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  1. Moonlight Graham

    Jerusalem is Israel's Capital...

    Could be a negotiating tactic for more leverage in a peace deal. More likely he's just being an ass though,
  2. Moonlight Graham

    University and "Useless" Majors

    Because high school teachers and high school guidance counselors went to university and got degrees in things like English, French, history, fine art, religious studies etc. and then spent just a short time in teacher's college and came out gravy with good paying unionized jobs with benefits & pensions. It worked for them, so they assume it would work for their students when it was time for them to get advice on what to do after high school. For the other 99% of the population who aren't teachers, these degrees are a ticket to nowhere.
  3. Moonlight Graham

    Has Modern Music Become a Weapon of Mind Control?

    Pop culture including modern music is shit because there's so much entertainment by talented (and not so talented) people out there, that most of the time the stuff that gets enough attention to be popular is either 1. ridiculously good talent (ie: Adele), 2. it's similar to stuff that we already know and love (movie sequels, The Weeknd (he sounds like Michael Jackson), nostalgia music acts and movie reboots, Fuller House etc), and or 3. it's so obscene that it gets attention, good or bad (Miley Cyrus, Marylin Manson, Jerry Springer, The Kardashians etc) #1 above is rare, considering there's so much good talent out there we're exposed to (on ie: Youtube) but rare to find incredible talent. #2 is the safest bet for corporations to sink a lot of their money into as an investment, so we're getting tons of nostalgia acts, movie sequels, reboots etc. #3 Has been around for a while (ie: Alice Cooper, Tiny Tim, Twisted Sister) but seems to have increased in ridiculousness and obscenity as the amount of entertainment out there competing for our attention has increased over the decades.
  4. Moonlight Graham

    Shorting Bitcoin: A Neoclassical Bubble

    I wouldn't short bitcoin, I wouldn't invest in it, I wouldn't touch it with a 10-ft pole.. It's too new, too speculative, too unpredictable. It could be the future or it could come crashing down it's too hard to predict. I would never gamble with my money like that. You're better off finding something like Walmart at a good deal.
  5. How do we democratize the media as you say here? In a free society, I don't see how this is possible. There will always be louder voices. EVERY piece of media has its own biases. The key I think is education on how to recognize these biases, and our own biases in how we choose to self-filter content & outlets, and how what media we are exposed to informs our own biases. We also need a huge deal of empathy, far more almost all of us possess currently, where we can can look at those outlets and journalists/pundits we vehemently disagree with and not just see them as sinister, misguided, ignorant/stupid etc but truly try to understand why people with different ideologies think differently than we do, how and why their core moral frameworks differ from ours? Most people are good people, even *gasp* FOX News and the Trump admin are filled with people who think what they're doing is actually going to help society. Everyone thinks they're Luke Skywalker or Batman fighting the forces of evil. This is much different than websites purposely trying to trick people for web hits to make money (real fake news). Michael, you're a pretty open-minded cat. If you gave me 30 minutes a day for a week to chat with you I'm very confident I could convince you to become an far right-wing fascist sympathizer, minus the Jew-killing stuff. A month later give me another 30 minutes a day for a week & I'm certain I could make you a Marxist commie sympathizer. I discovered this after studying Nietzsche & it blew by mind. If you understand his "master vs slave morality" as rightwing vs leftwing, and that neither left or right ideologies are "wrong" just opposite ways to interpret the human condition then you can empathize with people who have opposing political ideologies/views as you. Have fun down the rabbit-hole: https://thestuffedman.com/2013/10/15/master-slave-morality-and-you/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Master–slave_morality
  6. Moonlight Graham

    People`s Guarantee - Patrick Brown

    We're always going to need some immigration for skills and whatnot, & now this is more of a federal point, but if we're trying to increase our population through immigration, then if we need I don't know ie: 100,000 new immigrants per year, then why shouldn't we be taking the cost it takes to process (& settle & support & sometimes deport) the other 200,000 we take in every year to try to boost our population and give that money to young Canadian families who have children? Just give them the money & let them figure out how they want to spend it. And even bigger bonuses if you have 3 kids, 4 kids etc? Of those 300,000 there's many more immigration applications that get rejected that we have to pay to have processed, & you also must factor in all the money we spend when those permanent residents want to apply to become citizens. Like what the hell is going on in this country???
  7. Moonlight Graham

    People`s Guarantee - Patrick Brown

    I don't care about his policies. As long as he's not Hitler or Stalin he's better than Wynne. I think a PC gov would clean up the ON mess more than an NDP gov, or at least I hope.
  8. I should have made this thread a poll
  9. I liked you in the dream I had last night starring myself and your mother.
  10. It could just mean a bunch of countries run differently with different ideologies & laws, and so you can move to whichever one you prefer based on that or on jobs etc but not nothing to do with national identity. Personally, since we live in a world of nation-states, I don't want to be the guinea pig for this project. It could be brilliant, it could be an epic disaster. I would like to think Canada should have a unifying national identity that binds us all together. I don't see how a healthy state can exist without a unifying national force...I could see that resulting in sub-national identities like Quebecois or Chinese-Canadians etc. wanting more of their own sovereignty & their own nation-state to protect their own culture, leading to the country breaking up aka Balkanization. This is a very dangerous idea Justin is too naive and uneducated to realize.
  11. Talk about all the great and shitty things about Moonlight Graham. See you can use profanity here too! FUCK YOU!!!! See!
  12. Moonlight Graham

    New Clubs Feature

    Greg oh and when are you going to implement the clubs feature?
  13. Moonlight Graham

    New Clubs Feature

    Hmm very interesting. Anxious to see how these clubs develop. Greg, so within the clubs, the regular MLW rules don't apply, and the so the only rules are no illegal stuff, and no porn? Otherwise, what can/can't be posted is up to the leader/mods of the club?
  14. Moonlight Graham


    Not me personally, since I never posted in it. I'm just sticking up for the OP.