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  1. That scandalous behaviour was done under the leadership of McGuinty, not Wynne. But what you believe is that we should put off thinking about the looming deficit our province has, and have an election. Which will most likely result in another minority government. Kathleen Wynne has not done anything wrong to Ontario, McGuinty has. Deb Mathews should be fired for what she has done, eHeath and what not, but not the entire Liberal party. My "wrong-headed pragmatism" believes that we should focus on the economy and giving Ontarians jobs, not on an election.
  2. But would it not be better if, they allowed the budget to pass so that the Liberals could focus on the economy instead of an election? The Liberals may be spending Billions on NDP proposals, which regular Ontarians want including auto insurance rate cuts. But the Liberals also have a plan to balance the books by 2017/18. I am not defending that what the Liberals did was right, they should have never cancelled the gas plants, but holding an election right now, would not only increase the deficit, but also likely form another minority government.
  3. Increasing Ontario's deficit with an election is the last thing we should be doing. Horwath gets everything see wants and more, yet she still wants more. This is the best the NDP is going to get in Ontario, they won't win an election, I believe due to not only the polls (which have her in dead last) but also since the disastrous "Rae Days", the NDP will most likely never be elected anytime soon. An election right now would stall Ontario's economy and most likely lead to another minority government.
  4. Voting for Hudak is voting for an Harris government. Privatizing energy, schools, hospitals, downloading costs to municipalities which raises our property taxes. Make the rich, richer and the poor, poorer. Hudak's plan was taken right from Mike Harris.
  5. I agree that the Liberals are tired, they need to be reborn. If an election was held, though most polls have them close to Hudak; they won't win. I believe the parties are just playing hardball to act like they want an election, but costing the tax payers 90 million for an election isn't fiscally responsible. Tim Hudak is planing on bringing back the "Harris Revolution"; downloading costs to the municipalities, slashing costs and other blunders of the former Conservative government. They may help the economy, but the consequences that come with their plan is quite large. Andrea Horwath and the NDP should just agree with the budget. They get all they want and more. It would be fiscally responsible, and if they want to listen to Ontarians, they should agree to the budget. With the NDP, our deficit will grow larger, and they will spend more than they receive. They may do what Ontarians want, but it comes at a price.
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