesn't have to.
  13. Because Canadian media has reported the fear for years now. Boo !
  14. Liberal candidate says black Canadians love Trudeau's blackface !

    1. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      I know you just can't make this shit up....and a senior Liberal at that....but then again this is the liberal mentality....it's like watching a train wreck, and nothing they say or do sticks, Liberals in general think this is normal behavior....then they got the balls to call Mad MAX a racist party....

    2. Sagacious


      Is a drama guy in a costume 20 years ago somehow worse than a guy that opposed equal marriage, opposes rights for the first nations, tries to not offend anti-abortionsits, defends or ignores white nationalists, etc?  Hell 20 years ago I dressed up as Bob Marley for Hallowe'en. Not because I was anti-black or meant to ridicule black people, like the original actors in blackface on vaudeville shows. I just thought it was a cool costume and I was a fan of Marley.

      I understand you are a rabid partisan, but have some perspective here. Trudeau's costumes aren't an issue, your man courting racists and the christian far right is an issue.

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      making Like I already explained this goes back further than 20 years ago, the practice of white people painting their faces black was stopped because it was considered racist. Period, it does not matter if Justin or you did it, it is still a racist act...And the black community thinks that way as well...it is normal behavior for liberals...

      ...Tell me the tape that has Justin in a black face jumping up and down acting like a monkey and making monkey noises is not racist....

      I understand that liberals don't have the same moral values as the rest of Canada, but the issue in this post is black faces...Now if you wqant to talk about the rest of Justins shortfalls start a topic and I'll be there, I think it is rich that any liberal wants to make hay over racism when the liberals have lost more candidates this campaign to making  racist remarks than any party put together...lets talk about that...and I'm the partisan , better than a racist. 

  15. No I didn't...the vote was very close....Trump won on the margins:
  16. Yes they can...and did. Lots of Cubans in Florida...they vote for Trump !! (Hint: Trump won Florida in 2016).
  17. Screw Cuba...we still have 'Gitmo and we are not giving it back. These Cubans were not impressed....so they left...headed for Florida.
  18. Well, that explains a lot. The Trudeau family loves Cuba too....BFFs with Castro !
  19. Canadians still winter in Florida, Arizona, and California....Trump or no Trump. So many, Canadians are the #1 overstay illegals in the USA. They don't want to go home !
  20. Be afraid....be very, very afraid. Continue to fear, because Canada is impotent and can't do anything about it. Donald Trump is President of the United States...Canada doesn't get any say in the matter.
  21. Despite the fear, Canadians still visit the United States far more than Americans going to Canada, and the U.S. has 10X the population. One of my favourite graphs from last year....about 2,000,000 visits: Why Canadians talk about boycotting the U.S. but are actually travelling there more https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/canada-tourist-travel-to-united-states-increase-since-trump-1.4764663
  22. Fear what machine ? Hell, Canada feared Trump before he was even elected...still does.
  23. Trump supporters don't care....only the losers do.
  24. Correct....U.S. dollar is world's hegemon....Canadian peso...not so much.
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