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  1. You mean that Norman pointed out that 'night' was not an actual factual account? That he pointed out the fraudulent marketing of these 'stories'? Is that what you are refering to? Hey Rue - I asked before - what of Joan Peters?
  2. This is for DOP, who just doesn't seem to believe that Israel has nuclear weapons!
  3. Israelis Assault Award Winning IPS Journalist Mohammed Omer Well, the Dutch shouldn't hold their breath. That said, I do hope that someone gets a good chewing out over this incident, thank goodness that Omer is still alive - not in great shape - but certainly better than being dead - like his reuters counterpart Fadel Shana whose death has yet to be addressed what so ever by Israeli authorities. Ahhh, yes - but this is par for the course for Israel and her various security apparati - whether the Shin Bet or IDF. I can only wish Mohammed Omer a speedy recovery - as well as hoping that
  4. I would prefer that NO ONE die for either Israel or Iran. Bring the troops home and stop fu***ng around in other's people's business. But go ahead and monger the war.
  5. Israel Prodding US to Attack Iran I just thought I would paste this up there - since it is a rare event that the MSM actually cites the REAL cheerleaders for the war against Iran!! (Same ones who drove for the war in Iraq too). Want your kids to die for Israel? Attack Iran!
  6. Norman is NOT an Israeli citizen - therefore jbg NO treason honey.
  7. It wouldn't make any difference AW. If crims want guns and ordinary citizens are denied having them for their OWN protection - then violent gun crime will ensue. The police are NOT there to prevent crime - they are there to clean up afterwards. So - no - banning them around DC wouldn't make an iota of difference. In fact - in those states and counties that allow concealed carry laws etc - gun crime is VERY low. The crims are not that stupid you know - who would they burgle? The family with NO way to protect itself - or the family who HAS the means to protect themselves?? Also - in the heat
  8. Sharkman, we are in agreement. Banning guns won't stop the violence - though perhaps 'banning' the glorification of gangsta culture by various 'media' groups may decrease it somewhat? (I'm being somewhat sarcastic there wrt gangsta culture ie rap music).
  9. Uh no.. it's because if criminals want guns they can get them - no matter what kind of prohibition the ptb try to place on them. Better to have an armed populace IMO. This was a good ruling.
  10. It's nice to see that some on here get it. For those who just chose to smear at me - have fun. This has nothing to do with orgasms over the death of an officer - but of course some here just love to go at me. Knock yourselves out. This does have to do with police misconduct during a raid on a family home - no announcement that they were police, no proper warning, no proper warrant. In the eyes of the law we are all equal - that IS the ideal, and thus it matters not whether the gent in question is a raving drug addict of a fundamental religious freak. We are all entitled to our liberty - an
  11. Well, Rue as far as the lie goes - iirc about Dr. Finkelstein's visit to the West Bank being arranged by Hamas - then show me where I was wrong to call you on that (note absence of too over the top personal insults and inneundo on my part as well). Sheesh. You have defined many Jews as self-haters (or to use your ramped up version self-loathers ohhhhhh) who do not see eye to eye with the Israeli Administration's actions in the Occupied Territories. Never have I seen you support any of those brave men and women who do work for peace and understanding, and who are (much to your disgust it seems
  12. Nah... we just have problems with your government - just as we have problems with our own. Personally, I wish we had the US Constitution as our own. It is truly one of the most admirable ideological documents ever created. Very sad, and overwhelmingly tragic how your land (and ours) has been hijacked by corporate/banking whores. Easy to do when one dumbs the populations down though, eh?
  13. Perhaps because Bin Convenient isn't so much any more. Keep in mind they have invaded Iraq who had sweet dick all to do with 911. Keep in mind they are now threatening Iran who also has sweet dick all to do with 911. Also, keep in mind that we all are occupying Afghanistan - who really had sweet dick all to do with 911. Those that perpetrated that mess are ALOT closer to home...but for how much longer? What a sham.
  14. bump Hey Rue - what is the matter? Truth hurt or something? Yooooooohoooooooooo!?? Your silence says so much more than your usual diatribes.
