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  1. NERVA https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NERVA Nuclear Propulsion In Space (1968)
  2. Biden's Actual Inauguration: FreedomToons
  3. I could NEVER see myself paying for any of these folks. Democracy Now! is on the local University radio...Tim is free on YouTube...for now. I understand there's a Purge on over at Der YouTube. That's FUNNY re: Amy's salary....a good proletariat. What's the old line? "There's no such thing as a millionaire Communist." History says otherwise...lol.
  4. Agreed re: Brennan...a snake. Tim is pretty fair. He was once a Fox reporter, I think. I admire the ones that built themselves a media outlet that rivals the MSM. One doesn't have to believe everything that goes on any channel...of course. I assume we're all capable of making adult choices that try to see things from both sides. One my personal favs for...a LONG time...is Democracy Now! If any Left wing type is going to 'angry-up the blood'...it's Amy.
  5. Oddly, before Trump's latest run, I was a bit pro-Bernie as he seemed to want to stir things-up. As did the lovely Tulsi Gabbard...first foxy POTUS?...both were soundly slapped down. Felt sorry for Bernie yesterday...in his chair all alone...cold. Quite symbolic. Joe doesn't understand social media. He understands it's important 'to the kids'...but that's all. Kamala...who really likes her? She sucked nearly the worst in the Primaries. The whole thing...ugh! A disaster for everybody including...as I mentioned...ANTIFA & BLM who are suddenly a problem rather than helpful all
  6. Yup...the troops and razor wire are all too real. Funny that Biden's team doesn't trust the National Guard. Too white & male. They all need vetting and weren't issued ammo initially. Talk about nuts... Like I said, though...Reichstag Fire 2.0 Do it...then blame the other guy! It works quite well as history has shown. All in the name of safety...security...
  7. A flying start is always good. Well on the way to trashing the middle class.
  8. Off to Buchenwald with you, mein friend.
  9. That would be the LAST thing I'd want. Or ANYBODY here, I'd hazard. But, it appears Joe is ushering in a real one. Unless my eyes are lyin'...
  10. Portland refused to stop it. Months of riots. Now the Brown Shirts need a night of the long knives. Their services are no longer needed. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Night_of_the_Long_Knives
  11. I believe the insinuation was that like in a South African township, blacks are being gunned down by the white supremist police in the streets of America. I'm awaiting an example like this... Okay...bad example. Quite a few black officers in that one...
  12. The much maligned (by anti-Trumpers) USSF (Space Force) was pretty brilliant, as well. Rejuvenated NASA as well as provided the needed coordination between quasi-civilians (like Elon and Branson) and the military to get much more done. With the Democrats, NASA, however, is likely to go back to being a gutted placeholder...pretty much abandoned by Obama. Obama turned NASA into a Muslim outreach organization, if you recall. Not Charles Bolden's best moment.
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