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  1. Toronto has voted for a mandatory face mask by-law that goes into effect on 7 July. ...which spawned this marvelous comment to describe them: "virtue signaling face diapers"
  2. Good...they screwed up. There are way too many sob stories concerning this closed border. Some people think they are extra special.
  3. Yep...and that's another reason to keep the border locked down. If Canada wants to go in a different direction, that's your choice. The longer and tighter the border is locked down, the more exposed Canada's government will be for policies and dependencies.
  4. That's right...those days are long gone. Mexico has to deal with it too. These are sovereign nations with armed borders now, with lots of money being spent to stop all the illegal activity and enforce the law. Some people think it is a game to be played..over and over again.
  5. Their residency status is confirmed and they are asked to provide an address and contact information. Quarantining can be recommended but not ordered or enforced. Lawsuits have already been filed.
  6. Tough bounce....I live farther north than Toronto and have no desire to "escape" from my cold part of the country...I actually enjoy it. Moved from San Diego, California almost 40 years ago. There are lots of other places for Canadians to go besides the USA. Another good reason to keep the border closed. Canada has already gone over to the state globalist side, importing more refugees, and basing attacks on the USA. Trump exposed the true nature of the economic and cultural relationship...no more need to pretend otherwise. Canada still likes to pretend that the border is still the longest unprotected area in the world, but that hasn't been true for at least 20 years.
  7. Canada has been going down this course for a very long time...long before Trump or COVID. Anti-American hate from many but not all Canadians means that you are stuck with any backlash too.
  8. Well, I suppose getting away from the Canadian winter has been the usual expectation and practice in the past, but COVID barriers and restrictions are likely to remain in place for the USA. This will disrupt the usual snowbird travel patterns. Canadians can go elsewhere of course.
  9. Where ? From your federal and provincial governments. If you fly back...two weeks in der kooler. Business may have flowed, but Canadians crossed the border at twice the volume.
  10. The U.S. border has always been more of a gateway and access for Canadians than Americans. I can go anywhere in the USA and there are no two week lock downs. The border looms larger on your side of it.
  11. All the more reason to just shut it down to expose and starve all the cross border fun and games. This is not the European Union, and all the bitching about America should welcome a thicker border.
  12. That's what they said about Michael Flynn too.
  13. Several U.S. presidents are presumed to be "war criminals"...long before Trump's alleged issues. ...just part of the job.
  14. That's fine, and after all the Trump haters high-five each other, they are going to come to the realization that all of the problems still remain, problems that Biden helped to create. Trump will still get his pension, Secret Service protection, maybe even a presidential library, and he will still be a member of a very exclusive club...and he did it before Joe Biden.
  15. He will if he doesn't want Trump to continue as a divisive distraction, same as Ford/Nixon. Trump was never going to be a "great POTUS", he was going to be a political inflection point and barrier to Hillary Clinton. In that, he succeeded. Few U.S. presidents rise to the level of "greatness", and that would include Joe Biden if he becomes president.
  16. Yes, he will...no choice really. Trump is just another U.S. president. Nixon resigned...and was quickly pardoned. Trump already exceeded expectations and outperformed in 2016....not too shabby for a huckster from Queens.
  17. The point is that people's behaviours are not so easily controlled, and that includes Trump's impact, even for his base. The mask issue is just a red herring...lots of people are not wearing masks. Believe it or not, President Obama was a smoker, setting a "bad example" ? None of the GOP governors has reached Cuomo's level of policy impact and resulting deaths. Trump will remain as defiant as ever, 'cause that's how he got to be president. Few would find him "woke" as anything else.
  18. That's why it really has little to do with Trump, or any president with existing federal, state, and local public health infrastructure. Trump always wanted to own the economy when it was doing well, so he has to accept the downside too. The U.S. population is very diverse and has responded in many different ways....there is simply no uniform approach or compliance model that will work. And this is not unique to the USA. For reference, COVID-19 is not even top 10 for causes of death among young people in America. Smoking reportedly causes more than 450,000 deaths each year for Americans, but 15% of the population still smokes, and the government still benefits from tobacco tax revenue.
  19. It's not even a matter of "letting"....many COVID positives are asymptomatic and untested. 80% of those infected have no or only very mild symptoms. Employers will implement cleaning and barriers and adjust as needed. Again, the quarantine enforcement resources are not what you may want or think they are. It is what it is...the essence of a pandemic without a vaccine. To some of them, it is a Boomer Remover. I personally underestimated just how important alcohol/drug consumption is to many people, either socially or as an addiction. Government was quick to meet this demand out of fear for worse outcomes if alcohol was not readily available. Accordingly, it is not difficult to extend and rationalize such allowances for many other areas and behaviours in a free society. What it comes down to is that people who want to isolate and avoid exposure will do so, while others will take more risks depending on their tolerance.
  20. The two-week thing is not uniformly enforced. I guess the main point is that the U.S. (at least) is beyond the initial total lockdown approach and will tolerate more COVID risks. Many have already been out of work for three months. No worse than it has already been impacted. COVID fatigue has set in and young people seem to be the least tolerant of continued restrictions. Open bars and drinking seem to be more important to them.
  21. More deaths does not necessarily increase the mortality rate, as many more tests are being completed per day. The hospitalization strategy early on will give way to another, more aggressive stance with an acceptable level of misery vs. staying shut down. Younger people do not get sick and die at the same rate as the more vulnerable.
  22. It's a mixed bag...not all states are having new spikes after re-opening. Still waiting for deaths to spike, an important metric. Staying locked down through the election was never going to happen, regardless of Trump.
  23. It's not that big a deal now...and doesn't absolutely require airline travel, which was a primary vector for COVID to begin with. Will quickly collapse when players test positive. There is no compelling reason for professional sports to open except for lost revenue to players, owners, vendors, and other employees.
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