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  1. Unlike your garden commune minded commies, folks like myself are individuals and need no collective to operate. Westie...as you call him...is 100% his own force.
  2. Yes...I understand your predilection for fascism. What...pray-tell....would Herr Boges like to do to 'those people' ? Nice moustache, btw...
  3. When did I say I'd like Red China to have access to our natural gas? What? Never!?? Well, golly...
  4. Bloody brilliant. Jonathan Pie
  5. Obviously...look what they did to Cyprus. Turned it into a freaking paradise. Can't have that under Islam.
  6. Aren't they busy threatening the Greeks, anyways?
  7. Yes indeed...they can use-up of our natural gas supplies. I can't see any chilly issues with that. Think they couldn't? Okay...lol.
  8. That it takes these Lefties to even breath life into the mysterious, impossible to find Q tells me something. Capt. Picard had similar issues if I recall.
  9. I don't think we should be doing business with Iran either. You'd like to do the Biden and say that genocide is just part of Chinese culture, eh?
  10. Redwing Cherokee May 20th, 1956 3.8 Megaton Yield https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Redwing Cherokee was the first test of a deliverable H-Bomb...but the B-36 that dropped it made a navigation error resulting in ground zero being four miles off the mark. This actually exposed numerous personnel to the massive nuclear flash resulting in some eye injuries. The miss was leaked by a technician resulting in a bit of a media circus surrounding the event. He was soundly punished. Cloudy weather obscured some of the test...but nukes don't care about your weather. Tempe
  11. But you do hang-out with them virtually...like most interactions these days. Well, say hello to your Q friends for me.
  12. You claimed you talked to them. So you were just fibbing?
  13. Your projections are amusing seeing you're the one on the ground with my boot on your neck.
  14. Far from me to get in the way of you cancelling The Muppets as racist and hateful.
  15. What's that, Q? Are you saying something with your face in the mud?
  16. It's not in the least bit ODD that everybody knows everybody else...but are supposed to be enemies.
  17. Bill with a certain naughty royal. I accept your unconditional surrender.
  18. Oh...what's this? Jeff & Bill on a plane of some sort...together. I wonder whose plane it was?
  19. I'm sure there are folks that do believe stuff like that. All five meet in Jimmy's mom's basement to discuss their findings...with MH in attendance, apparently.
  20. A Celestia aside.... If you get the large star database and what-not...you can drift along Star Trek-like at about 1 ly per second and watch the stars streak by. Even at a blinding speed like that, if you turn and lock onto M31 or something similar, you get a sobering reality check as to HOW far 2,000,000 light years away is...two million seconds in this case. Over 500 hours...
  21. That's interesting. The twenty Solar mass limit for collapsed stars ---> black hole seemed like one of those rules that was bound to be broken. Good looking black holes in Celestia... Cygnux X-1 in Celestia http://celestiamotherlode.net/catalog/fictional.html#1800
  22. It lurks in the centre... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sagittarius_A* Celestia attempts to display Sagittarius A*...it's one of those OMG, it's full of stars things up close. Doubt one could get a good night's sleep near the core...mind the X-Rays.
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