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  1. Yeah, perhaps... certainly accurate. Your thoughts? For me, while not an overt fan of Carter's policies while in office, I certainly do respect what he is trying to do here. Dialogue - not sabre rattling is the only way there will be a fruitful peace. By that I mean, not a dead zone - which is certainly peaceful, just not in a 'human' way. The extremists on all sides need to be turfed. That includes the less savory of the Palestinian factions, as well as the less savoury of the Israeli factions - like the radical Settlers (gosh I hate that name - call them what they are - terrorists - no b
  2. Politics Aside, a Human Rights Crime is Happening In Gaza A very good article, which sadly will never see the light of day here in the NA MSM. It shouldn't, as fellow human beings matter about the 'politics'. What is going on in Gaza, is without a doubt a humanitarian crisis brought about by overt war crimes and collective punishment. .In April, many more can be added to this, women and children, innocent bystanders and yes sometimes a troublemaker. Is this really acceptable? So, who is really saying 'no' to peace?
  3. So, Dog, I guess you would find aptly named 'amusements' at Auschwitz 'humourous'?
  4. I'm interested to hear what Fisk will say about all this. I know alot of folk around here dismiss him outright - but the gentleman has lived in Lebanon for decades now, and understands much of what goes on 'in the street' there very well. I don't agree with him all the time either, but certainly will look forward to his insight given the recent events. Keep in mind, and even our media trumpets the fact, that Sinoria's government is 'Western Backed' - translate as US of A. They have been stalling or a long time wrt the elections - the Lebanese aren't too happy about this, not to mention the
  5. What Hamas really needs to do, and granted they are trying - but still have a ways to go - is to become far more organized and sophisticated wrt their political aims. For example, when they tried to organize a peaceful march on the Erez crossing, only about 10,000 people showed up (still good - but more are needed). I am in agreement with Dr. Finkelstein, when he advocates a peaceful advance on the border - or against the wall. No doubt - some demonstrators will lose their lives, but after 10, 50, then 100 have been killed indiscriminately - well that is certainly something that the Israeli
  6. Just a reminder: http://www.alnakba.org/
  7. jbg honestly believes that Israel was empty and that there are NO such things as Palestinians. Really...
  8. Is this finding really a surprise? I recall seeing, not long ago, that a popular pastime for British youths was to destroy the CCTV cameras and post their results on the internet. A few have been blown up by townspeople as well (iow it's not just bored kids - it's every liberty loving Brit or Scot or Welsth that hates them). I find this offers a glimmer of hope, that the people of the UK are sending a message, and won't tolerate much more of the intrusiveness by government into their lives. Take em down. Let communties patrol themselves. Return the police to the role of police - not miliatar
  9. Israel has little to celebrate and even in their own press many acknowledge that fact. Just go read Haaretz, or even Ynet or JPost. There is alot for many Israelis to ponder on her 60th birthday, on the 60th of the Nakba as well. Generally speaking, most of us do some reflecting on our birthdays, thinking of what we have done, achieved and experienced. Hopefully many of us think about how to continue to grow and evolve, to continue to better ourselves as people and gain greater understanding. I hope the Israelis and the Palestinians do this as well, as it is an opposite yet meaningful time f
  10. So, lemme get this straight - you blame Israel's low showing soley on the Arab population there??? And you find this OK? So - if Canada were to score low - who would you blame? The aboriginals? The French? The poor? Gosh, if Germany's score was low in the 1930's would you have simply blamed the Jews? Your post speaks for itself...
  11. Hmmm... I didn't refer to you as a mf. Unless you are both DOP and M.Dancer (the asshole formerly known as Morris Dancer, now lost). But I will certainly refer to this post of yours as a complete 'whine' job. Booo f hooo. I didn't ban you. You were out of order and the owner of the site banned you. I did not have that power. Funny though, you were FAR more 'leftist' on the previous board - which leaves me wondering whether or not you are simply just a professional troll and instigator. Nah... that's giving you way too much credit. As for your musing wrt Israel - it doesn't compare wrt w
  12. Well, gosh and this coming from the guy who used to bear the title: The ASSHOLE previously known as Morris Dancer?? (Which by the way, was far more descriptive of you than your current byline. Though I sure do agree that YOU are lost) Now, I'll repeat for you since you seem to be unable to read and spell today: Please, comment on how this effects small business, consumer rights, liberties. Please say something about how this effects us all as Canadians. It would be far more interesting than your usual crap. BTW - if all you can do in response to this is hurl more shit in my direction the
  13. ??? What in the world does that mean? Did you make a spelling error? How have I been a hypocrit? Care to point that out? Find a quote here. Besides that - DO you have anything to say wrt to topic? Please, comment on how this effects small business, consumer rights, liberties. Please say something about how this effects us all as Canadians. It would be far more interesting than your usual crap. BTW - if all you can do in response to this is hurl more shit in my direction then don't bother - because you are wrecking a thread which otherwise has some pretty good content, well outside of any
  14. Yeah, there is little point bothering with many on here. Sad..
  15. Well, there isn't much a dfference wrt Israel. She already has one of the strongest militaries in the world. She has lotsa toys courtesy of the USA, if she runs low on anything - Daddy US will make sure she gets it forthwith!! Think ammunitions in the last Lebanon fiasco. Think billions of $$$ yearly going to make sure her outpost is well armed?? Sorry, Dancer no diff here between supplier and protector. MOOT
  16. Talking to yourself again Dancing man??? pffft... ha ha lol edited to add: Did you read c51?? Do you understand what it REALLY entails???? Or can you only answer posts with your snip comments - adding nothing??? If you have nothing to add outside of crass comments - why bother even involving yourself in the thread? Unless your only goal is to upset, bait and flame? Oh sorry - it is!!!!!!!! :D
  17. Rue, did you say something??? Oh, not really eh? Again, your diatribe is full of inconsistencies, lies and innuendo. Israel has not bargained in good faith - ever. What say YOU about the illegal settlements hmmmm??? (I know you won't answer that - you will simply make shit up and respond to your own ramblings - no surprise there). BTW - I saw Norman this weekend - you really need to go too.
  18. I don't usually respond to you - as you're not worth it. However I would love to see WHERE anyone here has been a Jew hater. I'm waiting.... Unless of course you equate every single Jew on the planet with the actions of the Israeli Admin. Do you????? What a joke Sharky boy.
  19. Do you really NEED someone to point out the relationship wrt military aid and such between Israel and the US?? Really??? LMAO Man, you are one deluded mofo.
  20. Yeah odd eh? Used to be that conservatives stood for small government and NO nanny state. Amazing what fear politics combined with some good old fashioned redneckedness does eh? pffft
  21. Do you even know what C-51 entails? Did you even read it? Or are you simply spewing your usual partisan lines Dancer? BTW - do you even work - or just hang around here ALL day long? Certainly Dancer, it seems since you are here daily, with such informative (snicker) posts, perhaps you are simply a paid hack. In fact I'd bet on it. Shill for sure. Inconsistent to say the least.
  22. There is NO such thing. It's all a charade.
  23. Kinda odd that even when Hamas does offer a ceasefire (something that apparantly Israel always cries for) they are outright rejected. Funny, how even when concessions are made - ie no inclusion of the WB, no more shelling etc) Israel says again and again no. Gosh - with actions like that perhaps one might conclude that those governing the Jewish State of Israel really have no interest in any kind of peace. I'd wager they are more interested in 'Piece", as in a piece of Palestinian land here, and a piece of land there, till there is nothing left even if Palestine ever could attain some kind
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