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  1. Hong Kong less keen on the Worker's Paradise that initially believed...

  2. She'll never apologize. But her rewriting of history to make Haj Amin al-Husseini the Jew's savior is just like saying Adolf Eichmann was the Jew's savior. She got a calming feeling from expressing the lie that the Mufti was the Jew's savior...you're free to support her in this lie. It doesn't change the actual history of the Palestinian Cause and it's deep involvement with the Third Reich and the Final Solution.
  3. What was the racist part?...just for clarity.
  4. Not all Canadians dislike Trump. It's split down the middle...just like in the USA.
  5. Snopes has been partisan for over a decade...The Truth according to the Left.
  6. Because she is LYING about the situation. Claiming Haj Amin al-Husseini & crew were the Jew's saviors is pure fantasy. No apology needed.
  7. The effect was palpable here...in order to get the local mosque to stop, city hall had to pass a by-law where no religious noises/etc were allowed...so no church bells allowed as well as mosque calls to prayer. Gotta be fair... Though I notice the one old church downtown has started doing its 12 noon bells again...guess nobody has complained.
  8. It's a physical act to show dominance over all others by literally overpowering you with the call to prayer. Sort of like me blaring Iron Maiden at top volume in a quiet residential neighbourhood...it's a big FU to many folks trying to sleep-in...except Iron Maiden fans...they quite like it.
  9. Yup...thou shalt not be a black face without a black voice in the Brave New Left.
  10. Here's what the left should do. 1. Appear to back these four women 100%...accomplished. 2. Let these four women set the tone for the 2020 Democrat election bid...accomplished. 3. Let them rant on and on about crazy azz sheet that only Mao and Joseph Stalin would like...accomplished. 4. When reasonable Democrats try to rein-in these four...heh...mavericks...reject their attempts and cast the reasonable as racists. Accomplished. 5. Call Trump names...always effective...accomplished. 6. Appear to care more about illegal non-citizens in the USA that actual citizens of the USA...a no-brainer...accomplished. 7. Repeat steps 1-6 until impeachment of Trump...though impossible...is achieved. Almost there...any minute, now. It appear that actually, the Democrats are almost as ready as they're going to get. Good luck in 2020!
  11. Agreed. Apollo 14 on the pad...Orbiter Space Flight Simulator (free).
  12. Mike Collins's Hasselblad from Gemini 10 is still in orbit, apparently...they were quite high-up when it floated away.
  13. You're free to wallow in your ignorance and claim it's a virtue, as well.
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