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  1. Yes. But if they don't also support BDS for places like China and Saudi Arabia they're giant hypocrites. For instance, China is literally committing genocide against Muslim minorities: https://nypost.com/2019/08/13/muslim-women-reportedly-sterilized-in-chinese-re-education-camps/ The silence is deafening. To her credit, Ilhan Omar is a vocal critic of both the Saudi and Chinese regime.
  2. That's not true at all. Gasoline at the pumps & in your tank burns the same amount of CO2 regardless of source. Look at the "carbon in fuel" part of the graph from this chart from my link:
  3. Nigel Wright. Being the first ever Canadian gov to be found in contempt of Parliament and being the first ever government in the history of any Westminster system to be defeated on no-confidence because of being in contempt of parliament. Proroguing parliament to avoid political difficulties, including difficult questions in the HoC.
  4. Dude, the article you posted said nothing about refugees. It said it was due to decrease in exports due to escalating US-China trade war. Germany recession?....REFUGEES!! LOL c'mon.
  5. Climate change would be good for Canada in the very long run, my uneducated guess is that in the short and medium term it would be very expensive in terms of adaptation etc.. The problem is that humans are very good at adapting, but many animal and even plant species aren't. Vast changes to our ecosystems especially up north is going to cause unpredictable effects. What scares me are the unknowns. Scientists who think they know what will likely happen don't know what they're talking about. There's too many variables to factor. What happens to one species of plant/animal will affect others. It's like taking prescription medications. By taking them you are changing your body's overall chemical balance. So by changing a small part your body chemistry in one area, this will often have impacts on other chemicals and bodily systems, often leading to undesirable side effects in other areas of your body that have nothing to do with your original ailment. And no doctor can accurately predict which side effects a patient will get compared to other patients, there's too many variables.
  6. Not sure if you're being sarcastic, but unless i'm mistaken, all oil has the same amount of CO2 in it, at least when it's burned in a vehicle. Almost all the difference in CO2 emitted in different types of oil use is in the energy it takes to produce and refine it. https://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/albertas-oil-sands-crude-the-science-behind-the-debate/article11837683/
  7. That could very well be true yes. Luckily Harper, as much as he's a corrupt leader himself, passed the Conflict of Interest Act coming off the whole Gomery scandal before he truly got drunk with power.
  8. 1. How? This is vague. 2. I am. But simply as one possible solution to my over-arching idea, that somehow we need more democratic input on issues and policy. One of my ideas was to directly elect cabinet posts, or have referendums on general policy direction. We don't need to have total control of very piece of legislation, but we should have some say in the overarching direction of different issues like budget debt, the environment/climate change, immigration, foreign policy etc. Instead we leave it up to these elitist politicians who have a very specific partisan and ideological slant of every piece of policy. 3. Sure.
  9. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/corporate/publications-manuals/operational-bulletins-manuals/standard-requirements/medical-requirements/surveillance-notifications/procedure-hiv-positive-cases.html So they're given a pamphlet, have to disclose their HIV to their partner, and attend post-test counseling. Unbelievable.
  10. The problem is that we are not selective in any way in how good of a fit economically asylum seekers are. They don't have to know a word of english or french etc. We check for criminality and medical checks, that's it. Did you know that we will give asylum seekers who have HIV permanent residence and citizenship in this country? Having HIV is not considered in itself a valid reason to reject an applicant
  11. Yeah isn't it wonderful that innocent people are being shot and killed because we, the media, and politicians are all afraid to be politically incorrect. Logically nobody wants the social stigma of being labelled a racist and some people are more than willing to try to tack that label on people. I guess we should just have more courage and stand up to the moral bullies.
  12. You being a person from Toronto, probably not the best post if you want people from the rest of Canada to stop hating people from your city.
  13. I wouldn't give these things to refugee claimants, only proven refugees. The effectiveness of the refugee system here is another matter. I agree. But I'm willing to help people who have a chance to make something of themselves, and staying in Canada should be on the condition that they do. But if you're 40 years old and don't have a high school diploma your chance of economic success is very minimal.
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