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  1. The virus came from a Red Chinese germ lab in Wuhan after acquiring samples of bat pathogen from countries like Canada.
  2. Remember that white guy that attacked the elderly Chinese lady in broad daylight while the white store owners shut their doors and refused to help her? Me neither.
  3. It's like the damn Righties can't tell the difference between the North and South Vietnamese.
  4. ...and here's why. The last thing the left wants is the "Asians" and "White People" getting together in common cause and voting together...in harmony.
  5. Damn Asians and their scissors...always cutting-off hijabs from unsuspecting Muslim girls going to school.
  6. The left in their march towards harmony want to drive a wedge between the Asian and Caucasian communities and create strife where there was none. That's what they do...racism.
  7. Amazing who fell under his spell... Sad who he took. Sharon Tate was genuinely a nice person married to that Polish creep. Some say he was affected by her death...I think he didn't even break his stride.
  8. ONLY CASTASTROPHE Can Bring Equality Black Pigeon Speaks
  9. You confuse the Quran, Islam and Muslims and lump them all together to suit your whim. The Quran is the book the gives us the ideology of Islam which is followed by Muslims. If you do not follow the Quran, you are NOT a Muslim. "Muslim" isn't a race...it's a religion...that is: it's a choice. You either follow it or you do not. Jihad...since you're a little slow...is the concept that one can wipe away one's Earthly sins and get a favorable position in Paradise by fighting (perhaps even dying) in the name of Allah. That's the dangerous bit. Not all Muslims feel the need to wipe away t
  10. In Islam the concept is called Al Wala' Wal Bara'. Islam's supporters such as Dialamah either are ignorant of or purposefully deceitful about its existence. This would be: Loving what Allah loves and hating what Allah hates. https://wikiislam.net/wiki/Al-Wala'_wal-Bara'_(Loyalty_and_Disavowal)
  11. My so-called version is the Quran verbatim. Allah's immutable word. You don't get to change the Quran to suit your tastes. It says to fight the Unbeliever until all religion is for Allah. Not something else. The Bible says no such thing. Jesus was clear that killing was wrong under any condition. Jesus...you know...Christianity. Go and do thou likewise. Do unto others as you'd have done unto yourself. That one. Jesus said that he wasn't on Earth to end the old laws as long as the old laws didn't break his. So any OT references to handling things as per Jewish or (later) Isl
  12. RIP Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. 

    1. bush_cheney2004


      A life well lived...hope he gets the Full Monty.

  13. You heard correct. Dialamah does this every few months when it is brought-up and she'll try to put lipstick on the pig...so to speak. In her personal version of Islam, the great military expansion/conquest/enslavement under both Big Mo and his Companions simply didn't occur. To her, Muslim is a peaceful race of people that have occupied the regions currently held by Islam since time began. Or something to that effect...no war lords...all peaceful.
  14. No such condition exists. The Quran instructs the Believer to attack the Unbeliever until religion...all of it...is for Allah. https://quran.com/8/39?translations=48,47,41,20,85,18,84,101,19,17,22,89 The Quran clearly states that certain kinds of killing are okay, as well. No 'Thou Shall Not Kill' in Islam.
  15. There is just one Quran. No King James' Version.... It is apparently the literal word of Allah. Not open to human reform in other words. The Quran clearly states that the Believer is to fight the Unbeliever until all religion is for Allah.
  16. Second attack on the Capitol? What second attack on the Capitol?

  17. I recall coding sprites on the C64...what a great machine for the day. The best game available for it was the classic Pirates by Sid Meier in my opinion. Epic...
  18. I had a few for the C64 from SSI. Germany 1985 and such. The C64 also had Silent Service from Microprose which was the first decent sub game I had played.
  19. Joe Biden happened with all the common purpose and equity that entails.
  20. As for 'the developing world'...that's just a bullshit term in this case for those nations settled by Spain & Portugal...which like it or not...are European. They even had a 100 year head start in the New World over all the rest of those darn Northern Europeans. Not to mention their "efficiency" at dealing with the native populations.
  21. The same guys that claim walls don't work...THOSE guys.
  22. Only the best of what Central and South America have to offer is trying to crash their way across a border illegally in the middle of the night with the assistance of human trafficking gangs. Only the BEST. Gang members? Criminals? Infected? Not a single one. Not a SINGLE one...understand??? 

    Only the BEST.

    1. OftenWrong


      I know. I just bought some great swamp land in Florida, too.   ;)

  23. These guys use dull machetes, wood saws, chain saws, you-name-it rusty saws to behead their terrified screaming victims slowly. Men, women and children...no matter. I can't see the attraction of wanting that to happen in the USA & Canada...but that's what these demented progressives want. To them, MS-13 is a romantic notion....
  24. Uh...Mexico is the USA's neighbor and shares a missing border atm. But you're not really THAT stupid...are you?
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