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  1. What does emotion have anything to do with how we should deal with China? It's realpolitik and nothing more. China is doing what is best for China and Canada should respond by doing what is best for Canada. China is Machiavellian to the core. We've tried to cooperate with China in good faith for the last 40 years, and China has proven time and again that they have no interest in that. They've consistently shown that if we give them an inch they'll take it, without remorse. The logical thing to do is to not give them an inch.
  2. Once China establishes its domestic market of 1.4 billion consumers and has stolen all of America's IP they will throw Wall Street to the curb...or buy it, one of those. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-55454146
  3. I have no ill will towards Americans. But when one of them picks a fight I'll finish it. All in good fun. I'd much rather team up with Americans and Europeans and the other Commonwealth countries and together shove a large bottle up the CCP's bum-bum. Nothing like a good rectal bleeding for the reds!
  4. Don't talk about your president-elect like that it's mean. How many illiterate morons are in your country refusing to wear masks, how many governors and mayors and citizens not social distancing or putting in lockdowns because they can't add 2+2? Chinese-American math prodigies making vaccines for Americans but American illiterates too afraid to get a vaccine because they listen to pornstar pseudo-scientist conspiracy theories and FOX News. US cities are full of drug-addicted illiterates and 17-year old single moms and homeless tent-cities, and the US thinks they have a chance again
  5. Great thanks for the investment. They had to buy it from us now we're rich and we'll take it back whenever we want because we can.
  6. It takes a mentally retarded knuckle-dragging criminal traitor dictator-wannabe to get tough on China.
  7. Because your government is corrupt garbage and has created a new superpower about to overtake the US as the biggest economy in the world because Americans are mentally retarded.
  8. Capital flows across borders only so much as any country allows it. It's a matter of specific policy.
  9. Of course you do. Country's do it constantly. China does it more than just about anybody.
  10. Merry Christmas. May your haul on Xmas morning be numerous and expensive.
  11. Banks have no legal duty to act in your financial best interests when it comes to investment advice. They are essentially salesmen offering you products in order to make money just like any other salesman. They also earn different commissions on different products, so they have a major conflict of interest. This should be illegal.
  12. Investing in markets is low risk over the longterm, if you invest very broadly over the entire market and diversify properly. If the markets did not perpetually increase in value over the longterm our entire economic system would collapse, it's based on the concept of ever-expanding growth. Statistics show that over the longterm, investing in the broad market will gain an average of 6-8% per year. GICs/bonds will return about half that per year. You also have to factor in compounding.
  13. The best thing about democracy is that everyone always agrees. This should be simple.
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