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  1. A jet leaves a contrail beyond the horizon that catches the morning sun and looks like fire. So pretty. My city's conclusion?

    Aliens from Mars...of course. Only possibility.

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  2. Great. From what I understand, Alpha used to be a trial period and then it would end and the game stopped working etc...this was killing the game. The population of the galaxy was actually going down...not up. This new way is pretty clever as it populates the place with 10s of thousands at a time that are free to play at Alpha as long as they wish...and if they get rich enough, can use in-game money to go to premium. Brilliant...there's usually 20-30 thousand online at any given moment. Eve apparently makes its big money in merchandise, now. Female friendly...but there are still a lot of
  3. Japan's war-crimes were at par with the Nazis on some levels. The big threat in the Pacific theater was that if China fell it would free-up the massive Japanese army there for other purposes. Japan's weak spot was its transport system. It was considered a dishonor to be sent to guard convoys in the IJN...so ASW methods were sloppy and half hearted at best. US submarines quickly became the best on the planet once they figured out their torpedo issues...so the Japanese transports, oilers, tankers, etc, sank in great droves. Never to be replaced...
  4. They could have used your ability to use hindsight to predict the future in 1942. No kidding.
  5. Hi Goddess. This isn't that. If you choose, you can stay safe. My wife has even taken to it after being wary of the whole 'free' thing. Unlike 'freemium' games you might have encountered, Eve allows the free Alpha player the same game as the Omega and the opportunity to work one's way to premium with in-game cash. The difference between Alpha & Omega comes in what LARGER star ships/star bases you can operate...Alpha players can be Han Solo...but not Darth Vader...if you get my drift. Joining a corporation allows access to many allied players that might be either Alpha or Om
  6. As far as Japanese determination, I might remind folks that it was called "Bloody Attu" when it came to "just the Aleutians." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Attu And of course...Dutch Harbor...which was another 'classic' Japanese hit and run with carriers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Dutch_Harbor It's why Japan was a threat....they could project power in ways the Germans only could hope for.
  7. Yes, the IJN decimated Darwin in a day and then buggered-off. It's not just invasion places like Vancouver had to worry about. A couple of carriers and a bombardment fleet protected by a large submarine screen was pretty much a nightmare scenario circa 1942.
  8. Canada handled the Germans somewhat differently of course. The majority were simply under surveillance. But that doesn't mean none were held in camps and such. The UK on the other hand ruthlessly arrested Germans and sent them to camps on the Isle of Man. Over 30,000. Russia...well you can guess what ol' Stalin did to the Volga Germans living in the USSR.
  9. You have the clear vision of being able to study the events after the fact and decide that Japan wasn't going to invade the West Coast of North America. Everybody was pretty convinced they COULD at the time (1942). As I've mentioned elsewhere on this forum, the darkest days of WW2 for the Allies came after the Battle of Java Sea when ALL hope seemed lost. There was literally little to stop the Japs. But then miracles involving aircraft carriers happened and Japan lost much of its ability to wage proper carrier warfare for the rest of the war. Training pilots took time...who knew? The Amer
  10. Not just Pearl Harbor...but a string of victories all over the Pacific/Indian oceans. They just kept coming right up until Coral Sea/Midway.
  11. The threat was plenty real. Or do you not think the IJN and IJA were a match for the Canadian Army in 1942? They clearly beat us ONCE.
  12. News round about January 1942 was that the garrison of Hong Kong had been captured, sent on a death march and had yet to be heard from. That woke a few folks up alright.
  13. Some did their job. Balloon bomb wreckage was a constant threat in BC woods up until just recently. Even then....find one now? You touch it. You're again free to deny such things existed to suit your odd purposes.
  14. Japanese submarines and balloon bombs were a WW2 reality on the West Coast.
  15. Typical of Japan's spies in Hawaii...circa 1940-41. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takeo_Yoshikawa Includes interview w/ Takeo...
  16. Hawaii had a large Japanese population at the time. If you're familiar with the place's history, people arrived in waves for various reasons. The IJN needed a shallow water torpedo...which didn't exist at the time...in order to launch the attack. Engineers needed exact measurements of what they were up against in order to not have the torpedoes bury themselves into the bottom of the harbor upon release.
  17. Japanese and Chinese have historical differences few North Americans can fathom. Kamikaze...for example.
  18. The ironic part to the Japanese espionage activities is that they could find little traction within the Japanese-American community and complained to their bosses of it...all while the USA and Canada were overreacting by interring entire communities on the West Coast.
  19. Imperial Japan had a vigorous espionage operation on all US holdings in the Pacific as well as the United States. All in the effort to keep the location of the various elements of the US Navy under surveillance. You're free to think that they didn't.
  20. What is often left out of this tale of mass suffering is that there were certain elements in the Japanese diaspora that WERE sending intelligence back to Imperial Japan. Less so in Canada...but 5th column Japanese fishermen were instrumental in sounding the depths of Pearl Harbor for the IJN's shallow water torpedoes. This set off the internment fiasco.
  21. One of the craziest games I've played...well...EVER. Highly recommended. A thinking person's MMO. Eve Online...and it's FREE. And it's bloody HUGE. https://www.eveonline.com/ Join and I'll personally kick your ass...and you'll enjoy it.
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