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  1. It's not any different than people on the left with Trump. Same coin, different side. Lefties and righties are human beings.
  2. I'm not going to travel to China even if I could, and I'm not going to go shopping in one of those big Chinese grocery stores right now. It's not because I'm racist, it's because i'm not dumb. Just like I'm going to avoid Americans/the USA.
  3. I know what fair trade is. Europe has not been arguing about fair trade, it's been arguing about the EU. The left used to be against it because they thought it was neoliberalism and the right was for it because of free flow of money and trade. Now the right is nativist and the left is pro-integration and pro-EU. It's weird. In the US/Canada/Mexico, political economy arguments haven't been centered much around fair trade, it's been arguing about the effects of NAFTA, the TPP, the WTO etc.
  4. No progressives were like this up until like 5 years ago. Now it's right-wing populism and globalist social justice.
  5. Neoliberalism only became popular among governments since the 1980's and 90's. Reagan, Thatcher, Milton Friedman, free-trade deals, the "Washington Consensus" and such.
  6. Progressives were anti-neoliberalism.
  7. I remembers when conservatives wanted more open borders and more economic free trade. Now they want the opposite. I remembers when progressives wanted less open borders and less economic free trade. Now they want the opposite. I remembers.
  8. I don't see what any of this has to do with my point. Climate change won't shutter the world population indoors within a couple of months, its effects are slow and longterm. CC will be costly, but it's unlikely to cause any worldwide panic even close to this scale. Like what?
  9. Environmental change from climate change is pretty slow, and so will be the economic impact. This virus came within months. I don't see how. These are virtually all temporary changes.
  10. What are environmentalists going to do about it? They don't control business operations or the stock markets. They can't stop countless businesses opening again or consumers returning to their normal spending behaviour. IMO this virus won't change anything in the economy besides everyone having some extra hand sanitizer and masks etc on hand.
  11. Can't they apply for employment insurance? Why is this sacking more "brutal" than other sackings? People should have at least a month's worth of salary saved to get them through sackings. I guess it's different because they live at the hotel too?
  12. This guy I know once said he wanted to punch Trudeau right in the pu$$y! I told dad to calm down, we had guests over.
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