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  1. DogOnPorch

    What Are You Listening To?

  2. DogOnPorch

    The Root of all Fascism

    Xenophon...the ultimate stranger in a strange land thanks to Cunaxa. He was pre-Alexander/Diadochi and very pre-Islam. 400BC-ish. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Cunaxa Anabasis pretty much covers his trip home with his fellow mercenaries through enemy countryside. His methods are still taught at West Point if I recall correctly. Anyways...he hated the Persians...as you might have guessed. Modern usage of xenophobe doesn't quite reflect the situation, though. Xenophon was witness to the rebuilding of Greece after the Persian occupation of the generation previous. So plenty of war stories re: the Persians...etc.
  3. DogOnPorch

    The Root of all Fascism

    Thus Donny Jr's comment on M&Ms and/or Skittles .
  4. DogOnPorch

    The Root of all Fascism

    As mentioned a few times before...Xenophon had good reason to "fear" the Persians...but, you know...xenophobes are everywhere.
  5. DogOnPorch

    The Root of all Fascism

    No such thing.
  6. DogOnPorch

    The Root of all Fascism

    I didn't ask what Muslims you found cool. I asked: Which version of Islam...a religion and political movement as opposed to a person...is the peaceful one?
  7. DogOnPorch

    Iran needs some democracy

    Death, death, death....
  8. DogOnPorch

    The Root of all Fascism

    Which version of Islam is the peaceful one?
  9. DogOnPorch

    Hamas fires rockets, - Israel bombs Gaza

    Facts are facts...and the Palestinian Cause is indeed a movement created by a Nazi motivated by Islamic Antisemitism. What none of these pro-terrorist types understand...ever...is the schism between the Hashemites and the al-Husseini clans. Two 'royal' Arab clans that wanted control over the Temple Mount for themselves alone. The Mufti ended-up assassinating King Abdullah I of Jordan when it looked like he was going to make a separate peace with Israel (with religious control of the Arab quarter and Temple Mount going to the Hashemites). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abdullah_I_of_Jordan
  10. DogOnPorch

    Hamas fires rockets, - Israel bombs Gaza

    The Palestinian Cause...like it or not...has direct links to not only the Nazis...but the Holocaust and Final Solution. The founder of the Palestinian Cause was one of Hitler's thugs. Head of his Middle East Bureau and a high ranking SS man. Personal friend to both Himmler and Eichmann. Birds of a feather... Grand Mufti of Jerusalem Haj Amin al-Husseini...Arafat's Uncle...meets with Hitler to discuss the Jewish Problem...and Solution.
  11. DogOnPorch

    What Are You Listening To?

  12. Which Muslim majority society do you admire the most?
  13. Well played, sir. We've discussed the brain drain before...with similar results!
  14. I've long complained about the term "visible minority". It's like some sort of thing one would read over a drinking fountain...