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  1. Yes, we all know that you support the theft & fraud found amongst your ilk.
  2. Election? Steal it. Insurrection? Invent it.
  3. I wrote exactly what I said. 13 cops were ambushed and killed in Mexico just the other day. These killers don't care about your rules.
  4. In Mexico the other day, 13 police were ambushed and killed by gunmen right out in the open. No border, eh?
  5. With Mars being in the headlines again...a quick Celestia pic of the Red Planet. This is an 8k 3D Mars...very sweet. The Horse Head Nebula is visible bottom left. A high resolution Phobos drifts through the frame. Celestia is 100% free and very accurate... https://celestia.space/ http://celestiamotherlode.net/
  6. As long as one ignores Chicago gun violence, etc...and you will.
  7. Frankly, some websites never lie about some things...and they are some of the worst websites out there for just shear brutal content. The YNC...Crazy Shit...etc. Who is doing what to whom is all too apparent. Let's just say Central America (Mexico included) as well as certain countries like Brazil take the cake killing-wise. They make ISIS guys blush. Good news though...the US border is gone.
  8. Really? How about the mass shootings that are never included in these statistics and are instead labeled 'gang violence'...as if the bullets are somehow different?
  9. Joe is having a press conference. This is a bigger event than the Cold War ending. 

    1. Shady


      It’s a low bar for Dementia Joe to have to clear.  It’s also a record amount of time avoiding having one for a new president.

    2. Shady




    3. Right To Left

      Right To Left

      Wait! How come CNN or MSNBC didn't report on this? I am feeling sorry for the sign language translator most of all.

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  10. Colorado shooter doesn't fit the narrative. This is a problem.

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    2. Shady


      Lefties only care when white people are shooters.  Blackey can kill people every weekend in Chicago and they don’t say a word.  

    3. betsy


      The shooter is Muslim.

    4. Boges


      Actually Lefties care about this a lot. In regards to US gun control. 

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  11. Awaken With JP Crisis? What crisis? Why There Is No Crisis at the Border! - Special Liberal Report
  12. Democrats block media access to border facilities. Nothing to see here...all is well.

  13. Joe Biden refers to Kamala Harris as President Harris.

  14. Biden's plan is to strip the best and the brightest folks from these countries and get them to work gathering golf balls and cleaning floors as God intended.
  15. It's not women in the military that is the issue. Israel, for example, has plenty of XX personnel in their ranks and they kick-butt jus' fine...though they avoid putting women in direct combat for logical reasons derived from common sense. Men tend to do stupid things around women that they would never dream of otherwise. Like risk themselves foolhardily. That doesn't stop women from crewing things like Iron Dome batteries very successfully. The issue is the silly notion that pregnant women should be ANYWHERE near a freaking war. This is WHY one has a military...protect the nation &
  16. Tucker is the most popular media figure ever and is going to attract the ire of the fascists that seek to censor and cancel everything they don't agree with. Typical behavior from our goose-stepping Lefties.
  17. Fairey Gannet spooling-up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fairey_Gannet The Gannet had a unique double folding wing...needed to fit inside Royal Navy aircraft carrier elevators of the time.
  18. I blame the Pope for the Black Death. Not the Pope sitting in Rome, though. I blame that vile false Pope in Avignon. Is that a lump in my armpit??
  19. I believe it is on record that Harris assisted bailing some of these insurgents out of lock-up after they were arrested. Joe claims they're just an idea. An armed idea...
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