  15. Quebec man acquitted in police officer slaying Indeed - one which the warrants were invalid, one in which there was bad blood already between officer Tessier - all around a BS situation. I don't know about the rest of you here, but if someone were to break down my front door at 5 am, not announce they were cops, I too would come out swinging (and if I had a gun - shooting). Good on the jury! Good on the court! Justice was served! The cops should learn a lesson here.
  16. No worries, they will just have Daddy US do it for them... afterall isn't that what the Americans are for?? 3 Billion a year, more cluster bombs when needed, lots of military equipment... Heck, when Israel says jump the Yanks ask 'how high'!! Recall what Sharon said wrt the US... or do YOU even have a clue?
  17. LOL Kuzadd - doncha know that White doors (who knows what sex he/she/it is) or Sharkman is NOT even worth responding to?? Oh, of course they love to throw around the accusations of being a .... wait for it... ANTI-SEMITE JEW HATING SELF HATING BIGOT But that's only because neither of them can refute the facts. I wouldn't bother wasting time on either of them. For those who seem to think I only bash Israel on this forum and I should start bashing the Muslim and Christian fanatics too - well all I have to say there is that this forum is quite full of hatred for these other two monotheisti
  18. You are SO not wrong!! But, hey at least BC is the 'what ya see is what ya get' kinda guy - that way one doesn't have to waste time on him. As far as Kucinich's impeachment - it won't go anywhere - Bush will escape the courts, never pay for his crime and probably retire to some south american country just like war criminals of the past. I wonder -will Kissinger be joining him?
  19. I don't 'hate' any group in particular. I certainly don't like extremists of any form though. Care to comment on the articles posted - or will you simply do as you always do and attempt character assassination with unfounded statements like the one above? BTW - kinda hard to hate parts of one's own heritage - ohh wait - according to Rue that must make me a 'self-hating' 'anti-semite'!! LMFAO. Now, whitedoors - sadly I don't 'hate'. I feel sad that these folks allow themselves to hate so much. I also feel, that a good friend doesn't let another drive drunk - they tell them when they are beh
  20. Orthodox Jewish Youth burn New Testaments in Israel Gee... that reminds me of something... wait though there is more intolerance reminiscent of the same thing here: Rabbi says deaf 'ineligible for conversion' Gosh, I recall others in the past who looked down upon the deaf and mute. Anyway, as these two recent events show, all is not sunny and tolerant in Israel these days. Who'd of thought that the extremists there would resemble so closely the extremists of the past. I guess they have truly become what they hate. Mirror image. Very sad.
  21. really? Says on the page you posted it at around 9:09 am on the 26th, and this one at 11:36... hmmm. Not that it really matters eh. Could be a time difference between forums I suppose. Still though - as you well know crossposts are against the rules here jbg (not that that hasn't stopped you before! ). link
  22. Rue, that is simply NOT true. He was going to the West Bank to visit a friend of his, who happens to work for B'TSelem. CBC Radio Norman's interview starts at around 16:40. And you have the gall to talk about 'honesty'. Yet, you supply NO links (you rarely ever do) just lines and lines of your own opinion, however skewed that may be. Fact is, Rue, this time you have been caught - outright. Finkelstein's visit had nothing at all to do with Hamas. Care to name a few so I can debunk this as well?? Or is any Israeli who is critical of their governments' policies vis a vis the Occupied Pale
  23. Well jbg, I have to give it to you - this particular forum seems to have found alot more to say about your little essay than the other forum that you posted this at. tsk tsk Cross posting again huh?
  24. Well Doggie here's one: http://www.normanfinkelstein.com/article.p...r=605&pg=11 But of course you will dismiss it since Finkelstein is of course a 'self-hater' eh? Don't know why I bother? Memri is well known to mistranslate or embellish on thier own much of what they report as neutral'. And, PuppieonPorch, I shouldn't have to do YOUR research for you. Learn a REAL trick or two.
  25. Loved the sarcasm BC Chick! It was a nice break from the remainder of the thread... As to the question of what the left should do... Stop thinking in such confined boxes like 'left', 'right' or 'whatever'.
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