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  1. From what you are hearing ? Is Trump a big topic in Canada ? They don't even have articles of impeachment drafted yet. You are not a Democrat. When has a "Gay person" become Prime Minister of Kanaduh ?
  2. Remains to be seen...the GOP impeached President Bill Clinton a few months after the Starr Report. Democrats are dragging this out because they may lose seats in vulnerable districts. The Bidens have already been effectively slimed politically...no matter what happens.
  3. One more time people....impeachment by the House and trial in the Senate is purely a political process having nothing to do with criminal liability. Just ask Bill Clinton, who was never charged for his federal "crimes". The Democrats are afraid to vote on the impeachment inquiry because it comes with significant POLITICAL cost(s).
  4. They are much ado about politics...same as always. Most Americans don't give a crap/thought about The Ukraine. Nothing special about Trump's "revelations". Hell, Trump could run again in 2020 even if he is impeached and convicted.
  5. Why is it so important to have anyone "turn on him" ? Let the process play out....Trump is just another U.S. president.
  6. Polls suggest that Trudeau will win the blackface vote.

  7. OK, but Trump still dominates the collective Canadian political psyche....from a foreign country. Amazing !
  8. This is spot on....Trump is still in their heads....even in Chretien's head: How can a foreign president dominate politics in Canada so completely ? Even during a domestic election..... "In Canada's election, running against Trump is good politics."
  9. Right...they will blame Trump when it all comes crashing down...a resurgent Bloc...support for Bernier...climate change deniers...trade tariffs....China's kicking Canada's ass....Alberta separatism....all Trump's fault ! Damn that Trump !
  10. No matter what happens with Monday's election, Trump and Trumpian things (e.g. "populism") will still be in the Canadian media mix. They will even ask how will the new government "handle" Trump...or at least minimize Trump's impact. Good luck with that....
  11. The point being that few other nationals (if any) will dedicate such resources to cover Canada's federal election. It just doesn't matter that much to the rest of the world. The biggest newsworthy item would be a possible Trudeau downfall / defeat...."Blackface Bombs"
  12. Dude, your state funded broadcaster (CBC) ran wall to wall coverage of not only the previous U.S. election campaign, but full day/night coverage of election results complete with dedicated set, graphics, pundits, and remote feeds from the United States. ...and they will do it again next year.
  13. It's the least I can do after seeing how much Canada obsesses over American....everything ! Over the years I have learned that far more interest in the USA has been normalized in Canada....it is expected. Most Americans have no idea how much Canada watches America...or why ? If the Trudeau government falls or gets a minority, it will be reported just like if it was Italy....ho-hum.
  14. Don't know....don't care...don't care that they don't know. It's a Canadian election...have fun !
  15. I doubt there will be any live U.S. coverage into the night....no maps...no pundits counting riding results...no glass ceiling party. If Trudeau is rejected like a rotten blackface banana...now that will make the U.S. news !
  16. It's just another example of how chickensh*t this campaign has become. There will not be dozens of media crews from around the world breathlessly watching and televising/streaming Canadian election results deep into the night. Just my guess.....
  17. ...or about promising cheaper cell phone plans because the Americans have it so much better, but they still went there. Minority or majority won't matter in the overall scheme of things....except to Canada. Trump will still get more headlines.
  18. Different topic....that president will still matter far more than whoever wins the federal election in Canada.
  19. I find it ironic that the current prime minister who loves "visible minority" brownface/blackface so much could end up with a minority government.
  20. Canada's choice to be so dependent on foreign media and distribution....then bitch about it.
  21. They didn't make the cut....because...Eskimo communism. Maybe instead of cheaper cell phone service and data plans, the parties could offer better media choices, instead of mandating carriage of American (4+1) broadcast networks and Super Bowl ads. Looks like NAFTA 2.0 will also fall by the way side without ratification by a minority government.
  22. Of course, and the few others with market share are mostly American as well. Canada lacks competition and more consumer choices because of government(s) and Eskimo communism: No hope for any improvement with a minority government.
  23. 'Zactly ! Eskimo communism hates competition. This trend will continue with a minority government.
  24. You are undermining your own weak argument...Netflix still dominates....with competition allowed. Canadian media is afraid of competition....cannot compete without CanCon barriers and government funding. Did Scheer threaten to cut off the CBC ? That won't happen now with a minority government....just more of the same.
  25. Correct....you live in a post-national state with a post-national government led by a post-national blackface prime minister. Minority government or not, things will remain the same, and America's media/platforms will continue to dominate.
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