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  1. I doubt if the voters of her riding will rethink their decision after witnessing the performance of the NDP rookies in parliament. Plus, IMO, some Quebec voters bet on a Tory minority so that their voice will be heard through NDP opposition or even a NDP-led coalition. Since Conservative is on Majority, voting for Bloc or NDP will make no much difference for them.
  2. check this out: Questions raised about rookie NDP MP's papers http://www.cbc.ca/news/politics/story/2011/05/04/pol-ndp-brosseau.html
  3. Me too. This reminds me of John McCain and Sarah Palin.
  4. I was just wondering as the mentor of these new rookies, which topic Jack Layton will preside in the first training session? Maybe French 101?
  5. My understanding is that if GG authorizes Duceppe to form the government after the Tory is shot down, Harper will challenge his decision to Queen Elizabeth, who is the head of state of Canada and can overthrow the decision of GG. GG is merely a representative of the Queen.
  6. This entry records the cumulative total of all government borrowings less repayments that are denominated in a country's home currency. I believe the US has numerous loans (bad loans) to other countries in the Cold War. All bailout packages are counted as repayments as well. Plus, the debt includes ALL government (Federal/Provincial/Municipal) debt in the country.
  7. "Subsidize some industries in special regions" from taxes means every Canadian, either EI contributors or not, share the burden. Quiting job without just causes and applying for EI benefit is considered to be the manipulation of the EI system and that is why the application is declined. Based on the same reason, the EI application of the seasonal worker who repeatedly in-and-out for the SAME COMPANY should be refused as well. Or at least, their premium should go up, as our auto insurance companies always do.
  8. Seaonal workers can apply for EI benefit every year when there is no work to do. Then they can be rehired/recalled by the same company during work season next year. For a road worker, he can enjoy the NHL when road work is finished in the winter with EI benefit and the next year, he can be rehired/recalled by the same company again and re-collect benefit later that year. My understanding is: EI is a kind of insurance, not government warefare. The insurance is used for a rainy day when something unexpected/unprepared happens, such as car accident. If the accident is pre-meditated, then that i
  9. I agree with you on "Scheduling the summer Olympics in the dog days of summer is like scheduling the winter olympics in May". Unfortunately, IOC does not allow Summer Olympics to be held in October, even in Sydney, which is located in South Hemisphere.
  10. Tibetan was semi-independent from China since around 1911, when the Last Dynasty of China - Qing dynasty transferred power to its successor - Republic of China. Under Qing dynasty, Tibet was a distinct region under Central Government, who presided the religious ritual of selecting reborn Dalai Lama, deployed army in Tibet and appointed Federal Government Official in Tibet. Tibetans had autonomy on interior affaris. In 1911, the Emperor of Qing Dynasty resigned and the republicans took the control of China. After that, China had experienced years of internal wars between warlords and invas
  11. Most of the minimum wage earners are teens or newcomers. The minimum wage job should be only considered as a temporary entry job and is not supposed to be taken as all life long. I understand that some people have to take it for a long time and stay in "work-poor". Then it is government's responsibility to subsidize them a little bit, such as tax break, or education credit which will help them to find higher pay jobs. Raising hourly wage to 8.75 per hour is a very bad idea and raise to $11 will be a disaster to our economy. The minimum wage is designed to make people survive with food and sh
  12. My schedule 1 shows 15% is the lowest tax rate, why yours is different? check the following: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/E/pbg/tf/5000-s1/5000-s1-07e.pdf
  13. I can't agree with you more. The income tax is based on individual income, not family income; while benefit is based on Family income, not individual income. THAT is ABSURD AND SUTPID.
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