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  1. Bloomberg was fired at age 39 from Salomon Brothers because of a merger....he was so great...they got rid of him for $10 million.
  2. Well...well...Neil Young wants U.S. citizenship after decades as resident.


    1. dialamah


      Apparently he wants to "vote his conscience" on Trump and his cronies.  "I sincerely hope I have exhibited good moral character and will be able to vote my conscience on Donald J Trump and his fellow American candidates, (as yet un-named).”

      I don't think it'll be a vote for Trump, though:

      Young has been critical of Trump’s presidency, refusing him permission to use his 1989 hit Rockin’ in the Free World at campaign events, and criticising his stance on the November 2018 California wild fires, in which Young lost his home.

    2. bush_cheney2004


      "Vote his conscience" ?   I'll bet he didn't/can't even vote in Canada any more.   This longtime American wannabe has been playing the game long before Trump came along.   Be funny if Trump deports his ass back to Canada instead.

    3. Army Guy

      Army Guy

      NO way once he crosses the border he is all yours give him to North Korea....

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  3. So you agree with Trump that abortions are "morally" wrong...but politically acceptable ?
  4. See what I mean....it's always personal for the Trump haters. Donald Trump is an American president, sponsored by American voters.
  5. His time...his money. Bloomberg just can't stand idly by and watch the Democrats hand the election to Trump. The DNC is still broke....has to borrow more money.
  6. Meanwhile, back at the Democratic ranch, Michael Bloomberg has entered the ring late to try and save what he sees as an obvious defeat for Democrats / Socialists. Bloomberg has the deep pockets that Biden lacks, and has less baggage. The Democrats are gifting Trump impeachment martyrdom while stealing precious media bandwidth from their own lame presidential candidates. The U.S. election is now less than one year away.
  7. That's because they are operating at the level of personal hate and animus for Trump, losing all objectivity or historical perspective for U.S. presidents and the duties of office. Trump just drives them nuts !
  8. Then why didn't most Canadians hate on Obama for doing it ? I get it....OK for Obama..not OK for Trump....because...politics. And that's all Trump deserves as well...his elected turn at bat.
  9. Look...just follow forum rules (no personal attacks) and we will get along just fine. I was focusing lasers over 40 years ago.
  10. I didn't make up the rules...see "Constitution of the United States of America". If it makes you feel any better, Vice President Spiro Agnew went to prison for tax evasion after he was removed from office (resigned). So the Trump haters will just have to do it the hard way...same as any other president. I never said nobody is getting hurt...just no more than under previous presidents, and in Trump's case, probably far less. Have you ever seen what a Hellfire missile does to body parts (Bush / Obama) ? Not really...American politics and topics also dominate, reflecting Canada's longstanding obsession with the USA. Most Americans just ignore Canada.
  11. Bill Clinton lied under oath in a federal deposition, and obstructed justice. So he payed the political price...impeachment is a political process...not criminal. The Democrats are taking so long because they already got burned with the Mueller Report, which only made Trump stronger. The only way to beat Trump is to defeat him in an election as long as the Senate has his back. Current odds are that the Democrats cannot beat Trump in 2020.
  12. The U.S. position has always been backstopped by raw economic and military power, no different from Trump's policies and methods except in delivery style. President Obama destroyed entire families with drone attacks, but he was still "their" guy. Being loved internationally is more of a Canadian value and desire, and should not be projected on Americans...as a whole different superpower dynamic is at play. Trump has dared to challenge the post WW2 order, mostly because it has cost the United States a fortune that is no longer affordable, especially if more money must be spent on domestic social programs. The EU has a larger population than the U.S., but carries far less weight. Chrystia Freeland (Canada) wants the U.S. to continue as before, but there is no requirement to do so. Trump is right to question all such things, even if he cannot really change them. The GOP rejected Trump early on, until he showed them the path to victory. Now they love him....as long as he keeps delivering. Bush Sr. lost re-election because of broken tax promises ("read my lips"); President Reagan was the last point of GOP pride (Reagan was previously a Democrat.). The first order of business was to stop the status quo...to disrupt...globalism and multiculturalism...nationalist ideas that proceeded Trump by many years. Voices in Canada screamed about the ravages of NAFTA long before Trump (e.g. Maude Barlow). All Trump added to the fight was a media presence and acumen that dominated his GOP rivals and the Democrats. Donald Trump is not a conservative in the classic sense at all. Trump is a populist who turned American politics on its head.
  13. President Bill Clinton was impeached by the GOP in less than 90 days (Oct - Dec 1998). Slam...bam...thank-you Ma'm. Pelosi and her Democratic gang that can't shoot straight are still fumbling and bumbling to get the job done against President Trump. This could easily drag on into 2020.
  14. Unfaithful electors and their wishful, deluded thinking. https://www.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2016/dec/19/electoral-college-donald-trump-after-inauguration-fight We don't impeach our presidents based on what you are "pretty sure" of....sorry....that's not how it works "south of the border".
  15. I disagree..that original question has been answered. Trump would lose their support when he ceases to be a means to an end, irrespective of any "illegal" personal or presidential actions. Trump is a rude, crude bastard...but he is our bastard.
  16. Very incorrect...have been over this many times. "Stage 1" in the House is the impeachment, as defined in the U.S. Constitution, which matters a lot more than your opinion from Canada. President Trump has not been impeached...yet. Only hearings......
  17. Of course it's an impeachment...even Hillary knows that Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998. Some people just want to remain in denial because of TDS. Trump has even distorted their understanding of history.
  18. More nonsense...I didn't even vote for Trump.
  19. Great...then how's 'bout we have the next election and see what happens ? Trump can win or lose, just like any other sitting U.S. president. Let's review: 1) Trump will never win the GOP nomination - wrong 2) Trump will never be elected president - wrong 3) Trump will not be inaugurated - wrong 4) Trump colluded with the Russians (Boo!) - wrong 5) Trump will be removed by the 25th Amendment - wrong 6) <Fill in the blanks> - wrong again !
  20. There is no danger...Trump is just another U.S. president. But for some reason, he drives some people nuts. And that is very, very entertaining.
  21. Trump would have to be removed from office first. That's the Constitution, the highest law of the land in the United States. Besides, it's not like Trump conspired and broke the law to protect SNC-Lavalin the way that somebody else did in another corrupt nation.
  22. Wrong....President Bill Clinton was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives in December 1998 for lying under oath and obstruction of justice (2/4 Articles of Impeachment). Clinton was acquitted at trial in the U.S. Senate. History will always record that Bill Clinton was impeached, no matter what Trump haters think.
  23. Partially true....many of Trump's policies and executive orders are only intended to reverse Obama era policies. Some success...some not. Trump is an important political figure in American politics not so much for what he has done, but for what he has stopped, if only temporarily. The larger issues of globalization and America as world policeman have yet to play out.
  24. There have always been other choices....other party candidates on the ballot (my choice in 2016) or not voting at all (also very popular). Trump is only one of many choices....
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