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  1. Well of course Mathews would like Backmann, the dems want the nuttiest nut to run against Obama and she is a whole new kind of right wing nutter. I would like to nut on her face though, she is kinda hot.....perhaps her and Palin could snowball it.
  2. Watt an amazing come back...bravo retard.
  3. Just request an education and I will replyand stop pretending you know the facts ya stupid ass hammer.
  4. That's it, run away coward. Typical Con.
  5. Talk about dumb.....have you ever really looked into the consensus.....ever? I frickin doubt it.....I will help you if you are interested otherwise enjoy the flat earth. Psst....btw Singer and the Idso's are not climate scientist's. So two out of thousands.....you win....NOT.
  6. Btw, any cave dwellers that get their reports on climate from a big boobed weather girl on some FOX station in Buffalo and believe she is part of any consensus on science read and weep this link. Watt's up with that?
  7. Yeah like surpluses and not fighting in Iraq. Thanks for proving my point btw.
  8. Cons have a great ability to make stuff up about the so called liberal media.
  9. I recall many times when righties whined about what the Libs did so don't hand me that pile of steaming dong.
  10. Wow, there's a shock. Signed by zero climate scientitsts. Like going to your mechanic for a second opinion on protate cancer.
  11. The models have grossly under predicted the warming we are going to see in the next fifty years.
  12. That has to be one of the dumbest things I have ever heard.
  13. Cons fly on the tax payers dime.....good. Libs fly on the tax payers dime.....bad. Cons build gazebos on our dime and hide it from parliment.....good. Libs go on shopping sprees on our dime....bad. Cons run up a huge deficit and debt....good. Libs run up a huge deficit and debt.....bad. You can swap the good and bad depending on your political ideology.
  14. Yeah, Trump won't be happy until he sees Bin Ladens long form death certificate.
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