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  1. DogOnPorch

    Toxic Masculinity ad from Gillette.

    They blew it with the giant row of men saying 'boys will be boys'. Otherwise...meh. Chivalry ain't dead. At least with certain men... (adds qualifier...irony )
  2. DogOnPorch


    Nice pix. Yes, I recall Bath. Stokesay has to be one of the nicest settings. Shropshire...Sort of like I imagined the Shire to be like. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stokesay_Castle
  3. DogOnPorch


    I have many favorites...some I've actually visited, heh. Anyways, bcsapper might know this one. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Castle_Hill,_Huddersfield
  4. Him and MILLIONS of other men not keen on killing Asians for 'THE MAN'. Boy, the left has changed...so pro war...
  5. People were free to volunteer for duty in Viet-Nam and there were certainly lifers involved. But many took the college/medical/mental/whatever deferment rather than fight in that war. That you went is commendable...but not exceptional. You did go...right?
  6. Don't forget while not handing them millions of dollars, he's hoping ISIS becomes a strong voice of peace in Canada.
  7. Pretty much anybody with a brain got a deferment from Viet-Nam's draft.
  8. TRUMP 2020, my friend. My sentiment exactly. There was once good reason the USA picked-up the tab for the gang at the NATO Diner. WW2 is a great excuse for...ohhhhh....twenty years, at least.
  9. I personally see nothing at all wrong with the two cooperating re: mutual interests. Sure beats the other option... But, it would seem the Liberals and Democrats need an enemy that isn't their pet Muslims or their Chinese masters. Ayyyyyooooh!
  10. Russia can't afford to keep 100+ Mech Divisions, engines running, on the border anymore.
  11. Although, who knows? If Jeremy gets into power, it might well be the UKSSR. Putin: This guy's too radical for us!
  12. DogOnPorch

    Faisal Hussain - the evolving story

    Islam is a political system and rumored religion. Not a race or skin colour.
  13. That it was the good ol' UK and the new guys is rather telling, eh?
  14. DogOnPorch

    Is Nuclear War Inevitable?

    Beer and pretzels back in the day...still in print! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_War_(card_game)