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  1. What a pile of supremiscist BS this whole thread is. But convenient to lay blame on the inferiors eh? Sickening....
  2. Yep, and more of course than what you have mentioned above. Sadly, you can only expect references to tin foil by way of an intelligent conversation from the majority of board members here.
  3. poor tony... well at least you don't have the Mcsquinty (oh sorry - McGuinty) brothers as your sole reps... ugh.
  4. Here is a good primer on the codex alimentarius. Important to understand wrt this bill. I wonder if Charles can combine these two threads on C-51? Or, Soccerdad - you could put your links and comments into this one and he could close it? Seems silly to have two thread titles the same, and on the exact same subject - although of course this IS a VERY important matter.
  5. Hi Spicey, You are correct, certainly - divide and conquer, use fear and ignorance to do it! Then the sheep just beg for more controls! Ya gotta love it, eh? "Let's you and him fight" Good luck convincing the obvious shills on this board of anything though. Those who consciously align themselves with partisan politics - for they are deluded in thinking that there is any difference between those who control the so-called 'left' and those who champion the so-called 'right'. See how well it works?
  6. This is a big concern, and of course not being talked about by our presstitutes or so-called politicians (you know they are suppose to represent 'us'!). This bill, seeks to employ the draconian rules and laws of the nerfarious codex alimentarius. You can read about it here (google link) In short, it seeks to regulate on a global level all food and drugs - period. The result in many cases has been the devastation of small to middle sized companies who simply cannot afford the level of regularitory fees and purchased liscences in the forms of DINs and such. It limits what you, as an individu
  7. What amazes me margrace, is how none of them actually address a point under this topic. Perhaps they believe that those people/instituions who effectively control the money flow really have NO influence on world events or actions of various governmental officials.. yeah that must be it. People and institutions, be they banks or other kinds of global corporations have absolutely NO influence on anything!! Glad that is settled.
  8. So, do you think that anyone really wins a nuclear war? Man, you're a maroon! (among other things) Oh and thank you for your oh so intelligent response. As usual, your support of genocide and killing innocents is duly noted. Or... could it be... say it ain't so... YOU support Hillary's comments??? OMG! Yep, I guess that must be it - our own Bush Cheney is now shilling for Hillary - just cuz she says she's gonna nuke Iran!! Whhhoooowheee! Larkin' me!
  9. Yes, Israeli jets do fly over Lebanese and Syrian territory, even though they are violating ceasefires and conditions which they have apparantly signed and pledged to. Gosh, they've been flying over Lebanon, against the agreement of ceasefire, since the war ended. So, hey, what does it matter what Israel does? She will never be held accountable, even though sometimes, she actually may have a point. Oh and BTW your post has NOTHING to do with the aforementioned bombing, by Israel, of a site in Syria. All it does is confirm that Israel regularily violates conditions that she has been a signa
  10. No, but I have known women who KNEW that their bf's did not want children, or were certainly not interested in having them at the time or with that particular woman - why then if they allow themselves to get pregnant - to force the man into a relationship he does not want and has said so - why should he be held liable??? Okay, let's define some parameters - let's say the guy provides the spermicide and condom - to the best of his ability he pulls out. He is adamant for not wanting children, he may even state this before sexual union has occured - yet SHE does get pregnant. Does he really ha
  11. I think I love you! My motto is 'Just be Nice'. (It's difficult around here sometimes though!! So many want to obliterate folks with nukes!!) Thank you FrootLoops, you have also contributed to cheering me up today!
  12. Now that was funny. Thank you, really. I needed a laugh - it's been a very long and really stressful week. (please keep this post, as it is probably one of the very few times I will actually be thanking you, Dancer!) Shoot - perhaps we should put a star on the calender? hmmm.. Anyways - thank you.
  13. Speaking from the prespective of a woman raising her son without ANY help from the father, I can certainly see both sides. I think often men do get taken for a bit of a ride, I also think some men shirk their responisbility - or are far more trouble than they are worth (my own case). If a woman, say, has a one night stand - uses birth control - but it fails - then gets pregnant and decides on her own to keep the child - WHY should the man be liable? Really? I guess in the final analysis I agree with Drea. If the chick gets herself knocked up and can't afford to take care of a child - s
  14. What a mountain out of a molehill. go ahead - keep demonizing, keep dividing - it works so well for all ills. ridiculous. So easy and convenient to judge folk based on whatever religious, ethnic, or racial affiliation they my share through the arbritrary happenstance of BIRTH. Utter sick junk.
  15. Well, personally I think they are all assholes. Hillary, Chirac, Ahmedinejad - all of them. All eggs in the same basket. Imagine - declaring the will to genocide a whole group of people. Sickening - sickening beyond belief. Let's see - who recently did apparantly try to do this? Hmmmm... oh yeah Mr. Nasty Hitler! Funny eh, how we can demonize one and all with the title of 'the next Hitler' yet WHO is really calling or war? Who is REALLY calling for genocide? An obliteration? Fuck.
  16. What a load of bullshit Argus (or is that Argues??) Syria DID complain and filed a formal complaint against Israel wrt the air attack. So, as usual you are DEAD wrong! Syria Issues Formal UN Complaint about Israeli Air Attack United Nations, September 12 (RHC)-- Syria has formally complained to the United Nations about a raid by Israeli aircraft over its territory. The Syrian ambassador to the world body, Bashar Jaafari, said Israeli fighter planes had dropped munitions after crossing Syria's border last Thursday. Jaafari described the incident as a flagrant violation of Syrian airspace.
  17. unadulterated BS - like practically all of your posts here buddy.
  18. *yawn* No worse than this idiot: Haaretz Seems the good rabbi wants to hang innocent children from trees!! It's easy to find nutbars spouting crap on both sides. They're both kooks. Quick edit to add this: Google Search Results on Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Also, if the translatin is from 'memri' I wouldn't count on it to be correct - they have a very bad reputation for mistranslating, complete with hasbarfa spin!!
  19. Holy F*** What is your problem? Accusing people of WANTING a GENOCIDE?? F****** Unbelievable the double standards around here!! I'm shocked (not)
  20. Have you ever read a history book? You might just want to look into the 67 six-day war. Isreal was the aggressor (she usually is). There were many in the Israeli Admin who had grave reservations and misgivings about that fiasco which resulted in the occupation of Palestinian lands. There were a brave few who saw that the end of Israel would end with her occupying another nation - she cannot ever go back now - as she has made herself responsible for ALL those under her military occupation. Keep in mind, at this time - still no 'suicide' bombers!! Then, the Israels decided that they'd start
  21. I understand that. I support that right as well. That said, I don't think too many women would choose the artist's method... Yuck, are they really a dime a dozen in contemporary art circles? Gosh, no wonder I don't attend...
  22. Yeah, I remember that. Fundies are all the same, IMO no group has the corner of the market on being assholes.
  23. Wow, thanks Drea. How totally refreshing! I love this: There's this guy in my house, he calls me "Hon" -- there's this other guy there too, he calls me "Mom"... Am I two different people? That is a GEM!! As far as the OP goes - well it's classic smear by association - 'nuf said!
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