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  1. He poses NO security threat outside of exposing what successive Israeli Administrations have done to a whole people as well as how a certain clique has exploited the suffering and tragedy of so many for the benefit of the few (The Holocaust).
  2. It's astonishing how so many things on this forum get reduced to partisan mud slinging and insults. Sorta like the article posted - which sadly resulted in very little comment on the substance. *sigh* Guess that's how it is though - they get everyone so divided into their little niches, foster a culture of 'us vs. them' and then drive it home in such a childish manner. Pathetic. No wonder things are in a mess. Name calling and schoolyard antics. How can anyone take anything seriously? It is not just the 'Libs', not just the 'Tories', not just the 'Dippers' - IT"S ALL OF THEM. But, hey -
  3. No religion condones it. You ARE correct. Yet - this is paraded out time and time again in order to demonise the Muslim community - and paint them all with the same brush by folks like Scribblet. Sickening.
  4. Is anyone going to comment on the original post - or is this just one of many hijacked threads that the moderator here won't do anything about?? I mean really - should we all not be pleased that there is NOT a civil war going on? Should we not be pleased that they have 'worked out' a solution to the political infighting? Or do the war-mongers here just want to see blood?? Oh never mind - I forgot who I was talking to. Carry on with your off-topic bs dribble. (Though I am certainly happy to see a stop to hostilities and a diplomatic solution to the heightened anger. Now if we could just ge
  5. Rue, are you just being obtuse on purpose???? (If you are going to answer me - a single sentence or two will suffice - I don't want to read your verbose novels full of smelly excrement) Try to be short and to the point - if that is at all possible. (Which it's probably not - since lies need far more lines of BS to convince the weak minded).
  6. Bingo Well said. Also, I don't believe for a moment that this practice has been officially condoned as the original poster (A muslim hater) states.
  7. Norman Finkelstein has been arrested upon entry into Israel. He will be detained until deportation, and his bannishment from the 'Light among Nations' will last for at least ten years. The son of Holocaust survivors and an outspoken critic of Israeli policies in the OPT, Finkelstein is now enduring whatever his captors wish to throw at him. Let's hope that they don't mistreat him, and that he gets home tomorrow. http://desertpeace.wordpress.com/2008/05/2...sted-in-israel/
  8. What like in the Occupied Palestinian Territories?? Such as Gaza? The West Bank? Or do you mean Israel proper? (whatever that is - since she won't declare her borders)/ Man, you are deluded. You buy all the lies, hook line and sinker. Muslim or Christian in Israel and want to build a house? Fooogeetaboutit!! No permit fo YOU!! Bulldozers on the way! What a nice place! Rue, why don't you move there? Make Aliyah?
  9. Didn't that Jesus dude smash up a bunch of money lenders' stalls in his only violent act? Wasn't the usury banned in Christendom? Man, religion is total whack.
  10. To add: Obama clashes with Bush in Nazi appeasement row First Steve, now King George... Disgusting, both of them. Smear, lie, insult - drive the wedges further - how to ruin a nation in as few steps as possible. What a bloody embarassment.
  11. Seems like Bushie is now comparing anyone who wishes discourse to those who would have talked to the Nazis... while of course he is paying tribute to his handlers in Israel. Sickening. America needs a president who will put AMERICA first, second and third - and quit pandering to a mafioso quasi tyranny.
  12. We aren't talking about the Russians - we are talking about a country who actually CALIMS to be a Democracy with Equal Rights for all - not the case by a long shot. Go educate yourself: http://www.btselem.org/
  13. LOL Kuzadd - LOOK who you are talking to. White Doors is pretty much a poster boy for drive by smears!! WRT the name calling and juvenille behaviour of our parliamentarians - well that's just par for the course, isn't it? They think they are being 'humourous' perhaps, but really all it does is reflect badly upon those making the ridiculous comments. The 'smear' of anti-semite, I hope, is losing it's edge and will begin to backfire. These days, throwing out that particular insult and character assassination usually ends up with a 'rolling of the eyes' response from most. Times are changing
  14. Well, Leo, may I call you that? Anyway - I certainly don't claim to have learned anything from Sue. I know who she is, and have listened in to her program - for amusement purposes only - it was amazing how ill-informed so many were about sexuality! It's too bad she's retiring Leo - I think, given the chance, you would have liked her. Perhaps you can find her on you tube. (btw - wiki is NOT a source). (that's what I told all my undergrads a few years back - they realized it quite quickly) Edited to add: I guess I, and others here, fall in the 24% who don't experience these 'problems'.
  15. Don't hold your breath. Or worse - he'll use Wiki...
  16. Well, all the Algore-Sky is falling crowd should be happy!! Afterall - isn't this what Global Warming (oh so sorry - it's called Climate Change now -since it certainly ain't warming!!) Crew wanted all along!!?? LOL And leave it to you guys to make this some kind of partisan issue - LOL even Louder! It's about the $$MONEY$$ Baby! It always is with these folks! (And it's OUR money, to boot!!) Bah bah bah... (edited: just cuz I had more to say)
  17. I think you need to tell YOURself that... or at least part of ya!!
  18. Hey, I am no big fan of China - believe me! But I'm not going to go accusing them or dismissing them due to some wierd partisan belief which was ingrained in me by the state - unlike you. China is a nasty place - but no worries - we are catching up!!!
  19. Here, from a mainstream source: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2006/06/01/...in1675244.shtml
  20. Oh well, not in my world thankk goodness! Keep fit, keep the MIND active (our bodies biggest sexual organ and most important!), I see NO problems at all! Do you eat well? Exercise? Broaden your mind?
  21. Great minds kuzadd! Do you have a link to the original in German. I know that there are a few speakers here, and I for sure, would love to read it in German. Thanks in advance! B
  22. If you are talking from experience then I really, really feel sorry for you...
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