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  1. Not to you. You're still here, 15 years later, talkin' Canada!
  2. Polls at 338 say they're tied in popular vote projections, slight edge to Liberals in seat projections. NDP and Bloc gains since debates taking away from Liberal lead.
  3. The US and Canada have already teamed up re: the Meng Wanzhou. China is allied with Russia, there's no reason not to make alliances and it would be foolish for like-minded countries to go it alone. ie: Trump would have more leverage vs China if the EU was on board too.
  4. Canada contributed far more to Afghanistan than most NATO countries. We've been involved in Libya and Syria. US, Canada, and other OECD countries should team up against China. They're the real enemy to watch, Russia is a joke compared to China.
  5. The US has been more than willing since WWII to be the military leader for the West, and more aggressively so since the end of the Cold War. They have military bases everywhere. They get the military control which gives them political and economic control in other countries too. That's the unspoken contract: we and other western nations let the US have firm control of the global order, we get protection and the over-spill benefits. It's a good deal for both. It's also more efficient than mobilizing dozens of western nations towards similar goals. Canada and the US have very similar goals when it comes to China.
  6. Doug Ford is not the brightest bulb. You don't need a college/university degree but you can clearly tell that he doesn't have one because he's not very educated on a lot of issues. One of his policy priorities has been making beer easier and cheaper to drink. Books > beer.
  7. Those examples are very disgusting. I can see if the companies themselves choose not to be criticizing their trading partner, but punishing customers is disgusting and is censorship. We should not be extending China's state-censorship to our own people. China has a growing subverted grip on this country and it needs to be stopped, from media & political control to foreign investment.
  8. ONLY as a result of affirmative action have more women become medical doctors? That's a very demeaning assertion towards these women. More women have entered the workforce since affirmative action began, and they have been choosing certain professions over others. As a whole, more women graduate university than men. Women tend to choose more "caring" and social professions than men like doctors, nurses, social work, teaching, psychology/psychiatry, child care, PSW etc. Men tend to choose to work with "things" like engineering, IT, architecture, finance, various trades, truck driving etc. There's obviously exceptions, these are the general trends and have nothing to do with affirmative action but choice. Breakdown of bachelor degrees by gender: http://www.randalolson.com/2014/06/14/percentage-of-bachelors-degrees-conferred-to-women-by-major-1970-2012/ Within medicine itself one can see that women more than men lean towards more caring sub-fields such as hospice/palliative care and pediatrics, this is choice not affirmative action: https://www.ama-assn.org/residents-students/specialty-profiles/these-medical-specialties-have-biggest-gender-imbalances Show me the data. Yes unfortunately this does still happen. In certain fields this happens i agree, but there has to be clear data factoring all variables to show this before affirmative action takes place. Same with the gender wage gap. Sometimes women are discriminated against in pay, sometimes there's other factors involved. Looking at only one variable when a multi-variable analysis is need is bad social science. Saying women make 77 cents on the dollar to men doesn't take into account choices in professions, women who take time to have children, who choose less hours or less time-consuming work in order to care for children or parents. Women's pay drops significantly after having children: https://www.vox.com/2018/2/19/17018380/gender-wage-gap-childcare-penalty Someone describing their points to you isn't "manspaining', it's called having a discussion. I find that assertion derogatory and sexist.
  9. Of course we're dependent on them, and they on us. Our markets have taken a hit every time Trump & China have a big dispute.
  10. Well, China is technically committing genocide against some of its own Muslim people through forced sterilization. The problem with human rights is that the entire developing world has major human rights issues and we would be not trading with any of them if we wanted them all to adhere to our standards. If we trade with them and they become richer and more educated a country usually improves in most facets. We've helped lift hundreds of millions of Chinese out of extreme poverty. Even if China were burning its own people in ovens, what are we going to do about it? We can't invade them. I suppose we could have a trade war with them and throw down some sanctions, but that would also ravage our economy, these are hard choices. Unless they're literally killing their own civilians en masse i wouldn't do much, keep trading.
  11. He came from nowhere in 2016 and gave the 'sure-win' Hillary a run for her money, and changed the party in the process. Not exactly a failure. Yes others have co-opted his ideas and his movement. Still the best candidate IMO, democrats in the polls seem to disagree.
  12. Biden is a fraud and Warren is a puppy, she makes Obama look like The Iron Lady.. Bernie is IMO the best candidate, health permitting.
  13. Nor the education. He went to community college for 2 months and then dropped out. Rob Ford was also a college drop-out. I'll still take Doug over Wynne though, that's how bad Wynne was.
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