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  1. Watch the Jimmy Dore Show, the Hill, or many other progressive sites to see how bad the FBI has been in all of this if you want to have a left wing view of this. The Dems are terrible to support the FBI corruption. Adam Schiff is actually worst for the US than Trump..
  2. Michael Chong has always been my favorite.... But I can be considered a Red Tory. Thought the only card carrying Conservatives I know are the religious right, so.... A Hard Ceiling of 40%, and need Jagmeet Singh to be very popular..... The Conservatives are in trouble. I doubt even Harper can keep the religious right quiet and happy enough with how out dated their beliefs are for a modern election.
  3. I thought the single debate issue was obvious. I no way did they have time to discuss any issue in any kind of depth.. Another example of Trudeau weakening Democracy by making this single English language debate legal.
  4. I thought Singh won the Debate by a long stretch! Trudeau was terrible. Surprised he basically said he was going to challenge Bill 21. Sheer did poorly, except for 2 moments. _ The Trudeau wears a mask to pretend moment and the suggestion Trudeau should run for the Ontario Liberal leadership
  5. The CBC is gone so far down hill in recent years. I used to think the radio was decent, but if you listen to Rita Celli in Ontario, you swear it was just a Liberal Party mouth piece. I used to think the "National" and "On the Money" were decent non-partisan programming... On the Money was cancelled and with the retirement of Peter Mansbridge and promotion of Rosemary Barton, It has gone down hill fast. The rest seem fine though, but she has made me stop recording it. That and like Angus stated, It is what did Trump / republicans do today network. I could care less... The Abortion issue in the US.... Not more of a concern to me than it is in other countries I do not live in. I guess it may create more fear of CPC... Otherwise, it should be pushing Canadian News! Canadian who want US news can Watch Fox, CNN MSNBC for there US fill....
  6. I think David Orchard has an interesting perspective on the negotiations. He was on Cross country checkup. He calls in at ~23 minutes point. Thinks we should bail http://www.cbc.ca/radio/checkup/what-grade-are-you-giving-justin-trudeau-on-the-nafta-file-1.4806234
  7. I am concerned that policing and justice for the very rural parts of this country. It is an issue that is mostly ignored, as it is not understood by people in towns and cities. I do think it may get worst. I am still confused how you can hold a gun to someone, it go off and kill someone, and it not be at least manslaughter, no matter the instructions... Even if you believe the story about the missfire...
  8. So in your simplistic view, that Race was the only consideration? That in now way there can be multiple factors? The other cases I was comaring it to involved only whites...
  9. Nice jumping to conclusions... I bet the white guy your talking about was know as a trouble maker. There was probably no surprise, when the police finally busted him. That was the case I was quoting from you... Or am I jumping to conclusions on your comment, that there is extreme racial hatred in this country against whites?
  10. I think that the root cause of the horrible outcome. When you are very rural, you feel like you have no protection. Everybody knows who the trouble makers are, but, IF the police do anything, it takes the criminals away for only a short period, then they are right back in action. The Justice system is only capable of slightly delaying the issue. Where I grew up, a local thug was brutally murdered, and the killers only got manslaughter. And the local crime issue was not chronic like I've been hearing about in rural Saskatchewan. The Justice System has been failing both rural residents and obviously indigenous people. I suspect the Jury feels that vigilante justice is all that is available for the farmer, especially dealing with people from there… I believe the shooting was likely not race based, but the not guilty verdict was helped by race… he killers only got Manslater. And the local crime issue was not cronic like I've been hearing about in rural Saskatchewan.
  11. It appears this Olympics are amongst the best prepared by the host Country. Everything has been ready early with no worries, unlike past Olympics where the paint was still drying as the participants were arriving. I am also happy the NHLers are not going. Despite being a fan, I am glad that the other athletes will be getting more attention.
  12. Found this article: https://globalnews.ca/news/2404384/does-quebecs-ban-on-married-names-infringe-on-womens-rights/ So in Quebec, women do not have the right to take their husbands last name. Is this discriminatory against traditional Catholics?
  13. I have read a bit on this issue, and was surprised to found out about how Quebec is different than the rest of Canada. I have read that in Quebec, after marrying, would have difficulty taking the last name of her new spouse. That the Quebec government was against this practice, as it was seen as a Catholic tradition based on the women being inferior to her husband and is sacrificing some of her identy to take on her husbands. That they are trying to eliminate that tradition. I think the crucifix in their legislature is more of an anomoly to appease an older generation that will disappear within a generation. To me, Bill 62 seems to follow the principle that eliminated easy name changes. They are banning, what many see is a tradition to repress woman's freedoms / equality.
  14. I read this forum regularly, but rarely post. The tone seems to change when the government changes. Trudeau is such a great salesman, and Trump is soo poor as a political leader, the Left seems blind to their activities. This blindness makes it difficult to have a reasonible conversation. I do not see Trudeau to be leading much to the right of Harper, just is far more positive in his messaging.
  15. I always thought that Terrorism is the result of a Frustrated/Angry person who also suffers from a mental illness. I don't think we can stop people from getting Frustrated or Angry, so maybe focus on helping people with Mental Illnesses??? It does shock me how quickly some in this post fear terrorism more than losing their freedom...I think the government is preforming too much surveillance already.
  16. I can't believe the democrats are going with Hillary. I think Trump will be able to run some highly effective attack adds. She reminds me of an Ontario liberal. I have been really impressed with Bernie. I think it is sad that the system made it impossible for him to win. I feel the US needs a Bernie or trump to stop the hugely corrupt system.
  17. I hate the wind turbines I can see from my house.. Should we stop those as well? Nobody wants them in their backyard now!!
  18. Ontario Liberals cutting back again for my Autistic child:http://www.thestar.com/life/2016/04/01/families-devastated-by-changes-to-ontario-autism-program.html Thanks Wynne!!!

