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  1. That is an overly simplified way of looking at it as there are certain logistics involved too that you are ignoring.
  2. Oh, I agree 100% ...just saying that just because she says "no"....doesn't make it so
  3. I won't comment on Clark or the politics behind it all as even if none of this were going on, she is a lame duck on the road flapping her wings in panic. However, it is my belief that as this is an interprovincial pipeline it falls under federal juristiction via the National Energy Board and they will need to find other ways to shoot it down rather than just saying "we aren't signing on". http://www.neb-one.gc.ca/clf-nsi/rthnb/whwrndrgvrnnc/rrspnsblt-eng.html http://www.neb-one.gc.ca/clf-nsi/rthnb/whwrndrgvrnnc/pplnpwrlnndtknw-eng.html
  4. You said murderers never videotape their crime...and within a couple days here later you have one right in your backyard. Admittedly it is merely a coincidence...and sure it is rare. But it is proof positive it does happen. In case like this...death penalty absolutely. There is no way the guy can be deemed innocent. There is video he did it. There is no way he can be deemed "mentally unfit" as he knew damn well what he was doing. For that....I suggest this advice: (of coure meant to add humour to an otherwise grisly topic).
  5. Put this in your pipe and smoke it. http://news.nationalpost.com/2012/05/30/luka-rocco-magnotta-video-allegedly-shows-body-parts-suspect-dismembering-victim/
  6. Tell that to the families of the victims of that sack of shit Clifford Olson.
  7. double post....but I clicked cancel. Grrr
  8. Bullshit. People like Paul Bernardo for example get off on videotaping their heinous crimes. Can you honesty tell me that sack of shit deserves to live? I don't care if he lives in a 5x10 concrete cell with no windows...it is more than the girls he killed have. Why should we pay a cent for him to live? For what it costs to buy that cocksucker a tube of toothpaste and a toothbrush I could buy the bullet to put in his head, the gas to burn his fucking body and a beer to sit back afterwards and reflect on a job well done.
  9. Sad thing is a person shouldn't be "living" on welfare. Unless you have a physical or mental impairment, it should be used to better yourself or your situation and get off it. If they can't (or more particularly won't)....well....speaks volumes of their value as a citizen.
  10. The only disappointment I have over last nights election is the PCs have not been taught the lesson that after 41 years of going unchecked severely needed. While I am not surprised the PCs won, I am surprised and disheartened that they were given another majority mandate like everything is AOK. I did not want a majority by anybody in this election....but I seriously wanted a minority to see how well the PCs can work with other parties rather than just thrusting whatever they want down the throats of all Albertans. I get it though. Albertans are still people. We are uneasy with change and are more comfortable with the devil we know and will even begrudgingly embrace them out of fear of change. I am a card carrying PC...but I voted Wildrose to send a message
  11. So what, you consider $60k priveledged or rich or something? When I was a kid making $20k a year, I still voted conservative. Why? Because my needs were being met and I didn't particularly care that I was busting my ass off at $10/hour while some guy I knew sat at home in subsidized housing collective welfare and pogey smoking weed all day! Thus...I voted conservative because my VALUES were better reflected than my financial interests.
  12. What are you tlaking about getting "bailed out". TransAlta never got bailed out.
  13. Wow...never thought anyone would liken Stelmach to Christ in that in order to save the masses he had to sacrifice himself. Quite funny. Too bad the results of the staff statisfaction/engagement survey that is currently underway will never get released to the public. You would then have thousands of validations to Raj Sherman's position.
  14. The moment she pulled out that sign she was a trespasser, not a page. She is lucky she wasn't arrested....only reason she wasn't is because of the whining fuckheads in this country who would cry that "her rights to disrupt parliament were violated". I respect her opinion (well...her right to have it anyway) I don't respect her methods. You were to pull this shit in a court of law you would be up on contempt charges so fast it wouldn't be funny.
  15. It is threads like this that makes me think we are just a country of whiners, assholes and people who think everything is owed to them because "we helped you out a hundred years ago". A. when is a "debt" ever paid off B. when in a "family" does a real loving member of it HOLD IT OVER THE HEAD of others for the rest of their life C. when in a "family" is it fair for one set of rules apply to some members and not others
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