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  1. On a lighter note: the Sci-Fi Channel has been rerunning Xena Warrior Princess. What a great old show. Lucy and Renee are always easy on the ol' eyeballs.
  2. The Bloc is surging in Quebec by accounts. The very place the Liberals rely on to win biggly.
  3. Our polls are generally not to be trusted. Like the media, they tend to lean leftward. Only today has CBC admitted that the Conservatives are in the lead in the 'seat analysis' or whatever BS that is.
  4. My Spidey Senses say a Conservative majority is looming to attempt such a divisive stunt.
  5. So apparently someone (a Conservative by inference) is trying to kill the PM. Tonight he held an event wearing a bullet proof vest and with armed camouflaged security in tow. Not many believe him it would seem. If there was such a threat, the rally should have been cancelled. But the event went on....brave hero. If it WAS real, I guess he had no problem putting the entire room of people at risk. The first thing the Liberal Party did is inform the CBC...naturally. https://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/trudeau-wears-bulletproof-vest-after-security-threat-delays-campaign-rally-1.5319730 The message seems to be...vote anything but Liberal and the already skyrocketing gun violence (as claimed by the Liberals) will have you ducking for cover like poor JT.
  6. You're free to blame anyone you like. All from the safety of your hand rolled Cuban cigar. Stay safe...and warm.
  7. Not my mess. But they are your friend that you're hanging out to dry. Stay safe.
  8. Yet you won't even fight alongside your Kurdish allies.
  9. Spare me your TDS. You're free to think ISIS didn't do what I said. I believe they even threatened to dump the degraded VX & Sarin into some city's water supply. A threat to be taken seriously as that stuff starts killing in microgram doses.
  10. It's not ISIS's word. Said bunkers were re-captured and what do you know? As we joked at the time, ISIS looked a little harder for the WMDs than the UN inspectors.
  11. As we've discussed many times before, ISIS found the bunkers where the VX & Sarin munitions were stored...in 'degraded form'. Meaning that the precursors had been mixed and left to sit. Degraded VX isn't benign. It's still one of the deadliest chemicals ever created.
  12. Well, you know what I mean. It's a trap to possibly get US and Russian troops to fight each other. Somehow, that'd make the Democrat's and media's day...virtue signal with a Geiger counter clicking merrily away.
  13. Iraq didn't have nukes...duh. But they did have all manner of chemical weapons...including VX which is a WMD...referred to as the poor man's H-Bomb.
  14. And riddle me this: what happens when a US jet intervening in this fight accidentally wipes out a whole pile of Russians?
  15. Well, show BC how it's done. Volunteer to fight alongside the Kurds. Other Canadians have including women.
  16. Right. No Tim Horton's on the battlefields of Syria...yet, anyways. A double double there likely means the grenade took off all your limbs.
  17. Twenty thousand + Canadians volunteered to assist the South Vietnamese fight their Communist invaders. A lot less are volunteering for the Kurds...several dozen perhaps? Fewer? Virtue Signaling Trumps Action
  18. The media make it sound like a blitzkrieg is happening. More like trench warfare. The towns being occupied by the Turks are *right* on the border. Making any headway against the Kurds will be bloody and costly for Turkey. Folks might recall that the last time Turkey actually fought a REAL war was in 1914-1918. This means they have little in the way of actual combat experience in Turkey's large army. Green troops vs Veteran Kurds...good luck Turks...they'd better ready 10s of thousands of coffins as this will start looking like the Somme pretty quick if one dives right in.
  19. You betcha...four more years and then we'll see if some other like-minded Republican wants a stab at it.
  20. The immediate assumption I'm getting from many is that the YPG are innocent lambs just trying to get along in a US made quagmire. Which, of course, it totally untrue. They had a world of assistance handed to them and currently control a large swath of Syria. If they can defend their takings against all the comers that want to kick their rear...more power to them. Long live Kurdistan...yet another ethno-state in an area that makes the Balkans look unified.
  21. Because virtue signaling about the Kurds only goes so far. It's okay if YOU Americans die being their human shield. However, it is beyond the Pale to expect others to do likewise.
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