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  1. This is just a little introduction about myself as this is my first post here, my nickname as you can see is A_S_O an abreviation of Anti-Syria-Organization. A small group of people that i founded, aiming to fight democratically and through media (internet, radio and in the future, TV stations.) the Syrian occupation in Lebanon. as probably you are all westerners (US and Canada), you might have been given a wrong picture about the situation in Lebanon or simply, you do not know what is actually happening in this tiny region of the world. my aim is to clarify many of the things to the western world, in order to get the support we need to free lebanon, from a barbaric, 'A' class terrorist, dictatoric and ex-soviet ally. i hope i wouldn't be much of a burden here, in case i am not welcomed, i won't impose myself. i come to you as a Christian from the East, eager for a peace treaty with Israel, which we consider a friendly nation that helped us a lot during the war, eager to get rid of the barbarians (syrians, palestinians) that imposed themselves on us by force and under international cover. alot of what i will post might shock some of you, as i am pretty sure that you only heard one side of the story, and seen one image (hizbollah) while you might be oblivious that Lebanon is the only (so called arab country) that has a huge christian population (around 54% before the war) and that is still governed by a Christian president. this message has gone too long for a first post, so i hope you accept me here among you and i'm eager to share with you the christian view of what is happening in the ME and in Lebanon in particular. thanks
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