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  1. That's swell. The Palestinian Cause was started by an actual Nazi and there's not one thing you can do about it. Follow a Nazi cause...get lumped in with Nazis...go figure. The facts are though that there are no such people as Palestinians. Before the Six Day War these same folks were called Egyptians and Jordanians respectfully. Explain the transformation if you want a 'debate'.
  2. Pointless discussing this with you if you're wearing your SS man's hat.
  3. Remember, everything she said is 100% true...well...80% true. Okay...40% true. Well...can you validate my parking?

  4. She is supporting the Palestinian Cause. A movement started by Haj Amin al-Husseini...a real Nazi. You're free to support his cause.
  5. The Mufti's first act upon getting his new job. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1920_Nebi_Musa_riots
  6. I didn't think you had a clue. As for fairness and war. Start a war then lose, you get EVERYTHING you deserve.
  7. Zionists didn't steal the land. They bought it.
  8. I seriously doubt you know or understand HOW the Arab-Israeli conflict started...or even WHEN.
  9. Goodness knows you'd rather be told what to do. But, the reality is that you're free to NOT commit crimes.
  10. As for justice and starting wars...ask the average German woman at the end of WW2 if she deserved the treatment she got. Where's the justice? (pause to wring hands)
  11. DogOnPorch

    As seen on YouTube

  12. You're welcome to slap the cop that comes to your door. Report back with results.
  13. DogOnPorch

    The Fall of Rome

    Partly... The influx of Goths and other foreigners into the Empire as tacit citizens destroyed the once very effective legion system. As you noticed, this was a Western Empire problem. Roman legions were reduced to little more than armed mobs. The original legion system under the Republic required that the soldier be a landowner and an actual Roman citizen...ie born in Italy. This was eventually watered down to a citizen of the Empire...and then pretty much anybody who could hold a sword.
  14. Ah yes...yea olde "Won't somebody think of the children??" Tell me....what would happen to you if you slapped an RCMP officer? Would you get a reward? If you explained that the RCMP officer was on your door stoop...so hitting him was okay.....would that work in keeping you out of lock-up? Be honest, now...