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  1. You would cry too if it happened to you...
  2. The Covenant of Omar which put this 'protection' into Islamic jurisprudence can easily be deemed null & void if the contract is perceived broken. Causing fitnah, for example...a very BROAD term...can break this contract. Historically, massacres have resulted as a result of this apparent strife (fitnah) caused by the minority community.
  3. Touche...other than Oskar Schindler, the list isn't full of Nazi luminaries. But let's not fool ourselves. Even Reinhard Heydrich was a fairly normal hombre before the War. Orchestra conductor before being put in charge of Interpol and worse. Goering...of course...a famous respected combat ace. The vast majority of Nazi Party members never fired a weapon let alone personally killed anyone. But...like the not all Muslims argument...meaningless. Islam is the antithesis of the West. Literally the West's historical foe since its invention in the 7th century. Unlike the very human Mongols, who by great fortune...just went home never to be heard from again re: taking-over the world...Islam is still around as it's an idea...just like our recent enemy...Nazism. Only Ataturk and the wave of nationalism that made places like modern Syria possible put an end to the non-stop Jihad until now. Modern times.
  4. Do they? Does it matter? To me, it seems about a 50-50 split if we take all things into account...that's still...what??...700 million or so that feel terrorism IS the answer...as prescribed by Muhammad himself. Big Mo was FOR terrorism...in case you missed that bit of the Hadiths. I have been made victorious through terror...and such. Personally, I feel that one more al-Quds hate fest that goes unchallenged by the "Muslim Community" is all I need to know re: where the "Muslim Community" stands on terror and antisemitism in Canada. That is...generally for terrorism and against Jews. Typical Islamic use of children at the annual al-Quds Jew hate rally. Disgusting. Why not just admit that the founder of the Palestinian Cause was a real life Nazi and the whole movement belongs in the trash-bin with the rest of the garbage? Indeed...why not?
  5. It's silly and abrasive to insist that the Muslim community condemn terrorism. Either they are or they are not against terrorism...who cares, really? That's the "Good Nazi" argument in action. There are many good Muslims...that's not the issue. There were many good Nazis.
  6. ...and Notre Dame...an accident, don't you know? Notice we don't hear anything more about that? Why hear more about a simple 'accident'...nothing to see here. Islam responsible??? No way! That's impossible. Islam is only interested in attacking Christian cathedrals that aren't as well known.
  7. Islamic 'protectors' can go into a village and off the Christian population in massacres that make My Lai look tame and the MSM doesn't even give it a moments coverage. Can you provide details on the specific attack? There have been many in France that go unnoticed/unreported by our dutiful media.
  8. As long as the vile creatures follow the rules of Dhimmi to the letter and live as second class citizens in their own lands...then yes. Wouldn't that be swell? Be called vile and paying the Jizya for the privilege. I've got to wonder WHY you'd support such a concept. You must actually believe that Islam is superior above all others in the World...or you'd fight against it. Meanwhile, how well is that 'protection' doing in the Muslim world? What was the latest Jihad massacre? Would it surprise you to find-out it was Syrian Christians murdered by their Islamic masters and 'protectors'?
  9. Islam..unfortunately for us...is all about hating the other while loving what Allah loves. The concept is called al-Walla' Wal Bara'. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al_Wala'_Wal_Bara'
  10. It's the Quran that says Jews and 'polytheists' are the vilest of creatures...not any specific Imam who is repeating the verse. The Quran was written by Allah and is not open to reform (you can't reform perfect).
  11. Yes...much like the so-called music coming from "French" rappers. https://michaelsavage.com/french-rapper-sings-i-f-france-i-burn-france-and-murders-white-woman-in-music-video/
  12. Wahhabism is Islam as Muhammad intended, apparently. And who are Dhimmis like yourself to say it isn't? France has a full dose of Islam coursing through her veins. It doesn't matter what sect...they all agree with what the Quran says. The French are so afraid of Islam that they can't even state the obvious...that is...Islam isn't in France to make friends. It is there to fulfill its mandate of world domination and subjugation of all things un-Islamic.
  13. Again, I do not care what branch of Islam you practice. They all suck. Meanwhile...let's hope this is a trend. Nobody dares speak-out against the violence inherent in Islam due to, well...the inherent violence in Islam. https://www.algemeiner.com/2019/04/24/after-notre-dame-france-breaks-its-silence-on-radical-islam/
  14. Democrats would gladly destroy America if it meant winning the 2020 election. They're certainly giving it the ol' college try with their plan of siding with anything that Trump is against.
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