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  1. Carefull, Argus, you may end up legislating both of us right out of this country.
  2. I understand you claim so and I understand that it may even be true that most Canadians agree with you. Understand that wether most Canadians agree with me or not is of no importance to me or my ethics. I also understand that Canadians ageeing with you is very important to you.
  3. of course not. Anders Brevik was an all around sensible person too by his own account.
  4. Quote this Like this hmmmm. so the ol' testament thing about 'there shall be no other gods before me' or somesuch, is Islamic is it?
  5. oh, jeez, and here I was thinking the story of Lot was an old testament thing.
  6. So? They can think that all day long. ...and here we are. and its a beautiful day.
  7. I understand the distinction. Do you understand that what you think should be done about it is daft?
  8. Thats the base assumption that makes all that follows bullshit. Some believe that - absolutely. Probably a lot in the the middle east too, certainly. I will point out that many beyond muslims harbour those dark thoughts also. Perhaps many don't hold such extreme thoughts of Death to gays but lesser thoughts of imprisonment for gays or hounding of gays or denying other lesser legal rights to gays. Such thoughts are not confined solely to Muslims. There are some folks who refuse to make wedding cakes for gays . How many times must the following be said: People can adhere to any faith they
  9. well, so you keep telling me thats what Muslims want of me. It case you havn't figured it out yet I don't give a shit about dhimmi taxes. Email that response to your ISIS mentors.
  10. Lord help me with patience...Do you not see the contrdictions in your statements? I get it, Argus. You're not claiming that all muslims are the same only that all muslims, by virtue of being Muslims, are the same.
  11. Not at all Argus. You are asking me to accept that we need to hinder/restrict immigrants based solely upon thier religion. Not criminal history of the individual applying but by religion alone. I find such a stance barbaric.
  12. Re: Fatwas. Well yah, there are indeed many other fatwas promoting killing and terror, almost all of which were issued by clowns unstudied in sharia law and who do not have the qualifications to be issuing fatwas. Yes, there are those fatwas. I understand that to you there is no difference between the two; A fatwa is a fatwa, who gives a shit about the source? Right? In any event, you get to live your life in the manner you find most pleasing. As will I. I am not trying to save my azz from fools. My azz - or head - are right here for the taking. Nor will I seek measures be taken agai
  13. Well we all have our fantasies. Mine involve piles of money and beautiful women. I know what makes my fantasy a fantasy. Do you know what makes your fantasy a fantasy? I think I do: Good ol' English common law. The accused is brought before the judge and the state explains why this particular person need be shipped out of the country- well, he posted a bunch of shit on facebook plus we found some sieko watches in his basement. Ok, next. What about this guy? He's a Muslim too, yer honour, weren't you listening? and thats why your fantasy will never come about
  14. more of a 'You ain't the boss of me" statement than anti-gay one. Or perhaps the driver was colour-blind, maybe.
  15. ah. I saw a contradiction and pointed it out. Muslims are a threat to westerners except for the ones who aren't. I can live with that.
  16. when looking at the brutally misogynistic behavior associated with some Muslims’ interpretations of sharia and reject the knee-jerk reaction that paints anyone who questions the modern Muslim world as Islamophobic. Some muslim' interpretations, Argus. Some. But thats not your position is it? No. All Muslims think that way is your position. You are very wrong about that. My on-occasion refusal to let the bs pass by is not standing up for effin ISIS or effin Imams or just plain ol muslims calling for death to gays. So the author here has got that bit wrong. When I read that all
  17. Yes I am equating your thoughts to Evil Incarnate. Should you be shot for it? Nope. Restricted in your movements somehow? Nope. Banned from entering Canada? Nope. Denied the vote? Nope. Phones tapped? Followed by CSIS? Denied suspenders? Nope. Which is far more generous than what you want done with non-Canadian Values follk. Or poor folk. Even those that don't want gays murdered.
  18. I see lots wrong that. As I have also said, I see lots wrong with what you think too. But I'm not out looking for legal sanction against them or you unless you start doing illegal things because of your (or thier) thoughts.
  19. Sorry. That doesn't explain all the Fatwa's issued against terrorism.
  20. Why not? Whats the problem? You completely ignore it for non-mulsims. You have been going on for years about banning muslims from this country - sometimes not muslims but the poors instead. You have gone on and on about Canadian Values and who doesn't have them and how those who don't have them are detrimental to our well being. Hell even want to Destroy our country or even Change it. Muslims being the ones you are talking about mostly. And you aren't the only one - not by a long shot. DoP is happy to bring up the Dresden event to show that - hey! Whats a mass killing here and there if we a
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