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  1. They're putting a 10% tax on cars over $100k. A bit weird that boats are so much higher threshhold at over 250k. Motorhomes are except because they don't want to make retired seniors PO'd.
  2. They did some testing. But clearly it was rushed by years and we're still guinea pigs to an extent, given the blood clot problems.
  3. You can help your neighbours the most by trading with them. We've helped China get out of poverty by doing business with them, not by giving them charity. You don't build wealth through charity, you build wealth by selling things to other people in exchange for money. The Liberals have no intention of paying down the deficit they've incurred. They're ready to announce a national childcare program.
  4. Justin Trudeau is a nutter too though. He suffers from a mental illness called narcissism. Lefties and righties suffer from different types of crazy.
  5. People like getting free money, and don't like the prospect of not getting any more free money. The Liberals have been a good mommy and daddy giving out free cash to many Canadians. The Liberals should have this election in the bag.
  6. Adding a political aggravator to a no-fly list because you don't like his speech is a pretty serious thing to do. If this is why he was on the no-fly list this should be a front-page national story. Maybe there's more to him than we know.
  7. Blaming China for the virus, which we should do, doesn't mean a person is culpable for hate-crimes. Trump never told anyone to hate on asian-Americans or blame them for anything. He just told people to hate the CCP because of what they did.
  8. If this Chris Sky truly did nothing wrong he should sue and I hope he does. Liberal government going authoritarian.
  9. You have to teach something. I guess judgement calls have to be made. American schooling seems to do a lot more patriotic propaganda. There's value to teaching historical accomplishments but it should be factual. If people know about their country, good and bad, they're probably going to feel more connected to it anyways. The point you show is that this is all easier said than done.
  10. Well with Remembrance Day you're not commenting on specific wars being good or bad, but just thanking people who died so you don't have to. If you don't do that it makes you an entitled ungrateful arse really. It would be different if a teacher got up and said war X was good but war Y was bad. Then you're teaching a subjective viewpoint instead of just facts. If you taught the residential schools even, you can just teach what happened, and then the kids can have a discussion about what they feel about it. A teacher shouldn't say "Sir John A was bad" or "he was a hero", they should
  11. I have a friend who has gone really hardcore woke the last several years. He seems to enjoy it so i've tried to stop arguing with him lol. He means well.
  12. Well I'm not sure if slavery being wrong is controversial, but I suppose it is still political. I also think you can teach what happened during slavery, the history, and the civil war etc. without taking sides, like any good history textbook would do: present the facts. Students will either agree with Lincoln or General Lee when presented with the facts, and i'm sure virtually all will go with Lincoln on that one. The point is if they're allowed to make up their own minds. You make a good point about patriotism. Though they barely taught me anything about Canadian history in high
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