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  1. OK, but in British Columbia / Vancouver Island, Kitsilano Beach, Whistler, etc. people flouted the distancing rules early and often.
  2. Not so different....many "public boats" are subject to water safety and flotation device laws that only require stowage and availability on board, or donning by children only. Sometimes the biggest offenders are the "dictators" who think the rules don't apply to them. By definition, pandemics can include the breakdown of social order and compliance behaviours. Believing that government can and will always protect you is also a false hope.
  3. Yes....that's what it looks like. Many Canadians stopped listening to the village idiot even before COVID-19.
  4. Hope will not change human behaviours, and there will always be some people who resist control of any kind. People are not all programmed the same way and the differences can be accentuated under extreme stress. Fire drills and damage control are routinely practiced on ships, not pandemic mitigation. I have seen plenty of people refuse to put on a life jacket...or evacuate their homes because of a hurricane or wild fire. No amount of reassurance would persuade them because they were acting for other factors and fears that meant more to them.
  5. No...it never gets old...because even if I dropped dead today...America would still dominate many topics here.
  6. That's great, but the NHS has not been the differentiator for COVID-19 deaths in the UK compared to America. Italy also has a national single payer health insurance program....still not so good. Michael Bloomberg bragged about his health care initiatives in New York City....still didn't matter, because other relevant factors are in play.
  7. Even with a vaccine, there will be permanent changes to consumer patterns. Many businesses are going to fail. Restless people are not great at compliance with public health measures. 15% of people still smoke cigarettes.
  8. The time is right once protective measures for vulnerable populations and testing are in place, but that varies by state. My state is opening up slowly, and that includes a large temporary morgue in case there are many more deaths from a spike. A large rebound in cases (and deaths) is expected in the fall. Then tighter lockdowns will likely return.
  9. It's been a mixed bag....NY governor Cuomo bungled things badly early on by fighting with the NYC mayor (De Blasio), then asking for federal aid to stop the resulting bleeding. Others like California's moved early and were mostly effective. Governors have gotten the support they needed from the feds after some misgivings and political wrangling. Trump has provided hospital ships, field hospitals, ventilators, test kits, reagent, CDC guidance, FEMA trailers, etc. The U.S. Constitution gives states lots of autonomy and power over their jurisdictions. Trump can request but cannot demand compliance.
  10. Pick any word you want....but Trump still gets a very strong reaction. U.S. governors are more directly responsible for their states' response, but the focus is on Trump.
  11. Gee...just can't seem to stay away from the evil USA....better work on that if you are afraid of the virus. Here is a U.S. hosted server....and U.S. forum engine. You're welcome.
  12. Sure...hating Trump is a full time job for some people. He just triggers them at a visceral level.
  13. He did not...Trump said the Democrats' criticism of his admin was a hoax:
  14. You already told us you visited your brother in Washington state...busted !
  15. Agreed...totally different, except that CDA watches the USA for lots of reasons, including economic self interest. American media dominates Canada...long before Trump. U.S. media also provides international sources...especially for business. BBC America is one of many outlets. Nonsensical in the context of a virus that came from China. If that's what you want, go for it. Sure...then we will do it again sometime. Trump won't matter so much in the long term, no matter what Canada believes.
  16. Then stay in your basement until a vaccine is available. Choke on that.
  17. Blame Trump all you want...it does not matter in the least. Same thing applies to other nations...like Canada...not just the USA. But Trump gets and wants the focus...like moths to a flame. Canadians were even watching Trump's daily task force briefings.....Americans were not watching Trudeau or Dr. Tam. Dr. Fauci (expert) told America that coronavirus was not a threat to the U.S. in January....to worry more about influenza. The world is never consistent or cohesive....entropy rules apply.
  18. Many are not following protocols in the whole world...and that includes Canada, with people already pushing back against the lockdowns. Why single out Trump, who has actually performed better than other national leaders (e.g. Europe) ? No matter what Trump does, the Trump haters will never get past their personal animosity...so screw them from Trump's perspective. The virus started in China...but it is not politically correct to say so. Blame Trump instead...
  19. Yes it is...Trump wants to portray himself as Trump, not Trump with a mask during a pandemic. This is an election year in the United States. Millions of people are not following "protocols", regardless of Trump. Many Americans are not sheep, and do not expect their government to protect them from any and all perils. That is Trump's base.....did I mention it is an election year ?
  20. Trump did what any national leader would do when his nation is faced with a shortage of PPE..."America First". Very predictable.... Countries are working together....nothing special about Canada or America in that regard. Trump is not going to relent from his rhetoric or actions just because of a pandemic. "There will be no people" is an exaggeration. He could be, but he is also tested every day. He doesn't want to wear a mask for political reasons.
  21. Well, the difference here is that Americans for the most part did not look to Canada for comparisons. Canada has a habit of benchmarking itself against the U.S. for many different issues, from gun control to healthcare. It is in Canada's DNA. At U.S. scale, Canada would have about 46,000 deaths...better...but nothing to brag about. And it was Trudeau who begged Trump and 3M for a PPE export agreement. The U.S. Feds are not responsible as primary PPE supplier...FEMA is a limited surge capacity called on by states.
  22. Well, I have a new found respect for the older generation that endured the 1918 pandemic that killed millions. I suspect they did not bitch and whine to each other so much, and got on with the ugly business at hand. The only way out of this is to go right through it....hiding in the basement won't work long term.
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