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  1. Has anyone found a detailed explanation for why they require this data? Any good guesses?
  2. It's a good question; I think if they returned to actual pro-labour support they do have a role, and could likely muster a consistent percentage of the vote, but there's no incentive to do that from the macro/party level perspective. They would never form government which is the goal when they shift center-ish as has been done. That is a role and probably one that needs filling.
  3. I think you nailed it; in their current form they are largely irrelevant. The leader IMHO is perceived to be and is indeed weak. Take another round of leadership and policy change for them to have any hope of un-irrelevanting themselves.
  4. Say green, but reluctantly. I'm not into the recent rash of "liberal" style spending Mr. Harper has recently undertaken. I thought him doing quite well until recently. And Dion is not impressive to me in the least. That only leaves Mr Layton; a good leader I think, but I seriously wonder what sort of thing he would be spending on.
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