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  1. Believing what the Biden administration says is a little akin to believing that guy in Eve Online that says he won't attack you with his giant Borg Cube.

    "You're perfectly safe in this part of the galaxy. I'll give you an escort, even."

    "But if I'm perfectly safe....why do I need an...never-mind."

    1. DogOnPorch


      Trump lives in your head. 


    2. Argus


      If that's the case Biden has taken up residence in yours.

    3. DogOnPorch


      Uhhhh....Biden is fucking you now. You dream of getting fucked by Trump. He's not gonna fuck you anymore, friend. It's safe to let go.

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  2. That's the funniest part. Joe supports the insurgents.
  3. Communist insurgents attempting to overthrow the government battle with police in the streets of Portland. Communist insurgents deploy flash-bang grenades against police. Communist insurgents set fire to courthouse with a firebomb. Police advance on the armed mob of Communist insurgents. Joe Biden's America...
  4. You are rather hostile. So we agree that pregnant women shouldn't be in combat. Do you think women in general should be combat roles?
  5. Again: do you agree that pregnant women should be in combat roles?
  6. Do you agree that pregnant females should be in combat roles?
  7. Teapot Apple II May 5th, 1955 Yield 29 kilotons https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Teapot This was the much filmed Doom Town Shot where a fake village was nuked to see the effects. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Teapot#Apple-2
  8. So do you think Trump is racist? Or does he simply admire the Norwegian people for their accomplishments...with the assistance of North Sea oil?
  9. I know...but you also know what Trump meant.
  10. Mufti al-Hussein formed Fatah and his nephew Yasir formed the PLO.
  11. German and Scandinavian immigrants make-up a large slice of the American pie. The old joke during the Civil War was that the Union officers speak English while the soldiers Sprechen Sie Deutsch.
  12. That the British...besides the disaster at Gallipoli...were able to trounce the Ottomans with so few numbers and relatively few casualties shows how far gone the Turks were. The glory days were long gone...heck probably gone right after 1571. But they threw their lot in with the Germans for a few promises of free warships and tacit support on the logistical end...German officers, etc. Worked for two years...I guess. The soon to be Mufti al-Husseini participated in the Armenian Genocide, apparently. A warm-up for his & Eichmann's efforts during the Final Solution. And frankly, it
  13. Whiteys? Your parents and grandparents, perhaps.
  14. In 1858 I believe it was, the Ottoman Empire allowed the purchase of land by private individuals...who were subject to property taxation and military service. Not only did this allow the Zionists a way in, but made certain clans like the Hashemites and al-Husseinis very rich.
  15. Tim Scott = Black...and Republican. That forbidden combination. The Left hates Tim Scott...but Black Lives Matter... He's like Candace Owens that way...the Lefties resort to actual racist terminology to describe both Candace and Tim.
  16. Tim Scott...let some porch dog token black guy win the race race...race. Perhaps if we're lucky, they'll all go Harry Mudd's robots on us... Leftist: "I know I'm supposed to hate him...but I'm also supposed to love him. Black lives matter...does not compute...does not compute....pzzzzzzt"
  17. James 'Bubber' Miley and Duke Ellington East St. Louis Toodle-Oo (1927)
  18. Members of the ARVN 1st Division at Firebase O'Reilly (near Hue) in 1970 during the NVA siege. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firebase_O'Reilly
  19. MM and her girlfriends...they're quite the lot. Sophie, Jessica and the lesser knowns...it's like they planed it.
  20. Trump is the Republican Party. Who else did you have in mind?
  21. The Progs and their supporters NEED this silly conspiracy theory to be TRUE. So at all costs...damn the torpedoes...Q until the end. They define what Q is...who Q is. Nobody else does...certainly not the Republicans or Trump supporters. Much like their obsession with racism...they become racists in the process. They obsess over this Q and become it.
  22. Again...Q is a creation of the Left...propagated by Leftists.
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