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  1. Did they install self checkouts? Apparently there's been a lot of theft with self checkouts because people aren't scanning and paying for some things they buy, so some companies are starting to check bags and receipts.
  2. Western civilization is great and became great because we came out of the dark ages and realized that science and reason, not religious dogma, can solve our problems. Anyone who thinks a religious text should form the basis of our laws and ethics is still living in the dark ages and isn't using their brains and probably thinks people who put their penises in people's bum-holes should go to hell or be killed.
  3. 2027?? Trump will be long gone by then if he's re-elected, and the Liberals could be long gone by then too. Liberals just told Trump to suck it in the most diplomatic way possible hahaha.
  4. I'm talking about European colonialism of the rest of the world. They spread Christianity as they conquered "the heathens", but their main mission was to grab resources and land before their neighbours did. If they didn't, their neighbours could become more rich & powerful and potentially invade and destroy/conquer them. But you're right in that they did fight religious wars and aren't much if any better than the Muslims.
  5. Doubtful Americans and Muslims are ever going to be interested in truth and reconciliation. Peace will happen when oil is no longer in high demand and the US leaves the region.
  6. Europeans did a massive amount of spreading Christianity by gunpoint, especially via colonialism. But you're right, it was mostly for gold, not god. Colonialism was fundamentally a competition over resources/land. Foreign presence in the middle east is competition over oil resource control. The US and West are in the middle east because of oil, in bed with or fighting with crazy religious regimes. They've tried to control it for over a century since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and whatnot. Arab/Persian Muslims don't take it up the butt, not even from their own crooked regimes, i admire them for that. The US usually doesn't conquer and steal there, they just prop up proxies that further their interests & eliminate ones that don't. People try to moralize it, but it's about politics and self-preservation just like European colonialism was. The competitive anarchic design of the international system makes these things inevitable, unfortunately. Resources are up for grabs, every man for themselves. Countries don't share, they're all forced to compete.
  7. Christianity is for the uneducated masses from the times of pre-science, pre-enlightenment to explain how the universe works. Don't bother your mind with such rabble Jesus' morality works just as well without the metaphysical ghost-story nonsense.
  8. Because you can't legally kick out Canadian citizens who were born here. Yes there are a lot of Canadian-born riff-raff in Canada. With immigration, we have the ability to pick and choose who can come here or not. Bring the best. Go into the worst parts of any major city in Canada and you will find it dominated by impoverished, poorly educated, unskilled immigrants. Go for a drive right now and tell me what you find. The only exception might be in the prairies where you may find aboriginals there too, unfortunately. It's not about race or ethnicity, it's about education & poverty. If you come to this country, even seeking refuge, and you have no hope of securing a decent income and are going to help turn major parts of our cities into run-down crime infested third-world crap-holes, you should be shipped off to a third-world country where you'll fit in just fine. If you can pull your weight, you can stay.
  9. Muslims coming into this country is not a big problem. Stupid, unskilled people being allowed to stay in this country are. They're the ones who live in community housing , live off welfare, who cause crime, raise kids who get knocked up as a teen etc. Being stupid and unskilled is not protected by the Charter fortunately. Keep out the riff-raff.
  10. I don't want them to come to Canada. Then the media will never STFU about it.
  11. There's lots of basement apartments for rent in the GTA for well under $1000. I just checked again. You're not searching properly, use the slider on the left to filter the max rent. I know a friend who lives in Toronto and said he had no problem getting a nice basement apartment for $850 a month, utilities included. Tons of people in Toronto/GTA have investment properties, houses and condos, that they rent out. He lives in a house that's an investment property where the upstairs is rented out and he rents the basement. Also, nobody is entitled to live in Toronto if they make peanuts. If you worked at Tim Hortons you'd be crazy to live in the GTA or Vancouver.
  12. They are empathetic. I'm putting myself in their shoes. They certainly aren't sympathetic. There's no rental crisis in Toronto.
  13. What a travesty. Shame on them. WTF does religion have to do with housing?
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