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  1. The government and unionized workforce enjoys significant wage premiums over the private sector, with more associated employment benefits as well. https://www.fraserinstitute.org/sites/default/files/comparing-government-and-private-sector-compensation-in-canada.pdf
  2. The topic is not income inequality (your agenda) ...it is income growth. Quintile data for Canada is provided here, but is hardly up to date for a government source...sheeesh ! https://ic.gc.ca/eic/site/oca-bc.nsf/eng/ca02105.html
  3. It's very relevant for all unionized workers, which includes government workers.
  4. The list of signatories is not significant or necessary to notice and understand the underlying concept. A similar list and argument could be assembled to advocate for limiting free speech/expression rights for the greater social good.
  5. Too busy worrying about Trump. Besides, wouldn't this be Trudeau's 4th or 5th ethics violation with no consequences ?
  6. Far more government workers do have access to such pensions, as do far more unionized workers in Canada. Defined contribution plans have directly benefited many workers with tax deferred retirement planning and tax advantages. Great....Canadian data for Canada...what a concept. Thanks. ...but still not raw data.
  7. Wage and investment income from wealth are two different things. Middle and lower quintile wage earners also benefited from retirement plans and benefits that had significant investment growth because of the U.S. economy, including Canada's pension plan (more than 50% invested in U.S. equities...more than in Canada). Could be...but I want to see the data. I don't know why Canadian wage and income growth analysis is not just as readily available from government (e.g. StatsCan) and private sources.
  8. Household income growth would include single income households.
  9. All wage quintiles in the U.S. have seen growth since the 1980's, and the bottom quintile benefited more before that because of wage laws. I would not presume U.S. data to apply to Canada or Mexico, which have their own labour laws and economic conditions.
  10. It has been obvious to many laypersons for months. The WHO has fiercely resisted the airborne spread conclusion because it invokes a much more aggressive protocol. WHO guidance has consistently lagged this pandemic (masks, border closures, travel bans, intubation, etc.).
  11. WHO DUH ! ...Indoor airborne spread of coronavirus possible.  No kidding.

    1. betsy


      Lol.   No wonder Trump dumped them! Why do we follow?

    2. OftenWrong


      It's not even a question of refuting. It no longer matters, is the message I'm getting from Trump/ admin.

      The information will not stop, voluntarily, the thousands you see flooding beaches etc. for the sake of living, and to freely exchange viruses of any kind they choose...

  12. No, she never got U.S. citizenship. She has permanent residency. Her Yankee husband works for the state department so that might be a complication for him. But on the matter of more refugees and immigrants for Canada, that also runs up the debt, directly and indirectly. Trudeau may have to reduce the numbers.
  13. The Swedish model has not worked out so well economically. Canada needs to do what works for Canada specifically given the different regions and economic dependencies. The mostly closed border is an opportunity to get more spending in Canada from within the country instead of wishing and hoping for a return of previous patterns that may never happen. More manufacturing in Canada would also provide growth and better readiness for future disruptions. Make Canada Great Again !
  14. My neighbour is a Canadian woman who moved to the "states" to live with her Yankee husband years ago. She proudly flies the mapleleaf flag on Canada Day and during the Olympics, no doubt because this is expected and respected behaviour in most parts of the U.S. She feels "free" to do so in her adopted country (U.S.). The last time Canada went hog wild on debt, Chretien and Martin slashed federal funding for healthcare to the provinces. That won't go over well this time around.
  15. All true, but all the more reason that people just have to get on with it respecting as much mitigation as possible. Quebec criticized the federal government for not providing guidance on returning to school, and is using the American CDC's instead. If the increased dole and pogey goes on for the rest of the year, it will be harder to wean workers off of it as many earn more by not returning to the labour force. Debt is going to increase either way, but it is a matter of choice for how much. That's the reality that more and more people are beginning to embrace. The only way out is to go right through it.
  16. Well, I am no fan of your present PM, but he is hardly the first to go down the path of massive debt. And other parties support this government. Lots to work on at the federal level and between provinces....too much time spent on what Trump and the Americans are doing or are not doing instead.
  17. True, but they can't be like Americans because the Canadian identity is defined as NOT American. So overt patriotism is frowned upon. Funny part is that massive deficits and rising debt is very, very American !!
  18. Trudeau is badly damaged, and Singh hates the idea that he has to keep the Liberals in power because there is no viable alternative right now. Such a debt bomb would have sunk previous governments absent a war.
  19. Pretty much...but all you have to do is wake up each morning and thank your indigenous hosts for letting you occupy the land. The tribes are not responsible for Canada's federal debt.
  20. Don't be too hard on it....as it is very common for Canadian dissent to gravitate towards separation and/or U.S. statehood. Even this newest debt bomb is being compared to the USA....oh no !!!
  21. The rail protests and capital flight were impacting other provinces besides Alberta.
  22. Start a new thread if you want to pursue it....another member suggested BC statehood.
  23. Off topic...but history reports that BC settlement was hardly "benign".
  24. This is the best time to drop the debt bomb on Canadians because of the COVID panic and continuing obsession with Trump and the USA. It will get worse as the U.S. federal election gets closer in November and Canadian news media bites real hard. Perfect distraction for the fiscal bleeding, and the Conservatives are still flailing like fish out of water. The other leftist parties will not bring this government down.
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