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  1. So when faced with contrary views (and mocking tone), your only defense is to silence people ? That's what happens in Iran !
  2. Can we please try to stay on topic ? Otherwise this thread gets shut down. ...or start another thread if you want. In this corner....hailing from Washington D.C.....the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.....Great Satan America ! In the far corner....hailing from Tehran, Iran....weak shadow of the former Persian Empire....the Islamic Republic of Iran ! ...shake hands and come out fighting.
    1. betsy


      Media here were wondering why he wasn't seen around  for a quite a while - I think,

      ......it's because his beard looks awful while they're just stubble! :D

  3. Why ? Are you afraid of alternative points of view and wish to silence same ? "If you want peace...prepare for war" - Publius Flavius Vegetius Renatus Look, Iran was playing the proxy war game for decades and got busted by Trump....big deal.
  4. Canada should do a lot of things...but it won't ever do it. After the invasion of Iraq in 2003, Canada begged George Bush for permission to bid on Iraqi oil services and infrastructure contracts.
  5. Because that's what global superpowers do. Iran has been in our sights for 40 years. More Iranians live in Los Angeles than in Tehronto.
  6. It will take a lot more than that. Guess which country is the most dependent on the U.S. economy ? Hint: begins with a "C" Iran has been able to cut ties with Amerika...but not Canada !
  7. OK...but we can still ignore Canada....same as always. Twice as many Canadians travel to the USA each year than Americans going north, and the U.S. has 10X the population ! Can we please get back to bomb, bomb, bomb....bombing Iran ?
  8. High speed rail has nothing to do with playing war games with Iran. President Donald Trump is our bastard...not Canada's.
  9. The propaganda value from such a display of "revenge" is for domestic consumption. "Death to Amerika !!! " Iran needs its own version of Iraq's Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf (aka "Baghdad Bob" ) from 2003.
  10. The Canadians are fleeing to Kuwait...also protected by shiny American butts.
  11. I would send a Hallmark sympathy card with my condolences...but Iran is under severe sanctions by my country. FedEx, UPS, and DHL will not ship to Iran.
  12. ...but some would desperately try to get Iraqi oil services contracts (e.g. SNC Lavalin) with American butts guarding the fields.
  13. They are very different...just ask General Soleimani's widow(s).
  14. Not as "funny" as four AGM-114 Hellfire missiles.
  15. Media is reporting Iran's big "revenge" attack...with missiles. Yawn......
  16. Doesn't matter....Canada is a non-player...especially for Iran. Stick to Iraqi and Libyan oil instead.
  17. Any other nation(s) that want to stop American foreign policy in the region are free to do so. Good luck with that...Canada.
  18. Killing the good general also causes problems for China, which needs a stable Iran and ME for long term goals. China just learned what a real super power can do with the means and will to do so. Damn that Trump !
  19. They also put Japanese-Canadians into internment camps and stole their land/property. Slow clap for that kind of courage.
  20. Won't be able to trade with the United States either. That would put a big hurt on the Canadian economy.
  21. Ding...dong....Soleimani is dead. So what's not to enjoy ? Give candy to the Iranian children in Tehronto !
  22. Correct...very happy that this Iranian general has gone to terrorist heaven.
  23. That's right....one of many social media platforms developed and deployed by America...not Canada or Iran...for all the world to use. Moderate that....
  24. Twitter is American...not Iranian. Even Canadians use it.
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