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  1. Of course you are, because the pre-COVID numbers tell the real story. So close it all down, and see if millions of Canadians can learn to love Canada again.
  2. Not happening ? GM Oshawa plant....shut down...before COVID. ..and over 100,000 automotive jobs lost in Ontario over the past 20 years. Canada is the only G7 nation without a major domestically owned car make. More outbreaks in Ontario.....better quarantine !
  3. More Canadians traveled to the U.S., even with a much smaller population. Must be the weather ! Why Canadians talk about boycotting the U.S. but are actually travelling there more https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/calgary/canada-tourist-travel-to-united-states-increase-since-trump-1.4764663
  4. By signing trade agreements. Trump wants to put tariffs back on Canada for quota cheating. Close down all U.S. auto plants in Ontario through incentives, and watch Trudeau whine ! Lots of people are ignoring the quarantine rules, even in-country. You can pretend otherwise.
  5. It's not about you or me....many Canadians have long expressed such hatred for the U.S., so much so it is considered a national sport...long before Trump. So give them something to really bitch about, while they continue to want to cross the border and consume American culture/media. Obama got double digit unemployment after his election. Sorry, but American media can not always meet your needs in Canada. Try Korean baseball.....
  6. Sure would...China and Mexico matter more now. Trump knows Canada's pain points, and so does China. ...and it doesn't make sense to permit travel to the U.S. but not Montreal.
  7. My hatred for smug anti-Americans in Canada is a lot more than evident. And it precedes Trump by many years. ...so walk the talk, or be called on it. Trump improved the U.S. economy, but you still hate him. See how easy it is to un-wrap such pretzel logic ? I have many NCAA, NFL, MLB, and NBA games and playoffs and championships on DVD going back to the 1960's for just this kind of circumstance. NHL ? Who cares !
  8. So what's the problem. Trump acted before Trudeau, which only directed infected passengers to specific airports in Canada. Just to mock Canada's border closure "rules". The funny part is that Canadians are freer to travel to the U.S. than to cross some provinces in their own country. Too funny ! I already have.....find new customers...Canada will squeal louder and much sooner.
  9. Since when do you care what Trump wants ? A one year closure will expose all the America haters in Canada that still depend on crossing the border. They can start walking their talk. Shut down air travel too ! Speak for yourself....it's only about the money. Plenty of old sports media to watch...America gave Canada YouTube, remember ?
  10. So Trump was right...and he did it first. Nonsense...they can just say they are going to Alaska. Canada's border is still like Swiss cheese. Is Roxham Road still open...LOL ! Truth is....a closed border has far more impact on Canada than the U.S.
  11. Canadians cross the border by a 2:1 ratio compared to Americans, and the U.S. has 10X the population. Keep the border closed for another year ! Not all trade is essential....stop those trucks too. Hockey and baseball are the most non-essential of all.
  12. So it was OK for Europeans, but not Americans ? Got it. Sure they do.....nobody would dare to violate quarantine ! Upside: Maybe Trudeau will stay out of the U.S. for a while...he has visited 20 times as PM.
  13. OK...so not in 2018...when the GOP actually gained a Senate seat with Trump. Obama lost seats in 2010. Still waiting for 2020 to play out....keep gawking for the results. Trump banned European travel to the U.S. first....but you didn't notice ? Americans can still fly into Canada, just to say...."COVID...BOO !"
  14. It has been over three years...when do you think they will "bail on him" based on gawker expertise ? Canadians of convenience go to Europe all the time. 10% of Canadians don't want to live in the country....."Sad" ! Keep the U.S. border closed until summer 2021....I want to see how this plays out for Canadian snowbirds and wannabes.
  15. Again...so what ? I am not a GOP member and many Americans do not drink the political party Kool-Aid® as in Canada. GOP Senators hated Trump back in 2016 too....then they loved him. So much for that argument...see how easy that was ? I know...."sad" is a Canadian virtue signal. We just laugh at that sort of thing and continue watching WWF.
  16. Obviously it is not exhausting for me...try to keep up if you can. I thoroughly enjoy destroying your fits of cross border rage with history, logic, and the law.
  17. So what if they are "racist organizations". Hell, Canada's government is a racist organization too (e.g. Indian Act). Why did Obama leave Rev. Jeremiah Wright ?
  18. Of course I do...."dude" can say whatever he wants in the USA. It is not Canada. See "First Amendment". You may find this hard to believe, but some Americans have also been known to say...."BLACK POWER".
  19. Yawn.....President Barack Obama and Rev. Jeremiah Wright....in person...no retweets.
  20. Print and other news media in Canada has consolidated because of shrinking ad revenue, internet platforming, demographic changes, etc., same as in other nations. Nevertheless, Canadians still seek and get news media fixes from the U.S. and other nations, including biased views. Cable systems provide a wide spectrum of American news and other media, while AP, Thompson-Reuters, and other "wire" services provide a steady diet of U.S. news content. As for Fox News, some Canadians express expert knowledge of its production content and talking heads, despite claims of never watching it.
  21. 1. OK...I will chalk the death wish up to editorial creativity. 2. The material impact on the ground would largely be the same for any U.S. president and existing federal agencies. Trump's indifference and political motivations in an election year are paralleled by wanton disregard by other groups seeking social and political change, sometimes violently. Other nations with worse mortality outcomes than the U.S. (like UK, Sweden, Spain, Italy, France) are not subjected to the feckless leader label. 3. Trump will win or lose doing things his way. A politically neutered Trump wouldn't be any fun at all.
  22. Yes, this is the larger issue at play, and Mark Zuckerberg is standing up for that principle, even as Facebook loses shareholders and advertising revenue. The silencing and cancel culture must be confronted and exposed for the much larger threat it/they represent.
  23. 1. OK...that's fair...what are your motivations ? Are you really invested so much into the life (and death) of this or any U.S. president ? 2. Huge compared to what ? Congress and the courts have stymied Trump on several health care fronts. If you mean COVID-19 specifically, state governors and local governments have far more impact than Trump's grandstanding. Individuals are also making different choices regardless of Trump, same as previous presidents and pandemics. 3. Either way, I can say with certainty that Trump is just another U.S. president, without magical powers or divine providence. His antics should have less and less impact as time goes on, except for those who continue to give him oxygen, which is exactly what he wants. It is said by Christians that Jesus died for humanity's sins...Donald Trump is clearly not Jesus.
  24. But the math still wouldn't add up. Expressing such a view about Trump is one of frustration and desperation, having not only no power over the political process that put him there in the first place and keeps him very much alive, but extends to utter disdain for the people who do. That Trump should die for the good of the "herd" grants him even more power and influence than he actually has, so much so it can only be trumped by "death". It turns the protest and dissidence of a large gas balloon effigy into defeat, because the large orange balloon has won and didn't go away by any other means (election, investigation(s), impeachment, lawsuits, etc.). I can't recall such an opinion being posted about any other national political figure, unless one includes and equates Canadian MP Carolyn Parrish stomping on a George W. Bush voodoo doll to wishing for his untimely demise. I guess she was very frustrated too.
  25. The country has been changing since 1776. Correlating such changes specifically to who is president is very problematic, because many other factors are in play. Presidents can influence domestic and foreign policy, but the story arc is more consistent with social, economic, and political change regardless of who is president. LBJ actually continued many JFK initiatives (e.g. space program). As an example, Barack Obama was against same-sex marriage for personal (religious) and political reasons, but "evolved" to attack DOMA by the 2008 campaign. Social development overshadowed whatever the president believed or mandated through policy. Hoping that Trump dies in office ignores many other nuts and bolts that would remain from the same machine.
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