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  1. Very surprised this occurs unilaterally. I don't understand how people can have confidence in the US financial system at how hap hazardly the US violates private banking contracts. It is effectively financial piracy and an act of war. If you are wondering who is instigating things, it ain't Iran, it is the US, who is a nation robber not the worlds police, quite the opposite.
  2. http://middleeastinfo.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/israel-upgrades-fighter-planes-over-delayed-f-35-delivery/ delays delays delays. there are issues. You see, 1. an operating nuclear plant is not the same as a plant in construction difference between OSIRAK and places an NANTAZ. 2. Iran has many facilities some in which current munitions Israel has cannot penetrate (only the US has the newest super BBU's. So in this way ONLY the US can take out Iran's hardened facilities. The US however is economically exhausted and would really position itself poorly against China if it were to undertake a war
  3. Well obviously they want the Liberals in longer than their own. Peds should be moved to adults only ghulags for life, and pot growers should work for the govt, in a federally regulated, constrained drug trade, that removes drugs from access to minors, and removes drug abuse by putting caps, and using safer use means like ingestion and vapourizers.. in non public spaces. Note, peds should be put in with other rapists. on the graduated system, but it would be better to confine them to a wide northern geographic area, (but they could still travel outside Canada, if another country let them in),
  4. Public funds should only be spent on public needs. Let the economy manage the economy. Only essential needs should be managed in control economy like fashion, leave private industry alone. Cut the beaurocratic red tape and redeploy people to profit generating revenues like planting apple trees, and making water systems that separate drinking water from toxic runoff and fetal wastes. Government can be skimmed down a whole lot, and people moved from non economically stimulating waste occupations to stimulating capacitation occupations. Its not about cutting it is about paying down the debt (n
  5. Yes, and other Gulf States too, ideally Iran is closer so waste in shipping will be reduced especially linking a pipeline with the central Asian Countries and/or Afghanistan, to help fuel the mineral exploration that China is investing in. Same goes for India buying from Iran, Asia should buy from Asia. Modernization leads to equality and enlightenment. Removal of limitation of resources leads to removal of class barriers. But society must be engineered on a basis of value of wealth being a construct of the plentiful not the limited. Thus it is the creation of a society of abundance that will
  6. Who cares who has more, what is important it is that they Arn't taking money from people who don't want to give it, that matters. The fact is we are stuck paying millions in donations to these jerks even without directly donating to them due to the write offs of totally charitable donations to businesses that are getting charity status while not serving public interests and instead serving partisan interests. THat is just wrong. Money won't make them any less corrupt. Also the conservatives don't represent ordinary Canadians, the NDP does,get a clue. Conservatives represent rich people, fo
  7. This is a good premise but the problem exists when donations are tax deductible so even if you pay a party, the tax payer is stuck paying your tax donation to that party. So direct subsidizing vs.. getting stuck with the bill for your donations, only shows this benefits only people who want tax deductions and make enough to sign off on the tax deduction while it drives up taxes for everyone else.Canadians are stuck paying upwards of 6 million in donation subsidies to the conservatives. Under Harper's model only the rich benefit while everyone else is stuck donating to the party with the most
  8. Here is an idea, how about China gets its energy supplies from Asia, and the US gets its Energy Supplies from Canada? Then we won't need to worry about ecological disasters being shipped over the ocean every day, and transport is reduced. Stop shipping old world oil to the new world and stop shipping new world oil to the old. It is just stupid.
  9. The Issue in all this is monitoring, especially with the ability to doctor evidence with modern tech. We need to insure that public hearings are held and family members involved in a death request consultation. People should predetermined what will happen to them, if they commit a crime - living will type situation. However, this talk is potentially criminal since it is counselling suicide, which is illegal and a criminal code offence. It is conspiracy to counsel suicide. eg. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/news/national/toronto/man-charged-with-aiding-suicides-over-the-internet/article1544
  10. So fox is left covering Windsors midget toss and the heartfelt arabs decide to hear Canadian residents plight with the US Military industrial complex. ( http://www.foxnews.com/world/2012/01/27/canadian-dwarf-tossing-contest-stirs-controversy/ )
  11. Well Al Qaeda is covering the story now so it looks like you can't hide the Sarin gas there no more? http://blogs.windsorstar.com/2012/02/01/al-jazeera-news-channel-picks-up-on-buzz-around-windsor-hum/
  12. "extrajudicial detention" - what a sham. Note that charges under the secrecy of information act would be existent if Canada had reason to believe the US charges were true. canadian national security has higher importance in Canada than US national security so no extradition should be allowed if there are charges in Canada, and there MUST be charges in Canada to substantiate an extradition request on the same basis. This would be under "Communications with Foreign Entities or Terrorist Groups" of the Secrecy of Information Act. Note though that BIll C36 is in large part unconstitutional on
  13. I don't see no security certificate. Also the system imposed by the security certificates is also unintentional and contrary to the intents of the constitution, as it violates a host of measures intended in the charter. The issue of fundamental justice is not at issue in this case because no charges exist in Canada. The reason for the security certificate is when National Security is at risk, essentially an invocation of the war measures, or current Emergencies Act, or Official Secrets Act. It is Canada providing evidence to the US, not the other way around. If a crime was committed it sho
  14. So McCain endorsed Romney for the top job, any chance that former presidential canidate John McCain will crop up on the ticket, now that it seems inevitable that Romney will secure the top spot as the GOP Headliner?
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