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  1. Many slaves and indentured servants arrived in the Caribbean (et al) via the sugar cane industry that came along soon after Columbus. "Sugar my tea, would you dear?" Tea Time resulted...lol. Tongue in cheek...but quite a bit of truth there.
  2. Five Eyes: China Lied, Now MANY Have DIED
  3. From the 1980s...Trump's Yacht....Duke was hired as captain. As Henry Kissinger said...the only thing worse than being in Doonesbury was NOT being in Doonesbury
  4. The End of the World: Skeeter Davis
  5. They were 'fleeing' to the Americas long before that. The Spanish were essentially first in...all that New World gold to be had. The Spanish Main...yo-ho-ho and a bottle of rum. The English and Dutch had their pirate economy...preying on Spanish galleons etc. The French...less so....but still some bad ass pirates. L'Olinaise...check that lovely fellow out. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fran├žois_l'Olonnais
  6. One can't have a stimulus package for the US economy during an election campaign....It might actually stimulate the US economy!...and that would be undesirable for those seeking power.

  7. The Virus That Shames China: Pat Condell
  8. Italy is quite alarming. I'm trying not to be alarmed...but Italy....
  9. Medieval Europeans and Asians had been living in squalor for centuries before the Black Death appeared. Why in 1346?
  10. Tom Hanks & wife test positive for The Pest.

  11. "Here's one for you...." "Nine pence." "I'm not dead yet!" "You're not fooling anyone..."
  12. Excellent excerpt by Shellenberger. Hadn't seen that one. Thanks.
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