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  1. People were giving minds to look at things at a critical way and think for themselves, not to listen to what their mommies and daddies tell them is right. This applies to me ofcourse and thats why I disagree with my parents on many of the religious issues that people came up with in their era which had its own circumstances which don't necessarily apply in our current world. Though, to remove any possible misunderstanding, those issues are mostly minor. On this board, I read 2 histories concerning the israeli/palestinian conflict, and there is only one can possibly be true. Arguements like "The land was ours 3000 years ago and we ruled it for 20 years" will not convince the palestinians. However, I can simply say that: 1- Those who were actually there 3000 were mostly killed (not by us, go blame the Italians, specially those who live in Rome). 2- Most of the jews who live in Palestine now have European, American, and African origins. 3- The Canaanites were there before the jews (some arab roots, specially those around Syria and Palestine, are Canaanite). Anyways, I will not use the fact that the Canaanites were there 4000 years ago to validate my right to live on the land. Palestine was owned by arabs until 50 years ago, Jews started flowing into Palestine in the beginning of the 20th century encouraged by the english who were occupying the land then. In 1947, the partition of Palestine (I hope you can see the irony of the resolution's name) was issued by the UN, a resolution that breached the UN's own rules, but who cares right? Israel has refused to obide by most of the UN resolutions since then. In 1948, the war started, hundreds of thousands fled to neightbouring countries. What your mommies and daddies told you is that the jews bought the lands legally. Well, luckily I was born when my grandfathers farm was "sold" to the israeli government. The deal went like this .. "We're taking the land, do you want those $10000?". So much for a legal contract . Oh and the Israelis sure did not kick the palestinians out, and thats why I can't visit the place I was born at.
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