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  1. Hah...didn't think so. So your support for this terrorist only extends so far as not to be a danger to your family and home. Most prudent. He's killed before.
  2. So when's dinner? He's allowed into your home....right? You trust him.
  3. To you he's an innocent victim. To me he's a killer that was given money for his efforts in the Middle East serving with his al-Qaeda papa. So when are you having him over for dinner?
  4. Thirty... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thirty_Years'_War
  5. Far from me to get in the way of your love for this man.
  6. Entitled to 10.5 million for killing a medic? Why not. It's dialamah world...
  7. Sophie, Meghan and Jessica Mulroney are all gal pals...should tell one something.
  8. "I don't support Iran's Mullahs. I just agree with what they say."

    ---Comment on CBC this morning.

  9. I haven't bumped into either Harry or Meghan....have you? You'd think...at Timmy's or A&W....or somethin'....but nope.
  10. Seeing anybody can stroll across the Canadian border and get free cash, shelter and a path to citizenship, I don't see why these two refugees are any different. Perhaps the RCMP can carry their bags.
  11. The media has portrayed this as something Trump personally decided to do out of the blue...calling him reckless and numerous other names...as usual. The decision to remove this blight on humanity from the battlefield was made seven months ago. I could care less if you support the butcher.
  12. The only reason the coup succeeded was that Iranians wanted him gone...just not the Communists who wanted to make Iran part of the USSR...oh...and you.
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