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  1. Joe Biden is clearly diminished, but Trumpers are not wishing for his death. They want RBG to die instead. Some Democrats want Biden to die so the anointed VP would replace him early in the first term.
  2. Canada is not reporting all COVID-19 deaths....
  3. Ontario can do whatever the hell it wants to...doesn't matter to me. It was Canada's government owned media (CBC) that pointed out the crappy data collection and reporting, and highlighted New York as a far better example.
  4. Indeed....the critics bitched and moaned about George W. Bush too for 2004. It is very naive to presume that the "death" of a U.S. president will change the course of America. I view such musings as desperation.
  5. Of course not...obviously Ontario wasn't doing it, nor are many other provinces, states, or nations. Sorry if New York and other states upset your "'muricans are morons" narrative.
  6. I already did...the New York link is in the "cited" CBC story. It was so good your own state owned media (CBC) pointed to it as an example of how things should be done compared to data starved Ontario.
  7. State legislatures are pushing back against governors already...not waiting for the courts. Numbers will always lag reality on the ground. I know....and neither will I stop. That's what makes this game so much fun. No America...no fun...Canada is way too boring for that....hence so much attention devoted to 'murica !
  8. Cite ! No problem....Ontario criticized (CBC News)...late May:
  9. New York has been doing it for months....down to zip code.
  10. This is not regulation...this is intervention by executive order without limits. More people will be harmed by the unlimited interventions. Example: cancer deaths are expected to rise because of deferred testing and treatment. European press is still reporting it as such, but you didn't even bother to find out. The U.S. has a much larger population than Germany.
  11. So...like Abe Lincoln or JFK ? They both met untimely deaths and the overall direction of the country did not change.
  12. Opposed without limits on such power and resulting economic damage. Civil rights are being curtailed without due process, unless you want to protest and loot stores. Not at all....my nation aggregates and publicly reports far more COVID data than yours, with much better granularity. Debate should include the full context, not just your anti TRUMP/GOP crusade.
  13. ??? The virus is already "loose in the public". What do you think "pandemic" means ? Numbers are just a subset of actual infections, cases, and deaths....even in Canada. So ? You are seemingly obsessed on one nation for a global pandemic....because of TRUMP ! Broaden your perspective....if you can.
  14. My analysis ? Governors of states have made decisions about re-opening based on many criteria, and each state is different. Most included provisions for renewed shutdowns and slowing re-openings. Their decision...not mine (or yours). Sorry if facts make you unhappy...just doing my job.
  15. No...I remember mocking your initial use of the term "blindspot" in the singular and plural. Then do so in a complete context...globally, or you are just America/Trump bashing, as usual. The "situation" must be worse than in April because of basic math....same as in Canada. Brazil....Germany...India...and other nations are also experiencing "hotspots".
  16. COVID poster child Germany has increasing cases....blame Trump.
  17. Yes...the BRIC nations are considered to be developed beyond so called "third world" countries. Germany is certainly a developed nation, and is now having an increase in COVID cases. But you can continue to ignore the facts, because for you it is all about TRUMP ! See below... Horspot ? You mean like in Canada....mines...meat packing plants....Ontario...Quebec....like that ?
  18. That's not true at all....example Brazil and Germany. You just want to focus on the U.S. because of TRUMP...TRUMP...TRUMP ! How "irresponsible"....no wonder Ontario and Quebec have hotspots. So you don't want shipments of PPE from the U.S. to stop so Americans can do better ? Thought so....
  19. So only irresponsible people are getting COVID and some dying in Canada ? That's remarkable ! You see lots of things in the U.S. as political. As an observer, stopping all shipments to Canada from the U.S. would make it an issue. Plenty of people in Canada don't wear face masks too.
  20. It is both....try to keep up if you can. Just because some Americans choose not to wear a mask does not mean all mitigation steps are being ignored. You are wrong about what is happening in all states, and only see things through your "I HATE TRUMP" lens. Great...and since you are so worried about Americans wearing masks, I am sure you would support stopping all shipments to Canada so Americans can have more available.
  21. They were told not to wear masks in the beginning....even your asshat doctors drank the WHO Kool-Aid®. Masks are required for many retail stores and restaurants. Surfaces, carts, baskets, etc. are sanitized by employees. Acrylic barriers are set up at point of sale counters. You just want to crap on Americans...as usual. Right....so Canada begs for N95 masks from the Americans while you crap on them.
  22. Talk is cheap....plenty of Americans are wearing masks and distancing, but it is easier for you to generalize in ignorance. Canada gets masks and other PPE from a U.S. company....3M. Begged Trump for them.
  23. Really ? Hasn't the U.S. closed it's northern border to non-essential land travel from Canada and Mexico ? Or does that only count on the Canadian side ?
  24. Indeed....it is interesting to see just how much the COVID shutdowns have sidelined and marginalized the "elite" Hollywood and sports entertainment industry. They are the least essential, and beginning to realize it.
  25. True, but even some of the Canadians in Hollywood promised to move back if Trump won....but never did. COVID is more than just a pandemic, it is economic entropy and uncertainty on a massive scale. New patterns and behaviours will result from the disruptions.
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