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  1. Who's acting like the tough guy here? LOL. You don't know where I work or my income. Waving a gun around doesn't make a person tough, nor does acting tough on the internet. You got burned by our government and its people, sorry to hear. They're a bunch of heartless self-serving a-holes, you'll find them everywhere though. Human nature. Lots of US vets thrown in the trash too. Wish you the best.
  2. Police and politicians are corrupt. Power in general corrupts. It's sad but it's a fact of life and has never been not true in Canada or any country throughout human history. What matters is the level of corruption. in 3rd world countries it's far, far worse. People disappear, everyone is bought off, there is far less rule of law than here. You want to overthrow Canada but you sound like a spoiled ungrateful whiner. 95% of the human population has a government far worse off than Canada and would kill to live in a relatively free and stable society. It's not perfect, ok so reform it. If you like America better, move. Police sometimes act like a-holes, and protect their own like virtually every single organization that deals with the public. The police were completely out of line during the G20 protests. They need to be held accountable. So do our politicians, which they aren't except at the ballot box. Everyone needs to know the law and know their rights, if you don't you'll be way too easy to eff with. You've been burned by your employer and your government, ya so what. So have most people. If you think it's any better in the US or the UK you're fooling yourself. Grow old in the countryside and enjoy the fresh air and be happy, nobody will bother u there.
  3. Cop pulls Canadian dude over for BS, cop doesn't know the law and threatens driver, driver goes to police station and files a complaint and owns the officer. Cop at the station is awesome and behaves professionally.
  4. Go watch youtube videos of a-hole cops pulling over lawyers and judges and them making cops their b!tch. It's good entertainment.
  5. I prefer humping trees to hugging them. I'm hung like a tree too
  6. I'm not saying they're not corrupt. I'm saying choose your thugs. Like them or not, the police are the only thing between us and mayhem. if you want to see what happens when the thugs take over and government has no control i again direct you to most of the 3rd world. Cuban officials are utterly corrupt too, but on the positive they do maintain law and order and you can walk the streets.
  7. We need something like John McCain''s idea of a "League of Democracies" that can band together and unify against western enemies like Russia and China and Iran. Coordinated sanctions by all western democracies would be very powerful and effective. Like interests should be met with like responses.
  8. Trump and his cronies were hob-knobbing with arguably America's greatest enemy. Russia wants no less than to absolutely destroy the US from within. It just so happened that Russia and Trump shared the same enemies: Obama and Clinton. Trump is a damn fool to give Putin and his henchmen the time of day, because Putin's ultimate enemy is the USA or anyone else that doesn't let him do whatever he wants. We shouldn't be talking to Russia, we shouldn't be trading with Russia. We should be sanctioning them and trying to annihilate their economy until they're willing to come to the bargaining table like adults...which will be never as long as Putin is there. Trump was up to no good with Russia, same with Ukraine. F*** Trump.
  9. Would you rather have more public sector thugs running the streets or more doped-up gang-banging losers shooting each other and everyone else who gets in the crossfire? Law, order, stability is the difference between us and every violent 3rd world craphole.
  10. That will just escalate the situation. Not a good strategy. You can tell them to go eff themselves in a polite manner. Unless they're the one being jerks, then feel free to tell them to eff off. Then get their badge #'s and names and go to the police station and file a complaint. The cops are public servants who are required to behave professionally and are regulated by rule of law and code of conduct like everyone else, they're not a terrorist organization that can do or say or threaten whatever you want. They have supervisors we can complain to if they behave out of line, just like any other job. If you obey the law and know your rights there's no reason to fear the police.
  11. I'm not ok with any criminal elements. You haven't read my other responses in this thread. I've said in this thread I support the police and want a lot more officers hired and on the streets to curb gang violence and all crime. The police are under-resourced, under-trained etc. That said, a police officer can't arbitrarily arrest me and throw me in jail for not wanting to answer questions when I haven't committed a crime. I respect the rights and jobs of the police, they should respect my rights as is their duty under the law. I wouldn't get bent out of shape over a few questions, I just would politely refuse to answer them, I would not identity myself, I would not say where I live or "where i'm going". As is my right. Cops are supposed to investigate crimes, not question law-abiding civilians when no crime has taken place. Which is what carding is. Of course it's effective, but it's besides the point. I'm sure if the police were able to search everyone's house and cars whenever they want they'd catch all sorts of criminal activity. But civilians have legal Charter rights against the government arbitrarily encroaching on their privacy and property. If a cop pulls me over, he can ask me if he can search my car, but if i haven't done anything wrong and there's no evidence of drugs etc. i have a right to refuse the search. The government has no business searching my car or any of my property if they have no valid reason to. Cops are trying to catch you breaking the law, that's why they pull you over in the first place, they are not your friend, do not give them extra reasons to charge you with anything or give you a ticket. Treat them politely and carry on.
  12. His job is not to arbitrarily hassle people who have committed no crimes. He may ask you what your name is, where you're going. It's none of the government's business. You can say "With all due respect I'd rather not answer that question". He may respond "Why not?". You can say "because it's my legal right". But you can say whatever you want.
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