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  1. Left-wing hysteria, much of it is about banning ideas and people that don't align with the approved paradigm, it's the opposite of free-speech. That's a disease
  2. If harmful thinking is the disease then you fight back against harmful thinking. Or we can just let it take over everything as you seem cool with. Universities are about discovering knowledge. Facts aren't racist.
  3. Universities exist for people to collaborate to learn knowledge. When knowledge is politicized we all lose. There's not much worse than being considered a racist, people lose jobs over it, and people with a political agenda have recognized this and are weaponizing it for political purposes.
  4. There's a lot of rightwing and leftwing hysteria these days. Luckily rightwing hysteria hasn't infected our universities, but leftwing hysteria has.
  5. They buy the condos as an investment and then rent out the condos for income to help pay for the mortgage/taxes/condo fees etc. I don't know if this actually raises rent prices. If there's more people buying condos and renting them out wouldn't that lower rent prices since there's more places to rent? As opposed to people buying condos to live in themselves?
  6. The fact that a group, like aboriginals, is very impoverished isn't in itself evidence they're being treated with racial bias. But they are and have been treated with racial bias obviously. Every country has racism and discrimination. Canada does to, but we're also one of the least racist and discriminatory. ie: I have gay friends and as couples they can't even vacation in most countries in the world out of fear. Even many in the Caribbean.
  7. You've heard of people in foreign countries buying condos IN BULK. 8-10 units at a time?
  8. From a recent article in the Financial Post about the effects of housing prices due to COVID-19: Razia Husein, a Toronto realtor whose clients comprise mostly wealthy foreigners or permanent residents residing abroad, says that she’s had trouble selling downtown condo units that some investors would buy in bulk in a typical year. “I sell 8 to 10 units, either pre-construction or newly built, to one buyer (in different properties). Some are from India, some are from the United Kingdom, some are from Trinidad. I tell my clients to not put all their eggs in one basket.” This year, Husein says she’s trying to facilitate sales on the phone, but it’s proving to be difficult. “They need to get on a plane and come and see a unit, or see the area. So I’m just doing a lot of rentals right now, I usually manage these investors’ properties, and find them renters,” she added. https://business.financialpost.com/real-estate/the-theory-of-immigrants-and-foreign-investors-driving-canadas-property-market-is-about-to-be-tested So the wealthy foreign investors travel to Canada to look at the condo properties to buy here. Then they leave Canada. They buy condos in bulk, and then have their real estate agent rent them to people in Canada. How in world is this legal? Canadians are getting screwed. Foreign investors are helping to drive up Canadian real estate prices.
  9. China is good at following rules and laws. Nothing to worry about here.
  10. Canada is a secular country founded by Christians, so there are obviously some tips of the hat to Christianity here and there.
  11. The chief threatened violence against the cop a couple of times, he went into a karate stance twice. He also forcibly grabbed the cop off his wife. The 1st cop didn't have much he could do until backup arrived. He seemed to have patience but he was actually just stalling for backup to arrive. Then the chief resisted arrest. The 2nd cop came in too aggressive, the force was a tad excessive but the chief needed to be subdued. If you resist arrest expect to get hit. If this were a white person nobody would bat and eyelash. Politicians have to say omg how terrible or wingnuts will call them racist.
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