    1. DFCaper


      First, McGuinty eliminated case workers for autistic children 6 and over. Then after a long wait for IBI, his hours were cut soon after starting. Now that it seems to be working, he is being thrown out of the system and to the school system a week after his 6th birthday. Not sure what to do... really wish we could have a case worker. And Lefties on this forum said Hudak would have been bad for us... CLUELESS!!!

    2. Smoke


      The health services that have been "de-listed" by the Ontario Liberals is too long to list on this forum. But it's the conservatives who are heartless, and it's the Liberals who are the sensitive ones.

    3. Argus


      Maybe the Autistic Associations need to come up with $15,000 so they can have a private audience with her majesty to express their concerns.

  19. I thought it was the settlers, by settling up the reserve system were the original people fighting assimilation. They were put on reserves to keep them away. I am sure the settlers hundreds of years ago set up the system to their advantage, not the Natives. I can see why a chief would fight assimilation, but why would others? I thought the complains were that they don't have the same as we have!?!?!
  20. Being from a small town, I imagine you recognize that the current government in Ontario's policies focus almost solely on large urban areas. Having grown up rural, the added expense of going away for University was higher than tuition... But people in TO have local options, so who cares.
  21. Yeaahh Fracking!! I guess the enviromentalist think Fracking at home is better than oil from Canada.

    1. Boges


      Energy Independence FTW

  22. I could not disagree more. I always feel that when they strike my name off the list, that my demographic had a vote. All parties suck up to voting demographics. Old people vote in heavy numbers, so most of the polices of all parties are geared towards them. Look how no one would ever suggest eliminating income splitting for them... I voted against the party in power to what I feel is a limit for any government not to be super corrupt, and against the Party that sounded too much like Wynne. The NDP voted against C51 as well.
  23. So what are the results of strategic voting? Did it prevent Harper from winning a minority. Or did it simply get the liberal's a Majority vs a Minority with the NDP holding the balance of power? I wonder if Leadnow will show the effectiveness...
  24. And I am betting that years from now, this will show that FPTP worked out for the people
  25. FPTP delivered the best government in recent NB history. People with a problem with our system tend to be on the extremes...
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